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      Rwanda Patriotic Army Infiltration of material and of men in the city of kigali

      The rpf has used vehicles of supplies to smuggle military equipment and men in the city of kigali.

      When it was possible, the truck carrying the wood Heater Mulindi in kigali was also charged with
      The necessary equipment. The Grenades, the boxes of ammo Were buried in bags of maize or beans
      Dry under the firewood. Unamir did Never suspected this trickery. Soldiers were Sent in civilian clothes impeccable as politicians The RPF, or bodyguards of politicians in front Go back with them to mulindi. The military remained In The City, d ‘ other civilians were sent to their place
      To Mulindi. Other soldiers entered the city by Various Subterfuges.

      It is in this way-here also that Two sa-16 missile (Igla) have been introduced in the city.


        Bombs were also laid inside the Country, via the bugesera region from Burundi. I recall that burundi took a very Active in the war of the rpf in conducting recruits At the front. They were escorted by intelligence agents Up in Uganda. The examples are manifold, We cannot enumerate them. Since 3 October 1990,
        The young tutsi, candidates recruitment in Apr, Loading without passport by l ‘ airport of bujumbura
        With the complicity of the intelligence agents of the Pafe (police of airports and borders).

         Moreover, the burundian army has provided the grenades, The guns and the mines that have served in actions Destabilization in bugesera, in kigali, in butare in gitarama
        And cyangugu.

        This type of mines has been asked for example in souspréfecture Of Bugesera District, in the villages of the nyamata 17 December 1991, mayange on 19 February 1992, mbyo On 8 April 1992, gashora on 18 March 1993.


          Assassination of félicien gatabazi

          From 21 to 22/2/1994 ” the minister félicien gatabazi has been murdered by Members of the Apr who s ‘ were hidden among the Interahamwe. His murderer, Lieutenant Godfrey Ntukayajemo aka kiyago, staying with gatete polycarp, Currently Senator in Parliament Rwandans to cyicukiro. He has been assisted by mahoro amani. Captain Hubert Kamugisha also took part in the organization of this Assassination. The murderers were hiding in a woman Driver named emerita mukamurenzi which, itself,
          Was murdered to try and secure his silence.
          The Murder was ordered by general-Major Paul Kagame from mulindi, his headquarters. The Plot was mounted by Lieutenant-Colonel Karake Karenzi. This same lieutenant-Colonel was the official d ‘ Liaison Officer Between the rpf and unamir.


            Assassination of katumba

            That day, the leader of the interahamwe, Alphonse Ingabire aka kayumba, who ran all operations Interahamwe, was murdered. Among the assassins Figure Lieutenant Jean-Pierre Gatashya and sergeant
            Mugisha, “technicians” of the Apr, which operated in Different units.


              Preparation of a total war for the seizure of power despite the peace agreement

              From 8 to 12/8/1993 ” the rpf has brought a lot of military equipment By various places before the arrival of the military observers The United Nations to control the border-Uganda. The Mutara, this material was especially by Gasheke in the direction of karama. The weapons that passed By rwene were transported to kaniga, those who Passed by shasha were transported to kinyabishenge.
              The trucks taking this equipment up to The Border, then the Ugandan civilians were doing In Rwanda. The Rpa military took then The Relay and transported to the caches furnished to This effect. The Soldiers, chosen for the transport of equipment, Have served then for l ‘infiltration and l’ espionage
              Rwanda. More than 500 tons of military equipment Entered in this way.

              Preparation of a total war for the seizure of power despite the peace agreement
              In case the mrnd accepted, in application Agreements, the entrance of the rpf in government, the Rpf had, in spite of everything, create chaos in the interior of the Country. In the opposite case, the rpf had to hire a
              Total War for s ‘ power. The RPF AND RPA So had to prepare the military and the frames for That this operation can succeed.


                I say without any reservation that the atrocities inflicted upon Members of the hutu ethnic group by the military Apr constitute genocide. My colleagues and me, We confirm it because we have seen of our
                Own eyes. This is not an affront or a disgrace to My colleagues and I, because we have differentiated
                Criminals who do not respect the human being.
                There are different ways to understand: the soldiers Rpa Tutsi who are eyewitnesses consider That the recognition of the genocide of the hutus Amoindrirait recognition of the genocide of the tutsis.
                That’s why they fear that we can say that he There has been genocide on both sides, that of the tutsis killed Hutus and that of the hutu killed tutsi.
                This is not the way that we must understand: the genocide Hutus should not be placed on the back of the
                Tutsis, either the tutsi genocide on the backs of all The Hutu. The seriousness of these crimes exceeds the only dimension Ethnic, those who have perpetrated are savages Who must individually accountable.


                  281 in several municipalities of byumba, there has been less of massacres of tutsi than elsewhere, yet it is the prefecture, which has been most affected by the massacres of hutu populations, executed by the RPF.
                  After April 16, some companies of the 21th mobile came to grab a large part of the region of rutare (Byumba). They started even to launch bombs in the commune giti tire, near rwesero. After the leak of the military of the wild, the combatants of the rpf under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Martin Nzaramba.


                    Kayumba Nyamwasa ordered Massacres

                    Massacres committed by the rpf after the fall of byumba (23 April 1994)
                    In other areas of byumba, the massacres were organized and executed by soldiers who were holding position. The instructions were given by Colonel Kayumba Nyamwasa. This is the case especially in the region of rutare and kinihira.

                    The same tactic of massacring civilians grouped allegedly for safety meetings or food distribution has been used.


                      Infiltration of the "network commando" within the mrnd and cor

                      It must be remembered that these attacks of February 1993 Been launched by the Apr to assess his strike force and The State of progress of the mission of the network commando.
                      This commando had been created and organized to instil a Climate of chaos at the national level, particularly In S ‘ seeping through the militias mrnd and cor And by strengthening their terrorist actions in order to show That the tutsis always remaining the target killers, the recovery Fighting was justified.

                      Demilitarized Zone, instrument of infiltration of the rpf  the rpf was the creation of this demilitarized zone,
                      Because it could infiltrate pleases while the far Couldn’t put foot under penalty of protests IFU RPF. The rpf could so easily prepare a Large-scale attack, the last, nicknamed simusiga (“don’t leave anything behind”). This attack was to prepare (workouts, accumulation of military equipment) Regardless of the enemy, because the area known as Demilitarized separated the two protagonists.


                        Massacres of kirambo (17-18 November 1993)

                        For example, in the night of 17 to 18 November 1993, Rpa led incursions in the municipalities of the
                        Demilitarized Zone (buffer zone) of ruhengeri, namely The municipalities of cyeru nyamugali kidaho, and to kill People in advance identified as not being Supporters of the RPF.

                        These incursions of the Apr had also for goal Heat the spirits, to create the mess in order to Show the failure of the state and give the rpf of Arguments for to seize power by force. It was Here the trap. He had to tempt the militia of the mrnd and The cor to kill tutsis in order that the rpf can revive The fighting. For the first time, assassinations had Been perpetrated without that no one knows the authors, Except for the assassination of faithful rwambuka (22 August 1993). While the militias of the mrnd and cor
                        Committing massacres in broad daylight without a care Of whatever this is, these killings not claimed
                        And made of night were the specialty of rpa.


                          Tom Byabagamba

                          Lieutenant Tom Byabagamba, who ran the guard Personal Paul Kagame in replacement of lieutenant
                          Colonel James Kabarebe, responsible for the supervision Heavy weapons, received the order of general kagame Choose soldiers to slaughter the population. The Lieutenant Tom Byabagamba proposed lieutenant Emmanuel Ntingingwa. This one was summoned by Paul Kagame who ordered him to gather the population In the stage of byumba and eliminate everyone, Without leaving any survivors who can testify of the massacre.

                          The Stadium was crowded. Lieutenant Emmanuel Ntingingwa at the head of 110 military personnel, was supported by Members of the guard of general kagame, players Football Team of l ‘ Apr from mulindi under orders Of Lieutenant Eustache Ngenzi aka sinawubaya, Members of the military police and executives of the RPF.
                          Four Officers have led the operation. They made surround The Stadium and ordered the people of to bed
                          Facedown on the ground. They tried to kill people in Their smashing the skull with hoes, but the number
                          Was too high, that is why they have opted for the Machine Gun. MORE OR LESS 2 500 people have lost Life at the end of a few hours.


                            Umunsi waracyaga ukagirango ntibwira, bwakwira ukagira ngo ntibucya. Amarira, imiborogo, … Mbega ukuntu umunsi wabaga ari muremure!!!!! Shimwa Mana kuko ari wowe murinzi.


                              Paul Kagame and his Rebel Forces Rejected UN Intervation to Save the Tutsi of Rwanda

                              The United Nations Security Council has been urged by the U.N. Secretary General to authorize the deployment of a U.N. intervention force in Rwanda for the purpose of stopping massacres of innocent civilians.

                              The massacres have been going on for several years but particularly become intense after the death of President Habyarimana on April 6, 1994.

                              The Rwandese Patriotic Front wishes to make the following observations regarding the massacres:

                              1. The massacres ware carefully planned in advance and systematically executed to ensure the complete extermination of those perceived as opponents of the regime. The plans for these massacres were hatched during President Habyarimana’s own life time with his knowledge and active participation.

                              2. RPF has very firm evidence indicating that the massacres were but for the death of the President originally intended to take place during the transition period after the Rwandese Patriotic Army forces had handed over their weapons to the United Nations and gone to the assembly points where they would be easy prey.

                              3. The occurrence of these massacres did not come as a surprise to RPF. Indeed, the RPF consistently brought the alarming preparations for these massacres to the attention of the international community for many months prior to their outbreak. The Secretary General of U.N. and the governments of all the countries which were represented at Arusha during the peace talks were duly informed about the preparations for these massacres through their accredited representatives in Kigali and various high ranking officials who have visited RPF both at Kigali and Mulindi ever since the signing of the peace agreement to discuss the possibilities of facilitating implementation of the peace agreement.

                              The international community was fore warned but did not find it possible or necessary to take any measures to prevent these massacres.

                              4. There is a misleading impression that the atrocities which have been committed were committed in course of armed conflict between two fighting groups. There are two groups alright but only one is armed and is committing the atrocities. The group of the victims is unarmed and defenseless. This is simply a case of state inspired violence against innocent citizens on account of their perceived political beliefs or ethnic origins.

                              The massacres are above all not a result of fighting between two different ethnic groups as the statement of the U.N. Secretary General would appear to indicate.

                              5. Although the Tutsi community has been singled out as a candidate for extermination, Rwandese of other ethnicities have equally been victims of the atrocities. Tens of thousands of Hutus have died because they belonged to opposition parties. Indeed, the majority of prominent public personalities who were executed were Hutus. The false perception that this is an ethnic conflict needs to be corrected.

                              6. These massacres are not new in Rwanda’s history. They are a repeat of similar massacres which were committed by the very same security apparatus headed by President Habyarimana between 1959 and 1966, between 1972 and 1973 and between 1990 and 1994.

                              7. The atrocities in Rwanda have been committed exclusively by the regime. The Rwandese Patriotic Front has not, contrary to what some have implied from the contents of the letter of the U.N. Secretary General addressed to the U.N. Security Council on April 29, 1994, been involved in committing and is not planning to carry out any atrocities. It has instead fallen upon us to rescue many Rwandese from such atrocities. The Rwandese Patriotic Front reiterates that all areas under its control are completely secure and open to inspection by the International community.

                              8. President Habyarimana and his collaborators planned and prepared for these massacres by taking advantage of the cease-fire arrangements which RPF had agreed to for the purpose of providing a suitable environment for promoting national reconciliation, restoring peace and democratizing our country.

                              RPF is firmly convinced that the international community has exhibited double standards by insisting that RPF must abide by the peace process agreed upon while doing nothing whatsoever about Habyarimana’s evident preparations to wreck the very peace process which they were promoting.

                              The United Nations mission (UNAMIR) which was in Rwanda, with a force of more than 2,500 personnel, at the outbreak of the current crisis was unable to offer protection to Rwandese Citizens who were threatened with violence. It did not intervene to stop the massacres, citing the constraints imposed by their mandate, although the mandate could have been changed by the U.N. Security Council at short notice. The force was instead withdrawn leaving the Rwando8s population at the mercy of the murderers.

                              The International Community stood by and helplessly watched while hundreds of thousands of innocent Rwandese Citizens perished. Few have dared to come out in public to condemn the authors of the atrocities which are being committed, let alone taken any steps to actively assist the actual and potential victims.

                              As a result of the massacres, it is reported (OXFAM) that more than a half million people (500,000) may have already died.

                              The manner and scale of the massacres clearly leave no doubt whatsoever that the atrocities which have been committed amount to genocide as defined by the relevant U.N. Conventions. We feel that the debate in some circles, including the U.N. Security Council, about whether genocide has really been committed is academic if not cynical. We the Rwandese and other people who have witnessed the atrocities first hand know for sure that genocide has indeed taken place.

                              The massacres have been orchestred by the so-called provisional government using the following:

                              1. The Presidential Guard.

                              2. Members of the regular National Army.

                              3. The Para-military Police (Gendarmerie Nationale),

                              4. Armed civilians and militia under the control of the late President’s party, the MRND and its allies, particularly the extremist CDR party.

                              The International Community owes the Rwandese people an obligation to condemn and ostracize the perpetrators of these massacres and to help in bringing them to justice. Some countries have, instead, lent legitimacy to these murderers and are already plotting to create a future role for them in the politics of our country. We would mention in particular the governments of France and Egypt which have hosted high level talks with members of the so-called provisional government and appear to be master-minding the current proposal for the deployment of a U.N. intervention force as a result of those talks.

                              The United Nations should take a leading role in ensuring that the members of the regime responsible for the massacres are not accorded legitimacy by any government or International organization. Should the U.N. itself receive and accord legitimacy to members of the said regime, the Rwandese Patriotic Front will have no option but to request that even the 270 member remnant of UNAMIR be recalled.

                              The Special Representative of the U.N. Secretary General to Rwanda, Dr. Jacques Roger Boon-Booh has throughout his stay in our country behaved in a very partisan manner and is not up to task entrusted to him. The Rwandese Patriotic Front will not participate in any future U.N. effort to resolve the Rwanda conflict unless and until the said Special Representative and his Assistant are recalled.

                              The time for U.N. intervention is long past. The genocide is almost completed. Most of the potential victims of the regime have either been killed or have since fled.

                              The Rwandese Patriotic Front believes the foremost and appropriate role U.N. agencies at this particular time would be to find the ways and means of handling the humanitarian crisis caused by the violence and displacement of the population. This humanitarian crisis has unfortunately not received the attention it deserves to date.

                              The Rwandese Patriotic Front regards the proposed U.N. intervention as deliberate attempt to manipulate the U.N. process and machinery to protect and support the murderers who constitute the provisional government.

                              Consequently, the Rwandese Patriotic Front hereby declares that it is categorically opposed to the proposed U.N. intervention force and will not under any circumstances cooperate in its setting up and operation.

                              In view of the forgoing the Rwandese Patriotic Front:

                              a. Calls upon the U.N. Security Council not to authorize the deployment of the proposed force as U.N. intervention at this stage can no longer serve any useful purpose as far as stopping the massacres is concerned.

                              b. Requests International Community to exert pressure on the murderers who constitute the so-called provisional government and are responsible for the massacres by:

                              1. Withholding recognition for the so-called provisional government which has taken power by unconstitutional means.

                              2. Condemning in person the prominent personalities of the regime who have been involved in committing atrocities.

                              3. Imposing punitive sanctions against the so called provisional government.

                              4. Setting in motion the process of establishing without delay war crimes tribunals and other mechanisms for bringing the persons responsible for the atrocities to justice.

                              c. Requests the U.N. Secretary General to replace his Special Representative in Rwanda without delay by someone more competent.

                              d. Calls upon the international community to urgently respond to the humanitarian crisis in Rwanda by providing assistance to the needy and gives its assurances that it shall cooperate fully in all efforts to alleviate the currant humanitarian crisis.

                              e. Calls upon the United Nations to immediately send a mission to areas of Rwanda controlled by RPF to confirm that no massacres or human rights of any nature have been committed by RPP forces as implied in the above-mentioned letter by the U.N. Secretary General to the Security council.

                              For: The Political Bureau of The Rwandese Patriotic Front

                              Mr. Gerald Gahima
                              Mr. Claude Dusaidi


                                impunzi za Banyarwanda ziba Congo-Brazzaville, zakoze igikorwa cyo kwibuka

                                Amakuru ava muri Congo-Brazzaville ni ay’Impunzi zasabye misa ku cyumweru tariki ya 9/04/2017 zibuka abahitanywe n’indege yaguyemo HABYARIMANA N’abo bari kumwe bose ndetse n’abaguye mu bwicanyi bwakurikiye bava mu moko yose y’abanyarwanda.

                                Ngo kakaba karabaye akanya kokwibuka abandi batari ABATUTSI doreko ngo kuvuga ko hari ubundi bwoko bwishwe mu Rwanda byitwa “GUPFOBYA GÉNOCIDE YAKOREWE ABATUTSI cyangwa ngo “ingenga bitekerezo ya Génocide”.

                                Muri uwo muhango harimo abanyamakuru b’itangaza makuru mpuzamahanga nka TV5; Afrique 24; Afrique News; BBC…ndetse n’abitangaza makuru rikorera muri icyo gihugu.
                                Uyu musore uhagarariye abanyeshuri biga muri Kaminiza yatunguwe na micro na Caméra z ‘ abanyamakuru bamubaza impamvu we ukiri muto utarigeze abona ibyabaye mu Rwanda atataha mu Rwanda cyane ko ntacyo yaregwa, maze asubiza ko afite icyaha cy’inkomoko cyo kuba ari Umuhutu kuko ngo leta y ‘urwanda ivuga ko uwitwa umuhutu wese agamba gusaba Imbabazi mw’izina ry’abandi bahutu bishe mw’izina rye.

                                Yongeraho ko atajya mu gihugu umukuru w’igihugu avuga ko yicuza kuba ataramazeho impunzi z’abahutu ndetse ko akanya nikongera kwibonekeza azabikora akabatsemba n’ubundi.

                                Abanyamakuru babajije zimwe mu mpunzi impamvu zidataha kandi hari izindi zitashye zituje mu Rwanda, basubiza batanga ingero nyinshi z’abatashye ubu bakaba barongeye guhunga ko muri bo hari abagarutse aho muri Congo-Brazzaville. Bongeraho ko hari Impunzi zirenga magana ane nshya zirimo gushaka ubuhungiro muri Congo-Brazzaville.

                                Bababajije uko bazabigenza nyuma y’imari ki yabahawe ya 31/12/2017 Y’irangira ry’ubuhunzi , basubiza ko kubatazagumirishirizwaho ubuhunzi bazasaba leta kubatuza ariko bitangombye passeport y’ urwanda.



                                  Murakoze cyane mukutwibutsa iyi myaka yose 23 ishize Presida w’urwanda nuw’uburundi biciwe mu ndege ihanuwe ni nkoramaraso zashyigikiwe na Lusoferi utegeka amashitani yose yo kwisi. Ntihagire inkurikizi nkaho aba ba Presida bacu 2 bari ibinyomo byo guhonyarwa uko bishakiye. Ntakibazo nubwo wavuze ko ngo kwihangana ariko gewe sinashobora kureka kuvuga ukuri kuko imyaka ishize ni myishi cyane bene kanyarwanda bicwa uko bwije nuko bukeye amagufa yabacu akaba inyanyagiye kumisozi hose mu rwanda no mumahanga. Niba hari ugihumeka dukeneye guhamba amagufa yabacu hamwe no kwibuka abacu. Twese tuva amaraso atukura. Sinaceceka ntavuze.
                                  Na kera na kare Habayeho intambara zaba Gholiati, zaba Moses, zaba Israel, nabandi musome Bible cyane bose birwanagaho hamwe no kwirenganura.

                                  Natwe Rubanda urugamba ni urwacu kandi ningombwa cyane.