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The Rwanda presidential hopeful, Diane Rwigara nude photos were leaked by Rwanda state operatives.
Rwanda is set to go to the polls to elect their next president. Front running-ruling party RPF, has lined incumbent President Paul Kagame, as their candidate.

Opposition candidates with sights on the presidency are also coming out of the woods to express their desire to rule East Africa’s fastest developing nation.

One such candidate, Diane Rwigara has her sights on the August polls, and declared her candidature days ago.

But, barely a day after Miss. Rwigara declared that she was joining the Rwanda presidential race, the world woke up to her bare bottoms and leaked nude photos that are now circulating all over the internet.

Whether the nudes were leaked to dim her chances in the eyes of the morally uptight Rwandese voters, remains the big question.

The bare story

Diane jumped into the fray to contest against Rwanda’s sitting President Paul Kagame who has over the years been hailed for “pulling the small nation out of the gutter” in reference to the 1994 genocide in which a reported 800,000 Rwandans lost their lives.

President Kagame who has been asked to stand again by Rwanda’s leading party- the RPF-Rwanda Patriotic Front has in the previous elections had very little challenge from other contestants and Diane’s chances were equally slim with majority Rwandese favouring Kagame’s development and unity leadership.

Diane Rwigara’s ex-boyfriend with whom they took the leaked nudes
The “naked” truth

The photos that show a relaxed Diane in a compromising pose in a sofa completely naked and the other of her standing with no clothing at all are said to have been taken almost two years ago.

The shaming photos were reportedly leaked by a journalist who went by A pseudo name Reporter.

It is believed the anonymity was a coy to distract or pin one journalist who she fell in love not so long ago.

However, this website using its sources in Kigali decided to do an investigation on how these photos could have ended in the hands of those who leaked them and what was the motive considering the timing.

Going bare in the presidential race

According to various sources close to the 35 year old Diane Rwigara, the photos are believed to have been taken by a journalist she was in love with two years back after the death of her father.

Tycoon Assnapol Rwigara, her late dad was reportedly killed in a car accident though the family refused to accept that unfortunate incident and cited foul play.

It is said that Diane got close to the Journalist who is also the CEO of an online publication known as The Great Lakes Voice.

Diane who is a vocal character is said to have started writing stories questioning the death of her father. Her writings it is said were pinning government and its agents for having a hand in the tycoon’s death.

Love gone sour

Just Like any smitten new couple, Diane is said have done her outing rounds with her new man painting the streets of Kigali red, having steamy romantic sessions including posing and taking the said nude pictures.

Like most relationships, Diane and her man were to later separate over irreconcilable differences.

Two lovers, both posing a threat

The former lover boy who is a journalist was also a known to civil rights activist attracting the attention of state agents who worried from his activities placed him on 24 hour surveillance, even during the time he was in a relationship with Diane.

According his close friends, the lover boy has been summoned to the CID headquarters a number of times over different stories he has written and his connections with different opposition members.

The nudes rooted

A very close friend who worked with Diane’s ex-lover for a long time told this website that at one time he was moving with him and they were attacked by state operatives who were disguising as thieves, taking away his phone which had his content, including the nude photos 0f himself and past lovers like Diane

“I believe that is how these photos got into the public light. I vividly recall that late night attack by masked men pretending to be thieves who waylaid us and took our possessions. They then must have accessed my friend’s phone and eventually leaked these nudes. This is strange” he noted.

When tasked  to explain why he thinks that is the time the nudes were rooted, he said he was sure the people who robbed him and his friend were operatives not thieves, owing to the fact that their raid was “commando” style- a technique for trained operatives and not amateur like for most broke thieves.

He further told us that they didn’t bother reporting a case at police since they knew the phone had been taken by security operatives who wanted to get information and contacts of people they thought were a security threat.

Expose the contesting “ratchet”

Early this year, Diane declared that she was becoming an activist and certainly knew the obstacles she was meant to face including harassment and even a possible jail.

However, her activism was never taken seriously by intelligence.

Surprising many and catching more unaware, Diane declared on Wednesday 3rd May at a press conference where she boldly declared that she was joining the presidential race, and that she was very sure she would defeat the incumbent Kagame.

The press conference that was attended by over 700 journalists is believed to be the biggest ever press conference held in Kigali by an opposition politician.

With all these journalists and media houses giving her coverage and her presidential bid news spreading like wild fire, the intelligence services swung into action find a way of discrediting her.

The final plot

Rwanda being a conservative country where something like nude photos cannot be forgiven, and with security agents in possession of a phone from former boyfriend bearing nude photos, leaking them was a sell-0ut.

Immediately the plot was set. A pseudo name with a similar account was created online, in the name of Reporter and it was then used to spread the photos, in the process also wanting to pin her ex-boyfriend as the source

But, when the photos were leaked, sharp IT conversant Rwandese who had gotten wind of the plot to discredit Diane for her interest in the presidency, where quick to trace and find that the leaked photos were posted the Intelligence body (NI &SS) headquarters in Kigali.

By the time of filing this story, Diane Rwigara was yet to respond to the unfortunate blackmail.

Rwandans are set to go to the polls in early August in an election in which the EU has openly said it will not be sending any observers and the ruling party, the RPF is set to win.