In the next few days, the Rwanda judicial system will be under scrutiny by the world. Many people in Rwanda and around the world, will be following the final verdict, in the trial of the Rwandan Politician Diane Rwigara and her mother, Adeline Rwigara.

What one wonders, is whether the final verdict will become a free ticket for Dictator Paul Kagame to persecute his critics??
Its very likely the verdict will be unfair, as in the first place, no crime was committed by the accused. As the bogus charges brought against Diane Rwigara are based on public comments she made, that were critical of the Rwandan state. The other charges are forging or alteration of documents. However, this is very doubtful as no forensic evidence has been presented to prove that indeed, Diane Rwigara intentionally forged and altered documents.

Adelline Rwigara

Meanwhile, her mother Adeline Rwigara, she’s also being falsely accused of discrimination and sectarian practices. The bogus evidence the state prosecutors are using to prosecute her, are based on a private conversation (girl talk) with a relative. This flawed prosecution, would not be tolerated, or stand in any civilised judicial systems. As there’s no law on this planet, that prohibits people to express their point of view in private.

Though I’m not a fan of Dictator Paul Kagame, but I expect him to do the right thing and set the Rwigara free, as imprisoning them, will be very costly. Let Dictator Paul Kagame use their freedom as away forward to forge unity and forgiveness among the Rwandan family.
The world shouldn’t remember him, as the man that falsely imprisoned an orphan and a window-not forgetting survivors of the Rwandan genocide.

Its very true, politicians like Diane Rwigara, are good to the development of democracy in Rwanda, Because criticism can be very healthy to democracy. In-fact, Diane’s criticism should be used to put things right, and improve on what’s already in place. Maybe some of us will stop labelling the Rwandan leadership a dictatorship.

Finally, the Rwandan judiciary must ensure that, a commonsense verdict is made. Thus, Criticising the government should not be a crime.
They should unanimously dismiss all the charges brought by the state against Diane Rwigara and Adeline Rwigara.

Joram Jojo