Today when you look  at the Rwanda political landscape, you’ll realise that, its being held together by Propaganda. Thus, Dictator Paul Kagame seems to be efficiently using the media, to trap the the Rwanda political opposition based in diaspora.
I’ve said it before here, that Criminal Paul Kagame plants fake stories in the media, to distract the Rwandan opposition from concentrating on real issues that affect their people.

Paul Kagame
Its absurd the Rwandan elitist opposition groups in diaspora, have failed to understand that, the propaganda tabloid of Criminal Yoweri Museveni, chimpanzee reports, is also an extension of dictator Paul Kagame in Uganda.
Of late, they’ve been running a Fake story of Rwandan Military arresting criminal Karenzi Karake, and Dennis Karera, commonly known as 15 percent(the amount he asks for a bribe). Their alleged crime is to have held a conversation on the deteriorating Uganda-Rwanda relations. Really??
The two haven’t been arrested, but hiding away, to trap the Rwandan opposition in an information war. The objective is to distract them from discussing corruption and bad governance, and concentrate on the two sycophants of criminal Paul Kagame. Thus, deter the opposition from mobilising Rwandans to resist the  dictatorial regime.

In the last few days, the two sycophants have become the main topic among the Rwandan Opposition- run media platforms. The passionate discussion of the fake story, has made me sad and also laugh.
Later, the two sycophants will turn-up from their hide-out, to make the Rwanda opposition look stupid! You might not know it, but it damages the entire struggle and arms the criminal regime with reasons to continue subjugating the populace.

Please guys, stop falling into Criminal Paul Kagame’s traps, and look at a bigger picture. Its also very irresponsible, for the Rwandan opposition to keep preaching, how Rwandans are cowards…, stop that nonsense, as you don’t know what lies in someones heart!!!

Joram jojo