The politics in Rwanda continues to be dominated by militant and hatred ideologies. But today, a new political party by gorilla activists was formed in the capital of Rwanda. The spokesman of Ingaji political party, appeared in Kigali  declaring the formation of Gorilla/ingaji Party.

The ingaji party ideology is based on Centre right politics. The Gorilla Party is self funded and has a better vision compared to other political parties.

We shall continue to follow the Rwanda Gorilla party, as they seem to me more interesting than any other opposition Party. We think that, they’ll be mixed reactions from other political parties mostly dominated by old men, as they won’t be able to understand the logic behind.Rwanda Gorilla Party

Today’s politics in Rwanda needs a new player that will bring something interesting and orthodoxy, as the mainstream politicians have failed to understand that modern politics is about showbiz and humour.

The politics of issues is in the past, as the economic and social policies are made by outsiders, the new regime just implements what is already in place.

Rwanda Gorilla Party

The Rwanda gorilla party, is part of a Peace and Conflict resolution project, that has been tailored to find solution in a non violent way. Thus, We have to preserve what has been achieved in Rwanda, and avoid to destroy it. 

To be Continued…