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      To understand what is happening in Rwanda it is good to put it in the context of what a prominent Germany Protestant pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) said…This pastor decided to face Adolf Hitler. It is in the same context that this Rwandan lady is facing right now before Paul Kagame…

      when things got tough Niemöller said this:

      First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Socialist. When RPF was killing people in Rwanda and in Congo, especially Hutus, Diane was 100% with RPF…in fact, Paul Kagame had a special room at Rwigara’s…therefore, those who were being killed did not matter and she had nothing to say about it…in fact in her eyes those being killed were criminal interahamwe deserved to die..However, majority of the people killed by RPF during the time the Rwigaras and Paul kagame had a cosy relationship had nothing to do with Interahmwe…they happened to be Hutus…therefore they deserved to die…

      Niemöller continued his speech: “Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Most of the people in opposition either directly or indirectly they supported Paul Kagame to kill innocent Rwandans,,,However, because they were part and parcel to this government earning perdiem, they didnt care whether people were being killed, kidnapped, or disappearing because they were from the other quarters…in fact those were Ibipinga, Hutus, or Interahamwe therefore, they deserved to die..You all remember the Kibeho massacre. Most of these people lying to us now that they are in opposition and want to bring change were there when they gave instructions to massacre people in KIBEHO REFUGEE CAMP…Did they say anything? Nop,,why? because they were Hutus being killed…

      Niemöller: “Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Jew.” in 1997 you all know and witnessed what happened to the people from Northern Rwanda, Ruhengeri, Gisenyi, Kibuye, and Gitarama. If you were not there you cant explain it…you just ask what the term,,”Songamana means.” Songamana was a military drill used by RPF to terrorise people from northern Rwanda where they were packed as canned sardines..if you were a Hutu male, or any young Hutu person and survived these times…..people were herded into caves and these caves were closed with cement and concrete… did Diana and her people rebuke this? nop, why? because it was them being killed and they deserved it..

      Niemöller: Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me… the last 5 years Kagame was tired of killing Hutus then he turned against his Tutsi people…that is when we started seeing Tutsi elites fleeing in masses…in fact since 2010 that is when people in Rwanda started understanding another side of the Rwandan politics…

      Most of the Tutsi elites who fled their own regime came with different versions to justify their sudden fall from grace to grass….some of their stories were true others were just lies…to say that they fled because they could not agree of how to divide power among themselves, that is true but to say that they fled because they were tired of seeing RPF killing Hutus,,,thats absolutely nonsense….maybe 1% true..THEY ALL FLED BECAUSE KAGAME CAME FOR THEM…nothing more nothing less….a good indication is that when you talk to this people you feel that they still praise the RPF actions but dislike PK who heads it…Its the same scenario with DIANA R. she is now speaking out because her own dad was brutally murdered by the PK regime…that is when she remembered that people like me whose fathers were burned alive, siblings downed, and uncles disappeared exist!!!!


      William FilsDe Ruvoyage

        Diane Shima Rwigara declared her interest to run for the Rwandan presidency

        Diane Shima Rwigara on Wednesday declared her interest to run for the Rwandan presidency, becoming the first female independent candidate.
        In her manifesto, the 35-year-old said she will work to eradicate poverty, champion free speech, and provide health insurance for all Rwandans.
        The accountant and businesswoman also criticised the ruling RPF party saying it was behind the 2015 referendum that led to the suspension of term limits in Rwanda.
        “When time comes for leaders to leave power, they get excuses to stay and then say that it is the people who are asking them to continue to lead. This is a bad habit across the continent,” she said.
        “RPF has failed to tackle poverty or to provide security and justice. What RPF has failed to do in the last 23 years, they cannot do it in the coming years. As a president, I will ensure that I deliver on all these.”
        Ms Rwigara is the daughter of deceased Kigali tycoon Assinapol Rwigara, who died in a road accident in February 2015. Accounts of his death became controversial after the family cited foul play and petitioned President Paul Kagame to call for investigations into the manner in which he died.
        Ms Rwigara joins a growing list of independent candidates including former journalist Phillipe Mpayimana, and controversial Catholic priest Thomas Nahimana who have expressed interest to run against President Kagame in the August 4 polls.
        However, in order to be allowed to contest by the National Electoral Commission, they face a daunting challenge of gathering at least 600 signatures from 30 districts — a minimum of 12 signatures and at least an address in each district.
        At the same time, the electoral body has warned candidates vying for presidency against fundraising to raise campaign money.


          The Diane Rwigara phenomenon

          I would start with analyzing why so many things have pricked Kagame’s usually insane ego in the recent past. Some of the major things/events I would consider are:

          (1) Kagame was smoked from DRC; his special forces, the so-called M23, have since suffered terrible defeat whenever they attempt to attack DRC and/or Burundi.

          (2) Burundi has defied and actually defeated Kagame and his special force.

          (3) Many public servants have gone for months without pay; the economy is in pieces which makes Kagame concerned about what the donors might do in reaction to what he does in Rwanda. Kagame knows there are consequences to his acts in the different external environment he’s confronted with.

          ( 4) The UK government forced him to release Mrs. Uwamahoro Violet, a UK citizen Kagame had kidnapped and later charged with ” treason” among other charges.

          We clearly see two different Kagames i.e. the “almighty” untouchable Kagame prior to 2013 and the increasingly ” manageable” Kagame, thereafter.

          There are many factors to explain why it can’t be business as usual for Kagame and his junta; Kagame has become a political liability to his western and local supporters and/or morale boosters for different reasons:

          a) It’s public knowledge now that Kagame committed and/or continues to commit horrific crimes, including possibly genocide.

          (b) Kagame’s name has become synonymous with gross violation of human rights; making Kagame probably one of the worst dictators in modern and contemporary time.

          ( c) Kagame maneuvered the constitution to make himself a life president.

          (d) Throwing to jail, exiling and/or assassinating his bush war comrades especially his fellow Tutsi has fractured his Tutsi support, leaving him extremely vulnerable and confused; casting doubt even among his westerner backers on the type of person Kagame is.

          I know for a fact that:

          ( i) Kagame counted more on western backers than regional or even internal alliances.
          (ii) Kagame depended a lot on the Clinton dynasty, politically and financially. When the Clintons hit the bottom rock, Kagame junta lost balance economically and politically.
          (iii) It’s an open secret that Kagame’s position as a middleman in DRC illegal business made him grow wings politically and economically.

          Meanwhile, what used to be Kagame and his junta secrets is all out there for the world to see, thanks to RPF/A former “insiders ” who spill the beans everyday. There is more information about Kagame’s true colors. The “myth ” Kagame had ring fenced himself with has been destroyed; his mask fell off . There is uncontrollably growing dissent and opposition within the country.

          It’s my humble submission that Diane Rwigara’s ” mysterious” appearance is a logical consequence of so many events and/or factors. I am sure Kagame is wondering how he’s being subdued. Historically, that’s how dictatorships go over the cliff.

          Is Kagame finally finished? Well, not yet. However, the total sum of these events and others to come could deal him a terrible blow, if not a knockout all together.

          By Dr Charles Kambanda


            Umuturage usanzwe utuye mu Mujyi wa Kigali arashima intambwe nziza imaze guterwa mu bijyanye n’iterambere rigaragarira amaso hirya no hino mu gihugu ariko kandi akanenga uburyo abaturage bahura n’akarengane aho abaturage benshi bakicwa n’inzara.

            Diane Shima Rwigara avuga ko yazengurutse hirya no hino mu gihugu abona uburyo abantu bicwa n’inzara kandi mu bigaragarira amaso ubona amajyambere agenda yiyongera umunsi ku wundi.

            Yagize ati  “Tuzaceceka kugeza ryari?Ntabwo ndi umunyapolitiki cyangwa ngo mbe mfite umuryango mpagarariye aha, naje hano imbere yanyu nk’umunyarwandakazi wifuza kugaragaza ibibazo biri mu gihugu, kuko abagomba kuvuganira abaturage ntacyo babikoraho, abanyarwanda twugarijwe n’ubukene, abantu baririrwa bicwa n’inzara ariko kubivuga bikaba ikibazo,”

            Bimwe mu bibazo bibateza inzara harimo aho  usanga umuturage atanga ikirego cye mu butabera asaba ko bamurenganura ku bijyanye n’ubutaka bamburwa n’abafite ububasha n’ubushobozi bigatuma agera aho akena kandi ubwo butaka yari abufitiye uburenganzira.

            Yagize ati ‘‘Ubwo butaka yongera kubusubizwa ari uko Nyakubahwa Perezida wa Repubulika amanutse agasura abaturage bakamugezaho ibibazo bakabona kubikemurirwa bakabona gusubizwa ubutaka bwabo, mu gihe biba bitari byakorwa umuturage akomeza gusiragizwa, ingero ni nyinshi mu gihe Perezida aba yasuye abaturage’’.

            Abajijwe n’ikinyamakuru Ibiyaga icyakorwa ngo abaturage barenganurwe, asubiza agira ati ‘‘Abayobozi b’inzego z’ibanze ni bo bari bakwiriye gufata iya mbere mu kumva no gutega amatwi abaturage bakabakemurira ibibazo bitari byagera hejuru kandi buri muturage agahabwa agaciro n’ijambo bakumva ko bose barenshya imbere y’amategeko nta kimenyane kibayemo’’.

            Abajijwe uko yumva ishyaka riri ku butegetsi rya FPR ryakemura ibyo bibazo byose, avuga ko mu gihe badafatikanyije n’abaturage gukemura ibyo bibazo ntacyo ryageraho gifatika, kuko hagomba ubufatanye hagati y’izo nzego zombi.

            Diane yavuze ko ubutunzi buri mu maboko y’abantu bake, abo bakaba ari bo bafite umutungo munini wakagombye gusaranganywa mu bantu benshi. Aha yatanze urugero rw’inyubako ya Kigali Convention yatwaye akayabo kenshi kandi hari abaturage bava mu cyahoze ari Komine Kibungo kubera inzara.

            Yagize ati ‘‘Amazi n’amashanyarazi birahenda aho umuturage adafite ubushobozi bwo gupfa kubyigondera mu Mujyi wa Kigali, Leta yibanda mu kwerekana uko igihugu kigaragara kititaye ku buryo abantu babayeho, ni ukugaragariza abanyamahanga ibyiza kandi Abanyarwanda bicwa n’inzara.

            Inama Diane atanga ni uko abaturage bahabwa urubuga bakisanzura bakagaragaza akarengane kabo ibikosorwa bigakosorwa.

            Yagize ati ‘‘Nubwo hari ibyiza byakozwe, hari n’ibitagenda neza bikwiye kuvugwa bigakosorwa, abantu bagahabwa urubuga ariko rudahakana cyangwa ngo rupfobye Jenoside, hakaba hakenewe ubwisanzure mu kuvuga ibitagenda mu gihugu ntibibe icyaha’’.

            Yakomeje kuvuga ko nubwo bimeze gutyo ariko ngo ashima intambwe Leta  yagiye itera  kuko ibyo igezeho ari byiza kandi bigaragarira buri wese .

            Akomeza avugako yishimira ko Leta yashize imbaraga mu kurwanya politike y’amoko ubu umuturage akora icyo ashaka ntakuvuga ngo n’ Umututsi  cg numuhutu ibyo bikaba bigenda bicika cyane iyo kabari ntabwe ishimishije.

            Ntitwavugako leta ntabyiza yagezeho burumwe wese arabibona kandi n’ibigaragarira burumwe wese kumaso .

            Diane Shima Rwigara ni mwene Rwigara Assinapol  akomeza avuga ko abitangiye igihugu bamenye amaraso yabo kugira ngo igihugu kizagire amahoro n’ubumwe avuga ko ibyabaye muri Jenoside Yakorewe Abatutsi muri Mata 1994 bidakwiye kuzongera kubaho ahubwo buri wese agafata iya mbere mu kwamagana akarengane aho Abanyarwanda bagomba kubana mu mahoro n’ubwumvikane.


              The role of the activist within Rwanda is extremely fraught as it involves balancing the desire and need to express oneself in order to build a better future for the country, while entering increasingly dangerous territory for even attempting to do so. Diane Rwigara’s bravery is a call to other activists within Rwandan to begin to assert themselves peacefully on their government, reminding it that they want to be heard, reminding it that they too are part of its developmental project. By BRANDON FINN.3
              Rwanda was recently in the news because of the arrest of Violette Uwamahoro in February 2017. Uwamahoro, the wife of a Rwandan opposition activist, was returning to Rwanda from England in order to attend a funeral when she was arrested. She was detained without charge for two weeks, had her phone messages checked and was interrogated about the actions of her husband, Faustin Rukundo. Uwamahoro was released in March by a Rwandan court following substantial international media attention and pressure on the Rwandan government to do so. Her arrest is by no means an unusual occurrence within the Rwandan context. Her release, in no doubt linked to her British citizenship, is not characteristic of the current status quo.

              As things stand, the Rwandan Patriotic Front has become known for its despotic rule and the restrictive political and civic life it enforces. Unlike the former vice-president of the Democratic Green Party Andre Kagwa Rwisereka who was found beheaded in 2010 and unlike the former spy chief Patrick Karegeya who had fallen out of favour with the Rwandan President and was found dead in a South African hotel room in 2014, Uwamahoro can count herself lucky, and an exception to the rule.

              The above examples are of high-profile Rwandans who have suffered because of President Paul Kagame’s governance strategies. However, multiple cases of the arrest, exile, imprisonment, disappearance (such as Illuminée Iragena) and murder of less well-known Rwandans often fly under the radar of the international media. I have written previously about the detainment of Shyaka Kanuma shortly after he made a Facebook post announcing himself as a peaceful activist.

              Within this context, Rwanda has made some developmental gains since its genocide in 1994. Its healthcare reforms have seen the dramatic reduction of infant mortality and an increase in life expectancy, and it has achieved relative political stability in the past 23 years. However, amid these gains, some very worrying trends have emerged. Rwanda is ranked 161 out of 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index, and it ranked as the 5th least happy population in the world. Economic growth has indeed taken place, but this has done very little for the job market (an average of 8,810 formal jobs a year between 2006 and 2010), well below the estimated 120,000 to 125,000 jobs needed per year in order to absorb the new entrants to the labour market. Despite these trends, President Paul Kagame won a recent referendum where, it is claimed, 98% of the Rwandan population voted to change the constitution in order to allow him to remain president until 2034.

              Michela Wrong comments on the two-sided nature of Rwanda’s developmental model and its conception by outsiders by saying, “Authoritarian regimes with shocking human rights records often deliver impressively in areas prized by development officials, like the Millennium Development Goals, and thus are allowed a pass on some of their most egregious behaviour.”

              What happens when Rwandans attempt to stand up to their government in favour of advancing democratic reform within the country?  The role of the activist within Rwanda is extremely fraught as it involves balancing the desire and need to express oneself in order to build a better future for the country, while entering increasingly dangerous territory for even attempting to do so. A prominent activist within Rwanda who remains free, steadfast in the face of danger, and outspoken against the oppression of the current government, is Diane Rwigara.

              Rwigara recently conducted a press conference in Kigali and released an official statement asking her fellow Rwandans how much longer they will remain silent in the face of the country’s current injustices and oppression. Rwigara comes from a prominent Rwandan family that has long had an uncomfortable history with the current regime, but she insists that she speaks alone in her activism and does not represent her family when she does so. Her objective is to “peacefuly be able to have an open dialogue” with the Rwandan government, and she stated:

              “I hope I will not be silenced, I hope for the best, I hope that our government will be able to see that all we want is to be able to peacefully, and I insist on that, be able to have an open dialogue. I am hopeful that things will change.”

              She agreed to be interviewed for this article and asked how the government can say, “I work for you as your representative if it can’t hear me, if it can’t hear what I need.” What precisely are these needs, though, and how difficult is it to express oneself in Rwanda?

              “Impyisi irakwirukansa ikakumara ubwoba’  – A hyena chases after you for so long that eventually you become fearless.

              “This was the Kinyarwanda idiom that Rwigara replied with when I asked her why she had become an activist. There is “so much poverty, youth unemployment and injustice in many sectors of Rwandan society that are so obvious to Rwandans that we are supposed to keep secret. I got tired of portraying an image that is not real. I got tired of waiting and complaining about the state of my country and I decided instead of waiting, I will do something myself and I will stand up myself.”

              A friend of Rwigara’s disappeared four months ago and instead of his family speaking to the police they chose to stay silent out of fear for the consequences of asking questions about him. In addition to “removing” political dissenters from civil society, the Rwandan government also detains street sellers and “locks up the poor” simply for trying to make a living for themselves. One can sympathise with the family of Rwigara’s friend for not speaking up because, as she put it:

              “There’s a better chance for you to find a missing goat in Rwanda than a missing person.”

              The politically fraught nature of political dissent in, and critique of Rwanda, is what makes Rwigara such an admirable activist – fighting for the emergence of what she hopes will be a non-violent movement towards a functioning, open civil society within Rwanda. She has done what so many others in the country want to do, but out of a legitimate fear for their and their family’s lives and safety, find themselves “suffering in silence” in order to preserve the status quo and their precarious safety.

              In an interview for this article, a former chief strategist to President Paul Kagame, David Himbara, spoke admiringly about Rwigara’s bravery to take on the Rwandan regime’s governance strategies. “Diane is an amazing woman; she is like Rosa Parks in USA history. We must hope that more people like her peacefully challenge the government if we are to have inclusive development and progress.” Foreigners and donors who visit the country often depict Rwanda as a success story, but there are key parts of this story that go unreported because outspoken people like Rwigara are particularly hard to find.

              Rwigara’s mandate is clear: she wants to have an honest and open discussion about poverty, injustice, security, unemployment and a lack of freedom of expression within Rwanda. All of these topics remain taboo within the country while “there is expropriation going on without compensation [and] street vendors [are] being chased off streets without other source(s) of income”. The World Bank reports that, in 2013, more than 60% of Rwanda’s population still earned less than $1.90 a day and that only 9% of its rural population has access to electricity. Rwandans need to have the ability to contest and improve their society, yet are persistently prevented from doing so.

              Prominent international agencies like the United Nations, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have documented the abuses taking place in Rwanda, yet the tale of the country being the embodiment of African modernity still persists. There is a myth about Rwandan development that asserts that in order for it to occur (through, for example, its healthcare improvements), a restrictive and authoritarian governance strategy is justifiable given its history of genocide in 1994.

              Activists like Rwigara wonder why a post-genocide developmental approach cannot include democratic reform, freedom of speech and the formation of political opposition. In fact, asserting that Rwanda ought to proceed as things currently stand is to adopt a condescending attitude to the nation’s development. Post-genocide advances need not come in the form of a zero sum game, Rwandans are quite capable of achieving both economic and human rights gains at the same time. This type of logic, which constantly compares the present to one of the worst human catastrophes of the 20th century, sets the bar exceedingly low and is used to excuse the Rwandan Patriotic Front’s governance strategies.

              A young man working in Kigali named Patrick told me about his frustrations living there: “As things stand, if people go on strike – they go straight to prison, you won’t see them for a year. This inability to express myself is the worst thing in my life. People in this country work for the president, everyone fears one man in this country. We don’t work for each other, we work for him – it is like a military camp… I have rage in me because I can’t talk.” Activists like Rwigara have spoken, and they hope that others follow.

              Rwigara paused when I asked her if she feels fear for having “come out” as a critical, yet peaceful, activist within Rwanda: “I don’t have fear because I was more afraid of keeping it inside because there is no life in living a lie. It is living a lie to go on like this when we know the truth of the matter, which is our country is decaying from inside. It is built on sand.” Rwigara’s bravery is a call to other activists within Rwandan to peacefully begin to assert themselves on their government, reminding it that they want to be heard, reminding it that they too are part of its developmental project.



                Private pictures of Rwanda’s Presidential hopeful, Ms Diane Shima Rwigara, have leaked.

                The pictures, which were taken in an unknown area, show the 35-year-old completely nude.

                She is also seen smiling while posing for the photographs on a brown leather sofa seat.

                It remains unclear who leaked the photos which first appeared on Ugandan WhatsApp groups.

                Rwigara, whose millionaire dad, Assinapol Rwigara, passed away in a motor accident in 2015, announced her presidential bid this week at a press conference in Kigali, Rwanda.

                “When time comes for leaders to leave power, they get excuses to stay and then say that it is the people who are asking them to continue to lead. This is a bad habit across the continent,” she was quoted as saying by the East African.

                “RPF has failed to tackle poverty or to provide security and justice. What RPF has failed to do in the last 23 years, they cannot do it in the coming years. As a president, I will ensure that I deliver on all these.”

                The impact of the photos on her presidential bid remains unknown.

                But the photos could turn out as fodder for Uganda’s sensational tabloids and excite their youthful audiences.

                By 11:30am, the photos had gone viral on several WhatsApp groups in Uganda.

                Leaking nude photos is common in Uganda especially celebrities seeking fame or to attract attention for their music concerts.

                In other extreme cases, jilted partners use such photos for blackmail or revenge purposes.


                  Diane Rwigara umukobwa wa Rwigara Assinapol muri iyi minsi yakamejeje ngo arashaka kwiyamamariza kuzayobora u Rwanda nyamara amabanga amwe n’amwe akomeje kujya hanze yerekeye uyu mukobwa amushyira mu majwi y’urupfu rwa se umubyara kuko ngo atari kuzamworohera iyo aza guhingutsa iki gitekerezo akiriho.
                  Amakuru ava ahantu hizewe mu muryango wa Rwigara avuga ko iki gitekerezo cyo kuziyamamariza umwanya w’umukuru w’igihugu ngo uyu mukobwa yagihishuriye nyina umubyara mu kwezi kwa Kanama 2014 ariko anamubwira ko yamaze kubiganiraho na nyirarume Ben RUTABANA wamubwiye ko amushyigikiye. Kuva icyo gihe ngo byakomeje guhwihwitswa hagati mu muryango wabo biza kugera no kuri se Rwigara Assinapol niko guhamagara uyu mukobwa mu cyumba cye ari kumwe na musaza we amubaza ibyo yumva niba ari ukuri, maze Diane niko gukorwa n’isoni ariko ngo nyuma y’umwanya utari muto Rwigara Assinapol abatonganya nibwo umuhungu we Rwigara Aristide yaje kubwira se umubyara uko gahunda zose zapanzwe ndetse anamwereka E-mails bagiranye na Ben Rutabana zirimo nuko yabijeje ko RNC izabafasha kugira ngo igikorwa cyabo kizagende neza.
                  Mu kwezi k’Ugushyingo, mu ibanga rikomeye Diane Rwigara yagiriye urugendo muri South Africa aho yavugaga ko agiye muri gahunda ze zisanzwe ariko byaje kumenyekana ko nubwo yari yarakanzwe na se bigasa nkaho amukomye mu nkokora ngo yari yagiye guhura n’umuntu yari yatumweho na nyirarume Rutabana, kuri gahunda yari afite ngo yari no guhura na Kayumba Nyamwasa ariko ntibizwi niba barahuye mu gihe uwo wundi we bahuye banagirana ibiganiro birambuye birimo icengezwamatwara ya RNC. Akubutse muri urwo rugendo ngo imigambi yose yahise itangira gushyirwa mu bikorwa uko yayihawe na nyirarume hamwe n’abandi bambari ba RNC ariko bigirwa ibanga rikomeye kuko mu bantu batizeraga muri gahunda zabo harimo na se umubyara.
                  Izo nama yagiriwe nabo bose bafite aho bahuriye na RNC ku ruhembe rw’umuheto hari Ben Rutabana washyirwaga imbere kuko afitanye isano n’uyu muryango, mu kwezi kwa 12 gusozwa nibwo hafashwe umwanzuro ko Rwigara Assinapol wari umunyemari ukomeye kandi agashyigikira FPR muri byinshi agomba gupfa kuko atari kuzumva kimwe n’umukobwa we ibyo kwiyamamaza. Binavugwa ko Diane yari atangiye gucudika n’umusore wari kuzamugira umugore kuko bari barahujwe na se ariko ngo amaze kubona ubushizi bw’isoni bw’uyu mukobwa ngo yahise abivamo kuko magingo aya Diane Shima afite imyaka 35 akiri ingarama kirambi benshi baheraho bavuga ko uyu mukobwa yaba adashobotse.
                  Urupfu rwa se rwabaye ku itariki 4/ Gashyantare 2015 agonzwe n’ikamyo ubwo yari muri Benz ye ngo ni umupango wakozwe na Diane Rwigara bimaze kumenyekana ko ku itariki 6 zuko kwezi hari kuzaba inama y’umuryango yari kuzigirwamo byinshi birimo n’iby’uwo mukobwa wasaga nk’ushaka gukora mu jisho se ashaka kumuhanganisha na FPR kandi yari umuyoboke(Rwigara Assinapol) wayo w’akadasohoka. Mu gihe umuryango wose wasaga nk’ucitse umugongo kubera urwo rupfu ngo Diane yihutiye kugera aho se aguye ngo arebe niba koko yashizemo umwuka maze si ukwiriza arusha isande anahamagara Ben Rutabana ngo amufashe kwiteza iyo nduru nyamara babyinira ku rukoma rw’iyo ntsinzi. Mu rwego rwo kuyobya uburari uru rupfu barushinje Leta ariko icyaje kubanyomoza n’ihuzagurika ry’ibaruwa bandikiye Min. w’ubutabera bamusaba kurenganurwa aho kwandikira Police yo ishinzwe ubugenzacyaha ndetse anabagiriye iyo nama yuko bayobye aho bagomba kubariza ikibazo cyabo batinya kukijyanayo bararuca bararumira kuko byasaga nkaho bigenda byibagirana ariko biganisha aho uyu mukobwa we yashakaga.
                  Dusoza ibyo twamenye kuri aya makuru ngo nuko umunsi wo kwerera uyu mugabo( Rwigara Assinapol) , ngo basaza ba Diane bamenye ko ari we wari uri inyuma y’uru rupfu bararakara cyane bahita bamutera umugongo ubu ntawe bakivuga rumwe yewe na nyina asa nkaho yamukuyeho amaboko kuko yayobotse urusengero ubu asigaye ari umurokore usobanutse. Mu bishuka uyu mukobwa harimo amafaranga menshi se yari yaramwandikishijeho ariko amaze gupfa asa nkaho ayagize akarima ke. Mu bindi bihuma amaso uyu mukobwa ushaje atabaye umubyeyi nuko afite itsinda rinini ririmo abakoranira hafi na RNC haba muri South Africa no mu gihugu cy’Ububiligi bayobowe na Nyirarume Ben Rutabana wamaze kuba ikigarasha byeruye nubwo benshi mu bagenda bavuga ko asa nk’uwihebye binakekwa ko ashobora kuba yaramaze gukandagira umusumari.


                    Uyumuntu Uvuze Ibibyose Kuli Diane Nawe Bisa Naho Amufitiye Urwango Ngo Niwe Wishe Se? !!! Ubundise Abanyarwanda Ko Ducyeneye Udukiza Ayamarira N’agahinda Tumaran Ye Imyaka Ingana Gutya Uretse Ko Nubwo Bamweme Rera Kwiyamamaza Itekenika Rya Fpr Ko Ritakwemerako Yatsinze,ibi Bibazo Yavugaga Abihuriye Ho N’abanyarwanda 90% Jyewe Ndabo Na Umuti Wibi Biba Zo Ataraho Washakirwa Kandi N’ubushize Umenye Ko Twagiramungu Yari Yatowe .


                      Ariko abagome baragwira pe ! Uyu uvuze ngo Diane Rwigara niwe wishe se uwamuduha ngo tumwoze ubwonko ureke FPR ibahindura ibisenzegeri.


                        Niho ubonera abanyarwanda ko twavumwe ! Izi ntore nta bwenge sikigora zarahahamutse, ubwo ngo ni uko Diane Shima Rwigara yavuze kwiyama koko?! Ese niba impanga ya Yezu Paul Kagame akunzwe nkuko bivugwa , baratinya iki ?! Ariko bazi ukuri da ! Kuko niyo yakwiyamamaza na Rwarakabije yamutsinda !!!


                          Diane Shima Rwigara avuga ko kuba yariyemeje kwiyamamariza kuba Perezida w’u Rwanda yabitewe n’impamvu zitandukanye bityo akaba avuga ko yiyemeje guhindura imibereho y’abanyarwanda n’ibibazo byugarije umuryago nyarwanda.
                           Shima Rwigara avuga ko abanyarwanda baciye mu mateka mabi yabagejeje kuri Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi mu 1994. Ngo kuva Leta ya FPR yafata ubutegetsi ntiyashoboye nubwo yagerageje gukemura ibibazo byinshi byugarije abanyarwanda mu byiciro bitandukanye.

                          Zimwe mu mpamvu nyamuru zatumye Diane Shima Rwigara ashaka kuyobora u Rwanda :


                          Shima Rwigara avuga ko mu bice byinshi by’uRwanda aho abantu bicwa n’Inzara aho abantu bategekwa icyo bahinga. Ugasanga umuturage ategetwse guhinga kandi ntabyo akeneye. Nta musaruro azabikuramo

                          Akomeza avuga ko aho kugira ngo amafaranga y’igihugu yibande mu guteza abaturage imbere mu mibereho yabo, usanga ashirira mu mishanga idafitiye akamaro rubanda ahubwo ifitiye inyungu agatsiko k’abantu bacye.

                          Ati’’Ako gatsiko akaba ariko kikubiye amasoko, n’imitungo yose y’igihugu. Kugeza aho abantu bahunze bakajya gushaka utuzi n’imibereho hanze y’igihugu’’


                          Shima Rwigara avuga ko mu byiciro byinshi by’abanyarwanda baba abaturage basanzwe, baba abakorera Leta, baba abikorera, (abacuruzi, abanyamakuru….)cyane cyane mu itangazamakuru usanga nta bwisanzure burimo aho usanga abafite ibitekerezo bitandukanye n’ibya Leta batabona aho babitambukiriza n’abagerageje kubitambutsa, bimwa amasoko ya Leta ibyo bigakururira bamwe ubukene mu bitangazamakuru . Hari n’igihe bimwe mu binyamakuru bifungwa.

                          Ati’’Abagize ubutwali bwo gutangaza ibitekerezo binyuranye nibya Leta, baratotezwa.
                          Ibyo kandi bigira ingaruka mbi ku baturage kuko itangazamakuri niryo jwi rya rubanda’’


                          Shima Rwigara ku bijyanye n’umutekano aviga ko ibibazo bizwi na bose ariko bitavugwaho kuko nta burenganzira n’ubwisanzure abanyarwanda bafite bwo kuvuga ibibazo bikomeye biri mu gihugu cyabo.

                          Ati’’Nta burenganzira abanyarwanda bafite mu kugaragaza ibitekerezo byabo nta bwisanzure abanyarwanda bafite mu bikorwa byabo.’’

                          Shima Rwigara ashimngira ko izi ari zimwe mu mpamvu zatumye yiyemeza kwiyamamariza kuyobora u Rwanda kuko ari umwe mu banyarwanda bafite ubushake n’ubushobozi bwo guhindura imiyoborere mibi yaranze u Rwanda mu myaka 58 ishize.

                          Mu kiganiro n’abanyamakuru kuri uyu wa Gatatu tariki ya 3 Gicurasi 2017 ,Shima Rwigara yavuze ko mu byatumye afata icyemezo cyo kwiyamamaza ku mwanya w’umukuru w’igihugu harimo n’urupfu rw’umubyeyi we, Rwigara Assinapol wari umunyemari ukomeye mu mujyi wa Kigali, witabye Imana azize impanuka y’imodoka yabaye tariki 4 Gashyantare 2015 ariko nyuma ntivugweho rumwe.

                          Nyuma y’urupfu rwa se nibwo uyu mukobwa yatangiye kumvikana mu bitangazamakuru.

                          Diane Rwigara abaye umukandida wa gatandatu uvuze ko aziyamamariza kuba Perezida w’u Rwanda mu matora ateganyijwe muri Kanama 2017.


                            Polisi y’u Rwanda yemeje amakuru y’uko yataye muri yombi Bishop Tom Rwagasana, umuvugizi wungirije wa ADEPR, nyuma yo guta muri yombi abandi bayobozi bakuru b’itorero rya ADEPR bafunzwe bakurikiranyweho icyaha cyo gucunga nabi umutungo w’iri torero, ibi bikaba bije nyuma y’igihe kirekire iri torero rivugwamo bombori bombori ishingiye ku mitungo aho bamwe mu bayobozi bashinjwaga n’abo bahoze bakorana kuba banyereza umutungo bakanawukoresha mu nyungu zabo bwite.
                             ACP Theos Badege, umuvugizi wa Polisi y’u Rwanda, yemeje amakuru y’uko Bishop Tom Rwagasana yatawe muri yombi na Polisi y’u Rwanda kugirango nawe akurikiranweho icyaha cyo kunyereza no gukoresha nabi umutungo wa ADEPR. Hari amakuru avuga kandi ko mu batawe muri yombi harimo na Pasiteri Salton Niyitanga wakoraga mu biro bye nk’umunyamabanga.

                            Abandi bayobozi ba ADEPR bari batawe muri yombi mbere, barimo Mutuyemariya Christine usanzwe ari umwe mu bagize Komite Nyobozi y’Itorero ADEPR aho ashinzwe ubukungu n’imari, hakabamo kandi Pasiteri Eng. Theophile Sindayigaya ushinzwe inyubako muri ADEPR ndetse na Gasana Valens ushinzwe icungamutungo.

                            Polisi y’u Rwanda ivuga ko aba bose batawe muri yombi bakurikiranyweho kunyereza no gucunga nabi umutungo w’Itorero rya ADEPR ariko kugeza ubu ingano yawo ikaba itaramenyekana nk’uko byemejwe na ACP Theos Badege, umuvugizi wa Polisi y’u Rwanda.


                              Abayobozi batanu mu Itorero rya Pentekote mu Rwanda, ADEPR, batawe muri yombi na Polisi y’Igihugu bakurikiranyweho gucunga nabi umutungo waryo.
                              Amakuru y’ifungwa ry’aba bayobozi rikaba ryemejwe Umuvugizi wa Polisi y’Igihugu, ACP Theos Badege wavuze ko koko Hari batatu bafunzwe. barimo Eng. Sindayigaya Theophile ;Umuyobozi Mukuru ushinzwe Imari, Gasana Valens n’uwitwa Mutuyemariya Christine ushinzwe ubutegetsi n’Imari ndetse ko bafungiye gucunga nabi umutungo w’iri torero.

                              Mu minsi ishize nibwo twabagejejeho inkuru ifite umutwe ugira uti ’’ADEPR mu mazi abira nyuma y’akayabo k’ibirarane bya Bank itarishyura bingana na Miliyoni 75.012.067frw.

                              Iyo nkuru yavugaga ko ideni ADEPR yafashe muri BRD ryo kubaka Ku Gisozi rihagaze bigaragara ko yararanyije kwishyura Bank ukwezi kwa Gatatu ikaba isabwa kwishyura 39,757,050frws nyamara abakristo mu ntara zose bari bazi ko bamaze kwishyura imisanzu yose uretse Umujyi wa Kigali.

                              Iyi nkuru yakomezaga ivuga ko iyi nguzanyo ADEPR yayihawe mu byiciro bibiri :

                              2014 bahawe miliyari 2 na miliyoni 150. 2015 BRD yongera guha ADEPR icyiciro cya kabiri cy’inguzanyo. Noneho inguzanyo yose igera kuri miliyari 3,309,474,000 .Mu mwaka wa 2017, ideni risigaye kwishyurwa ni 2,255,453,960 Fwf Ikirarane cy’ ukwezi kwa gatatu 2017 ni 35,255,017, Kugeza mu kwakane hagiyeho inyungu ni ukuvuga ko ikirarane kigeze kuri 39,757,050.

                              Inguzanyo ya BRD igomba kuzarangira kwishyurwa muri 2025. Ibiri kuri compte yo gukusanyirizaho imisanzu yo muri BK:Amafaranga yakusanyijwe yagombaga kwishyura umwenda kuva mu ba kristo ni 3,563,364,994 kugeza mu kuboza 2016, Amafaranga yakuwe kuri iyo konti angana na 3,558,465,324 kugeza mu Kuboza 2016, ni ukuvuga ko kuwa 31/03/2017 kuriyi konti hasigayeho 4,935,230.

                              Ku itariki ya 19/ 04/ 2017 nk’uko bigaragara ku rwandiko BRD yandikiye Hotel Dove ya ADEPR bigaragara ko uku kwezi kwa gatatu kutishyuwe amafaranga angana na Miliyoni 35,255,017.

                              Kugeza ubu ubariyemo ukwezI kwa gatatu n’ukwa kane ADEPR irasabwa kwishyura miliyoni 75.012.067frw kugira ngo ivemo ikirarane igezemo bitaba ibyo igakomeza gucibwa ibihano by’ubukererwe.


                                Mu gihe mu Rwanda bamwe mu bahinzi bakunze kugaragara za bafite ikibazo cyo kutabona ifumbire n’imbuto abandi ntibabibonere ku gihe kugira ngo bongere umusaruro ngo mu rwego rw’ubuhinzi hari imitungo irimo n’imbuto zirikuborera mu bukiko utibagiwe n’ifumbire yateje Leta igihombo cya Miliyali 11.
                                Iki bikaba byaratangajwe n’Umugenzuzi mukuru w’imari ya leta, Obadiah Biraro, kuri uyu wa Gatatu tariki 3 Gicurasi 2017, aho yabwiye Inteko Ishinga amategeko ko mu mwaka wa 2016 bagenzuye ibigo 14 byakoresheje Miliyari 1,147 ni ukuvuga 60% by’ingengo y’imari ya Leta, Minisiteri 12, uturere, umujyi wa Kigali, imishinga yose iterwa inkunga na Banki y’Isi hamwe n’inkunga yose Global Fund.

                                Biraro yakomeje avuga ko mu rwego rw’ubuhinzi hari imitungo ya miliyari 1,9 itabyazwa umusaruro. Irimo imashini, ibikoresho n’ibinyabiziga bidakoreshwa. Biraro yatunze agatoki ituragiro rya Miliyoni 70 ridakora ; amamoto ya Miliyoni 92 adakoreshwa aparitse i Kabuye ; imashini zihinga za Miliyoni 50 zimaze imyaka igera kuri irindwi zidakoreshwa ; imbuto za miliyoni 314 ziri kuborera mu bubiko.Uretse ibyo raporo igaragaza ko muri RAB hari ikibazo cy’ ifumbire yateje Leta igihombo cya miliyari 11.

                                Raporo y’ umugenzuzi w’ imari ya Leta yatunze agatoki ikigo cy’ igihugu gishinzwe iby’ imihanda RTDA kugenda gake mu gushyira mu bikorwa amasezerano igaragaraza ko RTDA icyereza imishinga ku kigero cya 90%.

                                Mu kigo cy’ igihugu cy’ ubumenyi ngiro WDA, raporo ivuga ko hari ibikoresho bifite agaciro ka miliyari imwe na miliyoni 200 bidakoreshwa.

                                Raporo kandi ivuga ko mu kigo cy’ igihugu cy’ ubuzima RBC miliyoni 324 zaburiwe irengero.

                                Ibigo byose uko ari 14 aribyo WASAC, REG (EUCL & EDCL), RAB, RDB, REB, RBC, RTDA, WDA, UR, RGB, RRA, RURA, RCS na NAEB byakoresheje miliyari 1 147 ni ukuvuga 60% by’ ingengo y’ imari ya Leta.

                                Biraro yavuze ko hakigaragara ibikoresho bigurwa ntibikoreshwe icyo byagenewe bigakurira Leta igihombo.

                                Mu kigo cy’ igihugu gishinzwe amazi isuku n’ isukura WASAC, raporo yagaragaraje ko amazi atakara ku kigero cya 42% bigatuma Leta ihomba miliyari hafi 9. Ibikoresho bya WASAC bifite agaciro ka miliyari 1 na miliyoni 100 ntibikoreshwa neza ahubwo ngo buri gihe WASAC igura ibindi.

                                Mu kigo cy’ igihugu gishinzwe iby’ amashanyarazi REG, raporo igaragaza ko mu nganda z’ amashyanyarazi 33, inganda 7 arizo zonyine zikora kandi nazo zikora ku kigero cya 50%.

                                Muri Kaminuza y’ u Rwanda UR, raporo yagaragaje ko amafaranga adacunzwe neza hakiyongeraho kuba hari umutungo ufite agaciro ka miliyari 3 iyo kaminuza yataye.

                                Iyi raporo ni iya 2015/2016, ingengo y’ imari ya Leta yari 1,923,132,183,998

                                Kwihutisha gahunda zifasha abahinzi n’aborozi kubonera ku gihe ifumbire ndetse n’imbuto kugira ngo zibafashe kongera umusaruro ni umwe mu myanzuro 4 y’Umwiherero 2016 itarashyizwe mu bikorwa.

                                Iyi myanzuro y’Umwiherero w’Abayobozi bakuru b’igihugu wa 2016 itarashyizwe mu bikorwa ,Minisitiri muri Perezidansi ,Venancia Tugireyezu mu kiganiro n’abanyamakuru yavuze ko hashyizwemo imbaraga kugira ngo ibibazo byagiye bigaragaramo bikemuke muri uyu mwaka wa 2017.


                                  Mu gihe kuva tariki ya 12 Gicurasi kugera tariki ya 11 kamena 2017, mu turere twose tugize igihugu, abakandida bigenga bifuza kuzahatanira umwanya w’umukuru w’igihugu mu matora yo muri kanama 2017 mu Rwanda, bari gusinyisha ababashyigikiye, akarere ka Kicukiro kanze kwakira abasinyishiriza Diane Shima Rwigara umwe mu bakandida.

                                  Nkuko amabwiriza nimero 01/2017 yo kuwa 04/04/2017 ya Komisiyo y’igihugu y’Amatora , agenga itora rya perezida wa repubulika mu 2017 abivuga, hashingiwe ku ngingo ya 2 n’iya 139 z’Itegeko Nshinga rya repubulika y’u Rwanda ryo kuwa 04 kamena 2003 nk’uko ryavuguruwe mu mwaka wa 2015, hashingiwe kandi ku ngingoya 204 y’itegeko nimero 27/2010 ryo kuwa 19/06/2010 rigenga amatora nk’uko ryahinduwe kandi ryujujwe kugera ubu, ingingo ya 23 y’aya mabwiriza ivuga ko:

                                  “ umukandida wigenga asinyishiriza abamushyigikiye ahantu hatarenze hamwe mu karere yamenyesheje ubuyobozi bw’akarere mu nyandiko, akagenera kopi umuhuzabikorwa w’amatora ku rwego rwa zone y’amatora akarere gaherereyemo”.

                                  Ahagana isa 13h50 zo kuri uyu wa kabiri tariki ya 30 Gicurasi 2017, nibwo ku kicaro cy’akarere ka Kicukiro hari hageze abasinyishiriza Diane Shima Rwigara, umwe mu bakandida bifuza kuzahatanira umwanya w’umukuru w’igihugu mu matora yo muri kanama 2017 mu Rwanda.

                                  Bakigera ku biro by’akarere ka Kicukiro mu bunyamabanga rusange( secretariat centrale ), umusore muremure w’inzobe uri mu kigero cy’imyaka 30 y’amavuko uhakorera, n’imiziki yumviraga mu matwi (muri ecouteur) atiriwe ayihagarika, yahise anenga ibaruwa ya Diane Rwigara imenyesha ubuyobozi bw’akarere, maze arayisiribanga avuga ko itanditse neza.

                                  Ibaruwa ya Diane Shima Rwigara imenyesha isinyishwa yanze kwakirwa mu karere ka Kicukiro

                                  Nyuma yo gusiribanga no kwanga kwakira ibaruwa ya Diane Shima Rwigara, uyu musore tutabashije guhita tumenya amazina ye, yanze kugira impamvu yabimuteye atangariza, maze ahitamo kuvuga ko ibisobanuro byatangwa n’ubuyobozi bumukuriye.

                                  Umugore w’inzobe uri mu kigero cy’imyaka 40 y’amavuko, nawe wanze gutangaza amazina ye, akaba umunyamabanga w’umuyobozi w’akarere, yashimangiye iby’uyu musore maze avuga ko iyi baruwa itanditse neza, aho yagize ati:

                                  “ Mwandikiye ubuyobozi bw’akarere ka Kicukiro kandi mwari kwandikira Madame umuyobozi w’akarere ka Kicukiro, ubuse twamenya iyi baruwa igenewe nde? Niyo mpamvu tutayakiriye ubwo mwashaka mayor akaba ariwe wumva ikibazo cyanyu”.

                                  Uwari uje gusinyishiriza Diane Shima Rwigara yagize ati :

                                  “ Si ubwa mbere njya gusinyishiriza Diane Rwigara, ariko ubu ni ubwa mbere mbwirwa ko nzanye ibaruwa itanditse neza kandi yaranditswe hashingiwe ku mabwiriza ya komisiyo y’amatora, ndatunguwe kubona ntakirwa ahubwo ibaruwa nari mfite igasiribangwa,…nakiriwe nabi muri Kicukiro”.

                                  Diane Shima Rwigara aganira n’ kuri uyu wa kabiri tarikiya 30 Gicurasi 2017, yavuze ko mu bibazo abamusinyishiriza bagiye bahura nabyo aribwo bwa mbere abamuhagarariye babwirwa ko ibaruwa yan