Rwandan rebels of RUD-Urunana and RPR-Inkeragutabara killed 3 civilians during their raid in the village on Katwiguru, in Rutshuru territory (North Kivu), the night of Wednesday to Thursday January 23, 2020.

According to the information provided by the living forces of this territory, the victims of this barbarism are Mr. Heri Irakunda Claude, prefect of studies of the Katwiguru Institute, murdered at his home by these rebels who escaped after having committed their forfeit. But before, they also attacked a woman, Lady Louise, as well as her baby.RUD-Urunana

“While condemning this act, we ask the FARDC to take responsibility. Otherwise, they risk being seen as accomplices, ”said Jean-Claude Bambaze, president of civil society in Rutshuru.

The latter also regrets that Rutshuru has already turned into a testing ground for all heinous acts including almost daily assassinations, kidnappings, rapes or robberies by armed men.

He recalls on the occasion that the rebel group Nduma Defense of Congo (NDC-R) killed at least 4 people and injured another, the morning of Wednesday, January 22, in the locality of Katsiru. 2 bodies were found during the search.

This brings to at least 7 the number of civilians killed in an interval of only 2 days.

However, the NDC rejects the charges brought against it by the living forces. According to Désiré Ngabo, who is the spokesperson, it is rather the FDLR Foca rebels and allies of the CMC who are the perpetrators of this assassination which was experienced in the Bukombo group, in Bwito (Rutshuru).

Jean-Claude Bambanze also pleads for thousands of displaced households gathered in the Kanyatsi site and going through an acute humanitarian crisis in the Tongo group, to be assisted by the country’s authorities. He insists that the situation experienced by several families in Rutshuru has hardly been enviable since the security climate has deteriorated.