Rwanda and the United Kingdom, through the Department for International Development (DFID), have signed a development partnership agreement worth Rwf136 billion to fast-track the country’s development initiatives and spur growth. Of this, £64 million (about Rwf69 billion) will be disbursed this fiscal year, and another £62 million (about Rwf67 billion) is targeted for next financial year.

Improving Market Systems

United Kingdom seeks to support initiatives aimed at reducing poverty and improving household incomes

“This development partnership Agreement reaffirms the long-term development partnership and sets out the shared and individual commitments made by the two governments.

It also provides a transparent framework for accountability between the two governments and its people,” Gatete said during the signing event on Friday.

He added that the support will help to enhance Rwanda’s trade links and participation in the East African Community and the global economy, as well as help strengthen trade and investment between Rwanda and the UK.

“More so, both the Government of Rwanda and the UK jointly commit to reduction of poverty and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, including promotion of good governance, and respect of human rights and international obligations,” the minister said.

The two countries will also work together to strengthen financial management, accountability and transparency by fighting corruption and ensuring value for money in government initiatives and programmers.

Sally Waples, the head of DFID Rwanda, said the two countries will work together towards achieving Rwanda’s national vision of a ‘self-financed exit’ from poverty through an open, inclusive society and private sector led growth.

She added: “DFID is focused on education, agriculture, and social protection sectors. UK also provides support to the environment sector (FONERWA and Land Reforms) and financial sector development.

It also supports East African regional projects such as TradeMark East Africa, which is involved in trade facilitation initiatives.

Last year, DFID said it would disburse £23.5 million (about Rwf24 billion) through a new programme, “Improving Market Systems for Agriculture in Rwanda” (IMSAR).

The UK is the second-largest bilateral donor to Rwanda.