More than 20 people were found living in one house during a crackdown on dodgy landlords.
Police from the HMO Licensing team at Harrow Borough Council carried out an early morning raid to a home in HA8.

By Rachel Russell

Officers found approximately 28 people, including two children, living in a four bedroom home with many mattress laid in all rooms of the property indicating that they were all staying there.Cllr Graham Henson, Harrow Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environment, Crime and Community Safety, said: “People have died in fires in these sorts of conditions.

“Over-crowding like this is not just exploitative and greedy – it’s a danger to life and a serious crime.

“The unscrupulous person responsible in this case has exposed their sub-tenants to truly shocking risk, which I hope will result in a prosecution.”

The home had been let out by one of the current tenants and then was sublet to others. The subletters were said to be seeking temporary employment in the area but this has not been substantiated according to Harrow Council.

The owner of the property has been contacted and apparently was not aware that this was occurring.

This was due to their visits to the property being announced and the owner claims the tenants would have had time to put things in order including removing the mattresses.

The landlord is now applying for a property licence.