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While the  generous British taxpayers are feeding and housing perceived Rwandan desitutes claiming to be refugees. The very refugees that are being helped, have turned out to be bogus refugees in their claim for refugee status and humanitarian assistance from the British public. It’s not the first time the Rwanda regime has used the refugee loophole, to commit crimes on Rwandan and Congolese dissidents. The majority of Rwanda refugees in the past years(1995 to 2020) are bogus and are using Britain as a base for illegal activities. The Rwandan refugee scam is well run by both the Rwanda High Commission in London and sleeper cells around UK.

In a  recent gathering at the Rwanda High Commission in London-UK, some Rwandans ( including UK registered Rwandan refugees) pledged allegiance to the same political party, (RPF Inkotanyi) that many of them, if not all, claimed asylum in the UK alleging to be fleeing its persecution. 

This perverse ceremony was recorded and extensively shared within the Rwandan refugee community in the UK ( and EU ) leaving many on pins and needles, fearful for their security. 

It leaves many questions unanswered. 

Were these new members of RPF  genuine refugees? Have they been corrupted?

Whatever the reason, the home office and the UK government should investigate this group to ascertain the root cause of its presence on UK territory and assess the security risk they represent to genuine refugees who are consistently harassed and tormented for not subscribing to the political party and ideology these RPF agents, disguising as refugees, have sworn to serve and agreed to be “ crucified “ for should they fail in their mission!

These RPF agents are misusing and abusing the protection of the Uk government. Rwandan refugee scam

Below is a  translated transcription of the vow taken by these RPF Inkotanyi agents:

I Claude Rutsinzi,

I Evase Sukiranya,

I Patrice Shema,

I William Karemera,

I Amini Maniraguha,

I Suzana Ntambabazi,

I Clothilde Muhongerwa,

I Paty Muhirwa,

I Agnes Benzige,

I Topiste Mukamugema,

I Joseph Kabano,

I Peny Keza,

I Nzokurana Freddie,

I James Gahamanyi,

I Peace Musabi,

I Peter Rurangire,

I Barbara Mbabazi,

I Justine Rutera,

I Nzamutana Keza,

I Mwezigwa,

I Odile Ashimwe,

I Liliane Umubyeyi,

I Janine Iriza,

I Gorethi Uwizerwa,

I Faisal Shalif Mira,

I Pascaline Nzigamasabo,

I Giraneza Furaha,

I Bamurange Fresh,

I Teli Munanira,

I christian Orango,

I Alphonsine Uwimana Rubasha,

I Sandra,

I Nyiramutesi,

I Alain Shyaka,

I Salah Iraguha,

I Richard Nahimana Ruzibiza,

I Dieudonné Kiza,

I Godfrey Mwezi,

I Super Imfura,

I Olive Nyirakamana,

I Emmanuel Barahira,

I Venantie Gahamanyi,

I Zawade Umutoni,

I Peace Musubiza Richardson,

I Julliet Musirizimusazi,

I David Ruvubi,

I Chantal Muhire,

I Didier Karibu,

I Daniel Musabi,

I Rurangire,

 swear before all these members that I have clearly understood the purpose and goals of RPF Inkotanyi to improve the lives of every single Rwandan -infant, elderly and unborn- to ensure their future dignity in their country or abroad.

I vow, confirm and promise that I will cooperate with every single person belonging to RPF Inkotanyi now and in the future.

I affirm my belief that every member of RPF Inkotanyi must protect and be protected,  give, and be given advice in order to prevent tragedies that might befall our country and our nation.

I also promise to partner with others ( in RPF Inkotanyi) to fight the enemies of Rwanda whoever they may be ( alluding to Hutu and Tutsi exiles).

I vow before these members that I  will follow all existing and future directives of RPF Inkotanyi, I will avoid making mistakes, being inconsistent, unreliable, or making any other mistakes that would bring instability in my country ( to the benefit of its enemies -ie  Hutu and Tutsi exiles and all deemed enemies of RPF Inkotany’s ideology).

I vow to you RPF members gathered here that if I betray you if I stray from RPF Inkotanyi ‘s rules and principles, I will have betrayed all Rwandans and thus will be deserving of crucifixion like any other wicked criminal.

Rwandan “ refugees” who wage war upon other Rwandans in the name of a political ideology they claim to be on the run from DO NOT deserve the refugee status.  

What forms the essence of the protection of refugees, returnees, and stateless persons is respect for the rule of law and human rights.

The United Nations high commission for refugees has the mandate to provide for international protection to refugees including promoting the accession to international refugee instruments and other human rights instruments.

The 1951 refugee convention and it’s 1967 protocol are the legal documents that form the basis of refugee protection and this convention defines who refugees are: a refugee is defined as a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution or natural disasters.

While many Rwandans deserve protection from General Kagame’s notorious dictatorship, some have deliberately abused this protection.

By Noble Marara