The COVID-19 cases in Rwanda keep rising everyday, and  one is left wondering if the number of cases are genuine or its a manipulation of figures.  If the numbers are correct, then the management of the pandemic has been poor, as a loophole for new Coronavirus COVID-19 cases has been left open. 

Rwanda on Tuesday,July 7, reported 59 new Covid-19 cases and 20 recoveries.

Of the new cases, said the Ministry of Health in a statement, 49 cases were confirmed in Kigali and included residents of Kigali Transit Centre and those in villages of Kicukiro district which are currently under lockdown.Coronavirus COVID-19

Other new cases were reported from Rusizi (5), Nyamasheke (3), Nyagatare (1) and another one detected in Kirehe district.

Since mid-march when Covid-19 was first confirmed in the country, Rwanda has so far conducted over 166,000 sample tests of Covid-19 and reported a total of 1,172 positive cases of whom 595 have already recovered.

Also, the country has recorded three deaths since the outbreak.

In bid to contain the pandemic, the country has put much efforts in increasing the number of tests whereby in addition to setting up testing labs in different locations, the country recently initiated an exercise of randomly testing people in the City of Kigali and its entrance points.

The confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) diagnosed on Rwandan territory have reached the 900-mark, following the positive diagnosis of 22 new cases from tests carried out on Sunday, June 28.

The same day also has seen 30 patients discharged from the Covid-19 treatment centres raising the tally of coronavirus recoveries to 443 against 455 active cases.

According to Dr. Sabin Nsanzimana, the Director-General of Rwanda Biomedical Centre, among those discharged, 21 had been receiving treatment at a facility in Rusizi District.

The latest results were drawn from 3,002 sample tests, whereas the total tests carried out since the pandemic outbreak are 137,751.

In a daily update on the pandemic by the Ministry of Health, it was noted that of the new cases: eight were from Rusizi, seven from Rubavu, six from the capital Kigali and one from Kirehe District. Coronavirus COVID-19

Though the cases might be increasing in Rwanda, the Robert Koch institute last week announced that Rwanda is no longer a Covid-19 risk area, due to the efforts that have been put in containing the virus in the country.

Among the efforts in place include mass testing, and implementation of general measures in place to fight the virus, including regular hand washing, keeping social distance and wearing facemasks among others.

The Ministry of Local Government on Thursday put six villages in Kigali city under total lockdown after five sectors of Rusizi District.

On the global scale, the coronavirus cases have surpassed 10 million, of which 5.5 million have recovered and more than half a million have succumbed to it.