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    The burden to Rwanda and her people There are two historical events that will continue to hurt Rwandans feelings

    “We all Rwandans we are in much pain because what happened, it happened to us all and we were and we are still equally hurt.”

    There are some Rwandans out there who accuse me to be lukewarm about Rwanda’s political affairs. They accuse me to be not hot not even cold. They want me to be in support of either those who were used to be in crimes against humanity or those who are already and continue to be in breach of laws that protect humanity.

    I think they should give me a chance to be an independent and that means being free on how I perceive things and how I approach those things without pressure or influence from anyone. Rwandans were all hurt and independent based truth must be told about our country Rwanda’s historical event without fear or being biased.

    There are two historical events that will continue to hurt Rwandans feelings for some time to come and that is: The genocide against Tutsis as we know it and the capture of political office by war criminals.

    All Rwandans with good heart truly understand that the act of genocide was wrong. They understand that by the time Tutsis minority ethnic group were hunted and killed, that was a lack of humanity =The problem there are those who still don’t understand that killing Tutsis was wrong and there are those who advance this historical event for their personal and political gain and that ends up distorting or abusing this historical event that would guide us all in the pursuit of humanity if truth is told as it is and if justice is served in the way that is fair and impartial.

    The burden of Rwanda is to let Hutu extremists walk they talk in crime. The killing was a sign of wild extreme behaviour and that type of inhumanity should not make any one feel ashamed to tell, to narrate or to reflect on in anywhere in the world. Those who killed, who facilitated, who organised and who prepared and planned the genocide against Tutsis should be made feel inside their heart that what they did to Tutsis under any motive and cause, It was wrong.

    The only way we would have overcome the burden of genocide was through impartial judicial system and reparation. The justice in genocide cases should have focused on bringing first those who planned genocide “Masterminders” and then punish those who helped them to carry out their plan “Killers as we know them interahamwe”.

    What we should understand is that the genocide acts is not just the work of the killer or those who execute order, genocide is a complex operation that requires a highly intelligent behind who want to use the event of the genocide for personal political gain. One would question the motives behind the plan of the genocide and who was to benefit from such plan. Who did take advantage from already wrong and vicious Hutu ideology that Tutsis were inferior race?

    I understand Mr Kambanda, the Rwanda’s Prime Minister during the genocide, pleaded guilty to the crime of genocide leading to him being served with a life sentence in prison. It is a well-deserved punishment but did anyone asked Mr Kambanda why what he did it? The genocide must have a cause and a reason behind it-I mean we should all be able to clear the current confusion of why did Hutus direct all their anger and all their accusations against the Tutsis? What was the force behind it and what was their objective in carrying out genocide against Tutsis?

    One would say “the objective was to wipe out Tutsis from the map of Rwanda”. It is true, the way the genocide were carried out, killers did not want to leave anyone behind but we should also understand that the objective cannot merely lie within the definition. The genocide against Tutsis may have involved different people in different roles with different interest and gain in Rwanda and across the world but we are unlikely to know the truth.

    The other burden that Rwanda carries is to let criminals take office. Letting those who fought wars that resulted in human suffering through the crime against humanity and genocide, it was a gross human error that will continue to hurt Rwanda for many years to come. I urge that in our modern time, the same mistake never happen again. The RPA “Rwandan Patriotic Army” or now Rwandan Defence Force (RDF), their senior commanders including the RPA rebel leader Commander now the president of Republic of Rwanda should have been forced to resign shortly after forcefully taking political office in the pursuit of justice for all.

    The lack of willingness from the international communities to address all crimes committed by some of RPA senior commanders makes today these senior commanders feel untouchable and immune to international prosecution and same individuals continue to commit crimes that violate human rights.

    These senior RPA commanders still believe in their own crimes. Some of these commanders don’t even hide it. Recently we heard these senior RPA commanders gathering the population who are under their control, taking microphone publicly and tell the people “we will burn you, we will shoot you” and the president Kagame himself cannot finish any speech without saying a word “Kill”. Why? Because the impunity he continues to enjoy makes him feel it is in his rights to kill.

    Although President Paul Kagame continues to be given an international platform but he is believed to be in breach of law which govern our universe. His acts against the international law define his breach of universal law among other breaches committed by him. He is believed to be in:

    1. Breach of The universal declaration of Human Rights Act 1948

    2. Breach of The International covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966

    3. Breach of The International Body principles for the protection of all persons under any form of detention or imprisonment, 1988

    4. Breach of The International declaration on the protection of all persons from enforced disappearance, 1992

    5. Breach of the international principles on effective prevention and investigation of extra-legal, Arbitrary and summery executions, 1989.

    6. Breach of the African Charter on Human and People Rights 1981

    7. Breach of International Convention on Human Rights 1969

    8. Breach of terrorism act, 2000

    Article (1) of the Universal declaration Human Rights act states that all Human are born equal in dignity and Rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brother hood. President failed this act when he was Minister of defence ordered his army to give guidance to Tutsis population to commit killing against their brother Hutus in North Rwanda(Ruhengeri,Gisenyi,Byumba ) Between 1997-2000 and the killing of innocent people once again became his bridge to become the president.

    Article(2) of the same act states that Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it would be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty. Death of political oppositions and Journalists, the death of many opposition members killed by his soldiers during the war, Spanish and French nationals who were executed by his army proves well that President Kagame is in breach of this article of universal declaration on human rights,1948 and in breach of terrorism act ,2000.

    And more articles of this act are believed to be in breach by the individuals in the army in which President Kagame is a commander in chief since 1990 to the present.

    There is a body of principles for the protection of all persons under any form of detention or imprisonment, 1988 and the breach of this act is based on the fact that President Kagame and his soldiers has never ceased to use prison as a tool of weapon to kill innocent civilian by detaining them in a condition where their lives risk death.

    There is also declaration on the protection of all persons from enforced disappearance, 1992 which means that all crimes committed by RPA during and after war where majority Hutus disappeared without trace falls into the breach of this act. Again, there are other tribes who did not agree with Kagame military policy, and they were kidnapped by RPA soldiers and all disappeared without a trace and since their capture by RPA soldiers, they have never been found again.

    There are also international principles on the effective prevention and investigation of extra-legal, arbitrary and summary executions act, 1989. There are Rwandans who have been in Rwandan prisons without files and trials. Some prisoners die in secret prisons and never get the chance to be buried by their family , the poor condition of their lives in prisons means that they live a shorter life and they risk dying from such degrading condition and that truly proves the breach of this act by the current Rwanda’s administration.

    Giving an international stage to President Kagame is just an insult to his victims because he is believed to be in breach of The African Charter on Human and people Rights act,1981 basing on Congo Wars (I,II )and insurgency in Congo that is believed to have been funded by the Kagame regime and a conflict that left nearly 6 Million dead and that also proves the breach of The international conventional on Human Rights act 1969 and the European Conventional on Human rights act,1950.

    We will overcome the burden of historical event of genocide and war, if justice becomes impartial and when the truth is told as it is. The continuing absence of impartial justice and truth telling does mean that Rwanda and her people will continue to suffer in silence. And the only way to overcome is by detaching yourself from the burden by accepting what happened to us and our family and avoid in being of the denial of truth.

    One would selfishly claim only Tutsis were hurt but we all Rwandans we are in much pain –what happened, it happened to us all and we were equally hurt.

    Jean Paul Ndindamahina is a British-Rwandan political analyst forcusing on great lake of Africa especially his homeland Rwanda and he is a writer having written two books one related to ask and give forgiveness and other related to life in Rwanda during civil war narrated in the eyes of a child.He is also an independent as he is not affiliated to any political party.



    Murusengero yitwa *Ituro* cg *Ishimwe*

    Murugendo yitwa *Itike*

    kw’ishuri yitwa *Minerval*

    Kukazi yitwa *Umushahara*

    Muri Telephone yitwa *Ama unité*

    Mugusaba umugeni yitwa *Inkwano*

    Mubukwe yitwa *Intwererano*

    Muri RRA Yitwa *Imisoro cg Amahooro*

    Mu Biro byinshi bya leta cg ibindi yitwa *Ruswa*

    Murubanza Yitwa *Inzoga Yabagabo*

    Muri nkiko Yitwa *Amande cg Amagarama y’urubanza*

    Kwa Patiri Yitwa *Icyacumi*

    Mugasho Yitwa *aya buji*

    Kwa muganga yitwa *Consultation*

    Mu bucuruzi yitwa *umutahe cg Igishoro*

    Mugihe cyo gushyingura yitwa *Petrole*

    None mbabaze ayo uhaye cg uhawe numu Cheri(e) wawe aba yitwa gute ❓


    Icyago cy’intambara FPR yateje mu Rwanda muRi 1990 n’ubu irasa n’itazarangira. Abanyarwanda bakomeje kwicwa, kwangazwa , gushinyagurirwa kw’abari mu gihugu, no gukulikiranwa ku bari bashoboye guhunga icyo cyorezo, FPR.
    Abanyarwanda basa n’ababuze ubatabara, kuko hashize igihe kirekire bari mu icuraburindi ryi inpfu zidashira no guhonyorwa. Ntibagira kivurira, kuko ubutegetsi bwakagombye kubatabara nibwo bubica.

    Abanyamahanga nabo bagakwiye kaba abatabazi aho abantu barenganira ku isi ahariho hose, nabo barinumiye. Abanyarwanda bari hanze b’igihugu mu kiswe opposition nabo umenya bitaboroheye gutabara cyanga gutabariza rubanda. Aho none rimwe ntibazatungurwa babyuka bagasanga abantu barashize?


    Nkuko nabivuze haruguru, ubutegetsi buri mu Rwanda nibwo buhotora abaturage bwagakwiye kurinda. Kuva FPR itera u Rwanda, nta mutekano abanyarwanda bigeze. Ahubwo noneho, Kagame ubwe arabyivugira ko umunyarwanda aryama atazi ko aramuka, ajya ahantu atazi ko agaruka.

    Ubungubu mu Rwanda abagabo, ababyeyi, bararigiswa n’ibisumizi bya presida Kagame. Aho kugira ngo uwo peresida ahane izo ngabo ze zasaze, ahubwo akiriza ay’ingona ngo araririra abaturage bagowe….. Mbese muli make ishyano ryaraguye ribura gihanura, aho umutegetsi nka presida yica abantu akoresheje ingabo ze yarangiza agakina umukino nkuyu wa bihehe yiteye uruhu rw’intama.


    Ubundi iyo umutegetsi yica abaturage yagakwiye kurinda, abanyamahanga baratabara nk’uko amategeko mpuzamahanga yubahiriza agateka kazinamuntu abivuga. Nyamara iwacu mu Rwanda ho umenya haraguyemo umusazi. Abanyamahanga batweretse rugikubita ko bashyigikira FPR kuva igitera u Rwanda muli 1990.

    Abanditsi, abanyapolitiki benshi hirya no hino ku isi, abayobozi b’imiryango iharanira ubutabera no kwshyira ukwizana kwa muntu batandukanye, banditse ubuhamya bwinshi cyane ko ibihugu nka USA, UK, Canada n’ibindi aribyo byashumurije abanyarwanda abicanyi ba FPR kubera inyungu abo ba Mpatsibihugu barwanira hariya mu karere ka Africa y’ ibiyaga bigari. Rapport Gersony, Ubuhamya bwa Carla del Ponte, Mapping report, Inyandiko nyinshi z’inzobere mu by’ubutabera nka Prof Erlinder, Christopher Black, Robin Philipot, abacamanza mu rwego mpuzamahanga nka Juge Bruguere, Juge Fernando Andreu Merelles, Inzobere mu itangazamakuru n’ubwanditsi nka Pierre Pean, Charles Onana, Patrick Mbeko, Bucarimwe Mararo, Noheli Ndanyuzwe.

    Hari n’abandi banditsi nka Mushayidi na bagenzi be bahitishije inyandiko ndende ifite isano n’inyandiko z’abo bose narondoye. Aba bantu navuze ni urugero rutoya cyane ugereranije n’ubwinshi bw’abatangabuhamya bakomeje kugaragaza uruhare ibihugu bikomeye bifite mu makuba y’abanyarwanda amaze imyaka itari mikeya. NONE HARI IKINDI UBAZA GITUMA IBIHUGU BY’IBIHANGAGE BIDATABARA ABANYARWANDA?


    Birashoboka ko amashyaka afite za gahunda zo gutabara . Ariko ntibigoye kubona neza ko imikorere y’amashyaka ishobora gutanga cyangwa kudatanga umuti watabara abaturage FPR igeze ku bucye ibaniga, ibashimuta amaherezo imirambo yabo ikabonwa itemba mu migezi, cyangwa ibica urubozo mu nzu zagenewe guhotoreramo abanyarwanda.

    Abayobozi b’amashyaka barafite za strategies zitandukanye, inyinshi ni izo ngo kurwanya kiriya cyago kimitswe mu Rwanda bakoresheje inzira y’amahoro, nk’ amatora ; nyamara birazwi neza ko ayo matora adashoboka kwa Kagame kuko nk’ubu ntacyaba gitangaje bararangije kwandika umubare w’ amajwi ya Kagame 99.9% n’ubwo bwose hasigaye amezi atanu yose ngo babyinishe rubanda mu ikinamico ryitwa amatora.

    Indi nzira y’amahoro ngo ni ugusaba Kagame ko yaganira n’ayo mashyaka. Nyamara aba banyamashyaka barabizi neza ko Kagame wiyumvamo murumuna wa Tony Blair n’umuhungu wabo wa Clinton, atazabyemera. Arabizi ko we n’abo bavandimwe be bapfana kwiba amabuye y’agaciro muri Congo ari ibihangage bizamushyigikira ubuziraherezo, ko rero iyo mishyikirano n’abahagarariye rubanda ntacyo imubwiye.

    Igiteye ubwoba cyane ni uko aba banyamashyaka bose baba babisikana kwa ba Mpatsibihugu abo, ngo basaba ko babakuriraho Kagame maze babone ubutegetsi, bityo n’abaturage babohoke.

    Mwa banyamashyaka mwe reka mbibarize: Ninde wambwira ko guhendahenda Clinton n’abandi nkawe byatanga umuti ku mahano Clinton ubwe nabafasha be bateje igihugu cyacu? Ese ba Clinton muzabemerera kumara abaturage mu turere turimo zahabu na diama nkuko Kagame n’agatsiko k’abicanyi be babyiyemeje ????

    Ngire icyo mbabwira: Muri za 1993, abo ba Mpatsibihugu bari bazi neza ko bazarasa Habyarimana kugira ngo agatsiko k’abatutsi gafate ubutegetsi. Nyamara babwiraga Nsengiyaremye ko niwe uzaba premier ministre, bakabwira Sendashonga ngo niwe uzaba perezida, ku rundi ruhande bakanabibwira Pasteur Bizimungu.

    None rero ubu imikino ihari yo ni agahomamunwa: Barababyinisha mukemera ko mwahindutse ba perezida na ba minisitiri. Ahasigaye ngo birarangiye rubanda igiye kubohorwa!!!! Ubuse kwamagana amabi ya FPR hari igihe bitakozwe??Kubyamagana wiyita perezida cyanga ministri se hari icyo byahindura kuri Kagame?? Ibi ni imikino nk’iyindi yose twagiye tubona….n’uko ubundi Kagame akikomereza inzira ze, rubanda nayo ikaguma kukayo.


    Abanyamashyaka nibatinyuka kubwira abazungu ko aribo batuma Kagame na FPR ye bakomeza guhonyora rubanda, bazaba bateye intambwe ikomeye. Kagame niwe ufashe ikibando akubitisha rubanda ariko ukimufatishije mu ntoki ni umuzungu, Kwamgana Kagame wenyine rero ni ugusetsa uwo muzungu..

    Twibuke ko i Burundi abazungu baheruka gutegura ingabo zo kujya i Bujumbura ngo zo kubungabunga amahoro; abayobozi b’u Burunzdi barababwiye bati:”Oya turazi ibyo mwakoze mu Rwanda mwoheraza MINUAR ngo ije gutanga amahoro naho ahubwo mwayihaye misiyo yo kwenyegeza jenoside.”

    Abarundi bakomeje gusakuza ayo manyanga…izo ngabo ntabwo zagiyeyo. Nubwo tudafite igihugu tuvugiramo nk’abarundi, ariko ntabwo abantu bakomeza kwikirigita ngo ngaha Kagame abanyamerika bamukuyeho amaboko ngo ngaha ntibakimureba nibindi nkibi.

    Nimubwize abaturage ukuri ko Kagame atishisha kwica abanyarwanda kuko abanyamahanga nibo babimutuma cyangwa babimushyigikiyemo. Ibi bintu nibivugwa n’abanyarwanda ubwabo (kuko abenshi mu babivuga ni abanyamahanga nkuko nabivuze haruguru) ndahamya ko ibihugu bikoresha Kagame bizageraho bikumva ko bikwiye guhindura imbyino n’umudiho.
    Abibwira ko abazungu bazarekura Kagame abanyarwanda batabamaganye nabo nk’abafatanyacyaha na we, baribeshya.

    Abantu nibumve ko kiriya cyago kitazava mu gihugu hatabaye kwitanga: KUVUGA UKURI KOSE KU BATEJE AKAGA MU RWANDA no kwitegura guhangana n’abo batinya ukuri mu rurimi bumva. Naho abakomeza kubeshya rubanda ngo bafite umuti wo kugera mu ijuru badapfuye, dukwiye ahubwo nabo kubamagana.




    Bacunguzi, Bacunguzikazi, Bari, bategarugori, nshuti bavandimwe, mpunzi z’abanyarwanda mbere ya byose mbanje kubasuhuza: Nimugire UBUTABERA, AMAHORO, UBWIYUNGE BIZATUGEZA KU MAJYAMBERE NYAYO.

    Kuri uyu munsi rero twijihijeho UMUNSI ngaruka mwaka w’ABARI n’ABATEGARUGORI ku isi yose, nagirango mbere yo kugira ikindi mvuga mubanze mumfashe dushimire Imana yaturinze mu bihe bikomeye bitambutse, mu gihe abanzi bacu bo bashakaga ko dusibangana Imana ntibyemere ikaducira icyanzu. Iyo Mana rero tuyihe amashyi y’urufaya n’impundu z’urwunge.

     Bari, bategarugori, bacunguzi, bacunguzikazi twongeye kwizihiza umunsi wahariwe ABARI N’ABATEGARUGORI tukiri ishyanga inyuma y’igihugu cyacu. BIRABABAJE !!!

    Umunsi wo kuwa 8 Werurwe wa buri mwaka washyiriweho kongera guha agaciro umwari n’umutegarugori, kubamara ipfunwe no kubongerera ubushobozi n’amahirwe ntibongere guhezwa mu milimo imwe n’imwe batari bemerewe gukora, amashuri batemererwaga kwiga ubu bakayashyirwamo. Mu mirimo batemererwaga gukora twavuga nk’imirimo ya politike, kujya mu nzego z’ubutegetsi n’ibindi… Basabaga rero ko uburenganzira ndetse n’amahirwe bingana haba ku mukobwa haba ku muhungu. Abantu b’igitsina gore ntibumve ko akazi kabo karangirira mu gikoni (imirimo yo mu rugo) gusa.

    Bacunguzi, bacunguzikazi, bari bategarugori, ntiduheranwe n’aka kaga turimo muri aya mashyamba ya Kongo ngo maze natwe twipfobye. Erega ngo nta mvura idahita kandi ngo nyuma y’imibabaro haboneka umunezero. Bategarugori rero kandi babyeyi dukomere ku nshingano yacu yo kuba ba MBUMBURUGO na ba MUTEGARUGORI bizihiye u Rwanda n’umuco warwo kandi uwo muco w’umunyarwandakazi usigaye ubungubu usa n’aho ugiye gucika kubera imico y’aho twatataniye, dukomeze tuwigishe abo dukuriye bityo dutegurira ejo hazaza.

    Mu rwego rwo gukomeza guhangana n’ibi bihe tugezemo, turashishikarizwa kurwanya ubujiji bw’uburyo bwose twirinda kuba ba Adela Mukasine, tuyoboka amashyirahamwe ariho, aho atari tugahanga amashyashya. Ahangaha kandi tujye twibuka ko Iterambere dushaka ari iryubaka atari irisenya; ntabwo ari bwa buringanire buvugwa ngo umugabo azareshya n’umugore ngo bajye basimburana ku mirimo yose : ngo umwe avome uyu munsi undi nawe ku munsi ukurikiyeho, niba umugore yatetse none, ejo ngo ni umugabo. oya. Ibyo ntabwo ari byo twita UBURINGANIRE, nta n’ubwo aribyo turi kwigisha aha. Agaciro k’umugabo ntabwo kavuyeho n’icyubahiro iwe aragihorana ahubwo ibikorwa byose bigomba kuza mu buryo bwo kuzuzanya nta gasuzuguro kahabaye.

    Turahamagarirwa kandi kwita ku burere bw’abana tubaha urugero rwiza, tubashyira mu mashuri, ABARI bacu tukabegera tukabahugura dore ko intambara yababujije amahirwe yo gukomeza amashuri yabo bigatuma bamwe bashaka abagabo imburagihe kubera mbuze uko ngira.

    Bari, bategarugori, nshuti bavandimwe, uyu munsi utubere umwanya mwiza buri wese mu rwego arimo, arebe uruhare afite cyangwa yagombye kugira kuri uru rugamba turiho twese. Dusubize amaso inyuma turebe aho tuvuye, dusuzume aho tugeze, maze ibi byombi bidufashe gutegura ejo hazaza.

    Bategarugori, twibuke ko ubutegetsi ngo buva mu mbere kandi ngo ukurusha umugore akurusha n’urugo. Ngaho rero nitube abajyanama beza. Niba koko turi umutima w’ingo zacu, izo ngo zikaba arizo zigize urugaga rwacu FDLR, twumve koko ko ari twe mutima w’urugaga rwacu. Tube abajyanama beza mu ngo zacu, mu muryango wacu, mu rugaga rwacu. Twirinde kwitwa ba NYIRANTIBINDEBA.


    Ndangije mbifuriza mwese UMUNSI MWIZA w’ABARI N’ABATEGARUGORI muzirikana nyine impamvu zatumye uyu munsi ushyirwaho, bityo natwe twirinde kwidehera twiheza mu bikorwa ibyo aribyo byose bigamije guteza imbere ikiremwamuntu.

    Ngaho rero TWESE nk’abitsamuye dushyire imbaraga zacu n’ibitekerezo byacu hamwe maze amata abyare amavuta.





    Bikozwe kuwa 07 Werurwe 2017


    Mme IZERIMANA Victoire




    Rubanda ikwiye kumva ko nta munyamahanga uzigera ayibohoreza igihu cyangwa ngo arwanire uburenganzira bwayo itabigizemo uruhari. Ni Rubanda ubwayo izabyikorera kuko uburenganzira buraharanirwa ntabwo butangirwa ubuntu kandi Rubanda yifitemo ingufu zihagije.

    Umukuru wa cya kigare kitagira feri m’ubwicanyi (FPR /APR/RDF) ari mu Bwongereza na ashobora nokujya muri Amerika muri iki cyumweru. Ibi bihugu byombi ntibihwema kugaburira ubwicanyi n’urugomo bya Paul KAGAME amadorari n’amapawundi. Mu itangazamakuru na diplomatie isura ye ntibahwema kuyishyiraho makiyaje.

    Mugihe abashakashatsi n’abakurikiranira hafi ibibera mukarere kacu bita génocide ibikorwa bya leta ya FPR/APR/RDF, umuntu yakwibaza niba abayifinansa n’abandi bafatanyabyaha, nk’ibihugu byo bizakurikiranwa mu manza igihe igoma mbisha y’umwakagara izaba ya hangutse.

    Ubwongereza n’Amerika n’ibindi bihugu bahuje imyunvire byo mu burengerazuba bw’isi bivuga ko biharanira ikiremwa cya muntu, ukwishyira ukizana muri politique n’ibindi. .. ariko iyo urebye imyitwarire yabyo usanga bimeze nka babantu batarya ingurube ariko bitwara nkazo.

    Mubihe bishize indangagaciro y’ibyo bihugu yari bibiliya yanditsemo ngo NTA MUYUDA NTA MUGIRIKI. Bayisomaga ukundi kuko irondakoko niryo bari barimitse umwami Yesu bamusiga ku musaraba.

    Muri iki gihe indangagaciro yabyo ntirenga imipaka bibarizwamo. Biniga démocratie hirya no hino nko muri Egiputa, Ngaho HAMAS muri Parestine bayitwaye insinzi, muri Syria bagaha intwaro abateroritse. Usanga bashaka gukora ibyiza ibibi bikabatanga imbere.

    Aho gufasha abaturange, imfashanyo yabo iribwa n’abicanyi nka Paul KAGAME n’ubwo ayirya nta shishe. Ni iki kiza cyava Iburaya na Amerika bya Paul KAGAME ?  Niba umwicanyi utigirira ibanga benshi dufata nk’injajwa KAGAME Paul ariwe utanga amasomo nibisa nayo mubana babanyamerika n’ubwongereza hari aho se baba baduhishe kuri ejo hazaza ? Ni ukwitega imiborogo n’imivu ya amaraso. Inzara, imisoro, ubwoba, akarengane … bikanyaga abanyarwanda nk’akandoyi sibyo azabagiye gutangaho ubuhamya.

    Ni ugukora dusenga dusenga dukora ejo hakavuka muri rubanda ba Poutine benshi bo gukingira isi abanyamerika n’abanyaburayi bejo hazaza.

    Tugarutse kuri ruharwa Paul KAGAME ntawaba yibeshye avuze ko akiri ku ibere igihe cyose yinjira Iburayi n’Amerika nkujya kwa se. Amadorari, amayero n’amapawundi baramufunyikira, nta rukiko rumushakisha uruhindu, none se wavuga ko Atari ku ibere uhereye he?

    Ukuntu uburayi bwibasiye Poutine urwana ku gihugu cye wabigereranya nka wa mugore ukubita abana ngo banyaye kuburiri kandi ubwe nawe abyuka yanika ibyo yaraye aryamyeho. Ni akarengane gusa gusa.

    Abirirwa bikirigita bagaseka ngo abazungu bazabakuriraho Kalinga ya Pauyl Kagame n’agatsiko ke nashake basubized amerwe mu isaho. Ubwisanzure n’uburenganzira buraharanirwa ntabwo butangirwa ubuntu.


    Nshuti bavandimwe banyarwanda dusangiye akarengane kazanywe na Kalinga nshya ya Paul Kagame n’agatsiko ke, ntagishya mu rugendo rwa Paul KAGAME n’abafatanya byaha be bakure cyangwa ab’iwacu. Mwirinda abirirwa bavuga ibitabapfu ko abazungu bazabakuriraho iyi Kalinga ya Paul Kagame n’agatsiko ke cyangwa se ko bashobora gukuraho Kagame mu mahoro kuko nawe ubwe yarabyivugiye ngo ntawamukuraho haba mu matora haba no mu ntambara.

    Kubyerekeranya n’amatora byo ndabyemera ko ntawamukuraho kuko niwe uyategura akayayobora akanaba ariwe utangaza uwatsinze, byumvikane rero ko aba ariwe ugomba kwiha amajwi gutorwa si ngombwa.

    Revolution itamena amaraso njye numva abanyarwenya ngo ni abanyapolitique naho simbona aho yahera mu gihe abayivuga bibera ku mugabane w’i Buraya kandi n’abaturage bari mu Rwanda bakaba baragiwe bunyamaswa n’ingabo za Paul Kagame zinyanyagiye mu gihugu hose. Abaturage barakeneshejwe kuburyo kubura umutwe bigoye.

    Kuba Paul Kagame avuga ko nta n’uwa mukuraho akoresheje intambara byo simbyemeranya nawe kuko iyo ntamba ntabwo ari amatora aba yiteguriye akanayobora cyane cyane ko tuzi neza ubwoba bwe n’ubwo aba avuga biriya. Ibya Abacunguzi berejanye muri za 1997 na 1998 byagaragaje ko na nyina w’undi abyara umuhungu kandi ingabo za Paul Kagame nazo zirabizi uko byazigendekeye. Ntimurangare kurugamba kandi mwirinde kugurana umugisha wanyu mwahawe nk’abacunguzi mubigurana ubugwari cyangwa ubugambi. Abananiwe urugamba ntibabaze intege kuko bene abo bahozeho kandi bazahoraho.

    Reka ndangize nongera kwibutsa abakunzi b’umucunguzi ko umubare w’abasirikari cyangwa ibikoresho bya rutura ataribyo birwana, ahubwo harwana impamvu.

    Umucunguzi ni Rubanda.

    Jean Uwizeye



    Reka ngire ibibazo nibariza Twagiramungu Faustin alias Rukokoma, Patrick Kibirira, Col Wilson Irategeka n’abandi bose bafite aho bahurira na CNRD-Ubwiyunge kumpamvu zitandukanye ntaza kurondora hano: Maze gusoma Communique de presse ya CNRD-Ubwiyunge yasinywe n’umutware wayo Colonel Wilson Irategeka ku italiki 5/06/2016. Naje kwibaza ku inyito y’iri shyaka nsanga isa n’iyafashwe huti huti.

    Iyo Col Wilson alias Lumbago avuga Ubwiyunge aba ashaka kuvuga iki? Aba ashaka kuvuga ko yageze k’Ubwiyunge cyangwa se ko ashaka kuzabugeraho? Uwo bagiranye ubwiyunge ni nde? Uwo ashaka ko bazabugirana ni nde? Ngirango ubwo ariho ashaka abayoboke b’ishyaka rye yagombye gutanga ibisubizo kuri ibi bibazo.

    Ikindi naje kwibazaho muri iyo Communiqué ye yanditse mu gifaransa ni aho avuga ngo « le CRND-Ubumwe ne represente pas ceux qui fuient la justice ». Ngenekereje mu kinyarwanda navuga ko ishyaka rye ritarimo kandi ridashyikiye abahunga ubutabera (aha navuga abanyabyaha) kuberako ko aribo bahunga ubutabera.

    Ese ubu Col Wilson aravuga ubutabera mpuzamahanga cga ubw’ikihe gihugu? Ese ubu Col Wilson cga abayoboke be biteguye kwitaba ubutabera mu gihe hari uwaba muri bo atunzwe agatoki? None se ko umuntu wese uhunga igihugu cye aba afite impamvu ze zimwumvisha ko aramutse agumye mu gihugu yagirana ibibazo bikomeye n’ubutegetsi bwacyo, Colonel Irategeka yaba se yarakubise icyuhagiro impunzi ahagarariye kandi ashaka kujyana mu Rwanda kuburyo ibyo zahunze byose bihanagurika!

    None se Col Irategeka Wilson we icyo cyuhagiro yagikubiswe na nde? Nigeze kumva Leta y’u Rwanda itanga liste y’abo ikekaho ibyaha bari muri FDLR, numva itanze umubare ushobora kuba uruta abasirikari ba FDLR, none se Col Wilson ko nawe ashobora kuba yari kuri Liste yiteguye kwitaba ubutabera bw’u Rwanda niba ari umwere? Cyangwa koko ni ikiraka ariho cyo kwitandukanya na bagenzi agahita abita abanyabyaha ari ku isiri ya Kigali gutyo we agahembwa kugirwa umwere?

    None se yibagiwe ko ubu mu Rwanda umuhutu wese iyo ava akagera, yewe n’utaravuka, afite ingengabitekerezo ya jenoside yakorewe abatutsi? Umututsi utavuga rumwe na Leta nawe akaba ari umujura cga ikigarasha? Kandi ibi byose birahanwa n’ubutabera bw’u Rwanda.

    Ariko mumbabarire, Colonel Irategeka Wilson ashobora kuba ari umucikacumu wa jenoside yakorewe abatutsi dore ko aribo nibura utiswe umujura cga ikigarasha aba ari umwere! Nyamara murakina mubikomeye.

    Hari abibwira ko uru rugamba rutabareba bakajya binyabya bakigira i  Kigali biyita abere bakibagirwa ko kuba umwere ntaho bihuriya no kuba umwere koko. Ibi mvuga nabitangira ingero nyinshi cyane ariko ndabaha ingero za vuba zerekana ko nabo biyita abere bagira i Kigali, iyo bibaye ngombwa FPR ibarobamo abo ishaka ikabakanyaga.

    Ugirango ndabeshya abaze umuryango wa Uwamahoro Violette ubu uri kuborera muri gereza kandi yaragiye i Kigali avuye mu Bwongereza yibwira ngo ni umwere. Urundi rugero rwa hafi ni urw’umugore wahurudutse ava muri Swede cga Norgeve sinibuka neza ngo agiye gutaha ubukwe nyamara bwararangiye bamucumbikira muri gereza kandi yari asanzwe ajyayo agataha.

    Nyabuneka muramenye ntimukanye mwibwira ko uru rugamba hari abo rureba abandi mukumva ko mugomba kwirutamira ahubwo mukajya gukirigita uruziramire. Ibi muba murimo babyita kurata abana kandi impyisi zihuma.

    Ntegereje igisubizo cya CNRD-Ubwiyunge ubundi nkabona kubaza ibibazo bisigaye.

    Ndanguza Daniel


    RD Congo



    Abantu baribuka ko uwitwa Clear Short wahoZe ari ministre à la coopération w’Ubwongereza, mu ngamba yatanze zo gusenya FDLR yavuze ko hakoreshwa cyane abagore b’abarwanyi. Abo bagore bagombaga kwifashishwa kugira ngo FPR igere ku bagabo babo ikabizeza ibitangaza ku buryo bata urugamba bagataha cyangwa bagakora ibindi bikorwa byose bigamije guca intege cyangwa gusenya urugaga FDLR.

    Muri ibyo bikorwa harimo kumena amabanga bayageza ku mwanzi, kwica abayobozi bakomeye, kugumura ingabo n’ibindi..

    Ni muri urwo rwego umugore wa Ndagijimana Laurent uzwi ku izina rya Lumbago cyangwa Irategeka Wilson,yavuye mu Rwanda muri 2008 aje mu butumwa bwa FPR yitwaje ko aje gusura umugabo we.Ubwo yaramaze guhabwa ubutumwa bwo guhindura mugabo we agakorera FPR.

    Uwo mudamu witwa Iragena Joséphine umukobwa wa Nzabahabwa Alexis yagiye mu mashyamba kureba umugabo we amaze kwizezwa ibihembo byinshi birimo kubakira umugabo we inzu.

    Uwo mugore aho agereye mu mashyamba yariyorobetse cyane ku buryo utashoboraga gutahura ko akorera umwanzi.
    Icyo yakoze cya mbere cyabaye guhuza umugabo we n’abayobozi ba DMI (ishami rya gisirikari rishinzwe iperereza). Ni uko Lumbago yatangiye kujya avugana na Gen Rutatina wari ushinzwe iperereza mu Ngabo za Kagame. Rimwe DMI yoherereje Lumbago amafaranga ituma mushiki we wamusanze i Mashaki (Walikale).

    Aho uwo mukobwa yahamaze icyumweru. Kuva icyo gihe Lumbago yahinduye imyitwarire. Nibwo yatangiye kujya avugana cyane n’abantu FDLR yasezereye mu rugaga aba aribo agira inkoramutima.Twavuga nka Hakizabera Christophe, Hakizimana Emmanuel, Rafiki Hyacinthe…

    Dusubiye inyuma,byaje gutahurwa nyuma ko uwo mushiki we wa musanze i Mashaki yari afite ubutumwa bwo kumubwira ko ahawe akazi ko kuzasenya FDLR ayirimo akoresheje uburyo bwose bushoboka.

    Banamusabye guhera ku kibazo cya kiga -nduga. Ubwo yatangiye kwigizayo abantu bose yabonaga bashobora kubangamira gahunda ye na FPR. Kuva ubwo ntiyashoboraga kumara kabiri cyangwa gatatu atavuganye n’aba ofisiye bo mu ngabo za Kagame. Rimwe yikanze ko bamuvumbuye akora amayeri avuga ko Gen Rutatina yamuhamagaye ngo akaba yayobewe uko yabonye numéro ye!

    Nibwo yabeshye abantu ko yamwiciyeho ko kandi atazongera kuvugana na we.Nyamara ahubwo nyuma y’aho uwo Rutatina yamuhuje n’abandi bayobozi bakuru ba FPR barimo Gen Kabarebe.

    Aho Lumbago aviriye i Mashaki mu kwezi kwa gatandatu 2012, aho yabaga hose yirindaga kugira abacunguzi bamwegera usibye inkoramutima ze n’abashinzwe kumurinda. Yakoraga ku buryo atura ku gasozi Ka wenyine abandi bakajya nko mu minota 30.
    Ageze aho bita i Macumbi abandi yabohereje mu saha ugereranije n’aho yari ari. Aha i Macumbi ni ho yanogeje umugambi wo gukotana ajya muri gahunda yo kugerageza gusenya urugaga.

    Muri 2013 yahawe ubutumwa bwo kujya hanze.Iyo ni ho yahuriye na Twagiramungu Faustin bita Rukokoma. Ni naho yahuriye mu banga  n’intumwa zivuye mu Rwanda zarimo mubyara wa Rutatina n’undi umuntu wahoze mu ngabo zirinda Paul Kagame.

    Ari aho na none yagiye mu mibonano muri ambassade ya Amerika muri icyo gihugu.Yarinze yigumura atavuze ibyamujyanye muri iyo ambassade n’ibyo imibonano ye yagezeho.Icyo yavuze ni uko ngo bamubajije aho Mudacumura aba ngo akababeshya ko batabana ko ngo yihishe mushyamba kure ya FDLR.Yibagiwe ko n’uwendeye nyina i kuzimu babimenye.

    Ntibyatinze kumenyekana ko ahubwo muri ambassade bamubwiyeko ikiraka DMI yamuhaye bakizi kandi ko bagishyigikiye.Bityo bakaba biteguye kumujyana we n’umuryango we muri Amerika igihe cyose yabona ari ngombwa arangije ikiraka.Bahise banemerera umuhungu we wigaga amashuri yisumbuye buruse.

    Aho atahukiye avuye muri ubwo butumwa yahise aba intakoreka. Akikorera ibyo ashatse. Yageze n’aho yohereza intumwa kubonana na za ONG mu zina rya FDLR atabajije Prezida w’urugaga dore ko we yari Visi Prezida wa kabiri.

    Ubuyobozi bwamugendeye buhoro bwizeye ko azisubiraho.Byahe byo kajya!! Ahubwo we yakomeje gucura umugambi wo kwigumura agendeye ku burere.

    Byageze aho mu kwezi kwa gatanu 2016 haba inama nkuru y’Urugaga yiga ku kibazo cye. Hafashwe icyemezo cyo kumuhana. Abonye icyo cyemezo gifashwe ati”mworosoye uwabyukaga”, ahita yigumura ku tariki ya 31/5/2016.

    Ibyago yagize ni uko yari aziko niyigumura abo bakomoka hamwe bose baramukurikira noneho agatungurwa n’uko abakomeye hafi ya bose bamuteye utwatsi.

    Tugarutse ku mugore we, Iragena Joséphine, mbere y’uko aza kureba umugabo we atumwe na DMI, yabanje gutegurwa bihagije. Amashuri ye makuru yayarihiwe na DMI mu rwego rwo kumugusha neza.

    Nguko uko Iragena Joséphine yafashije FPR kugera kuri Lumbago ikamugura ikamukura mu bacunguzi ba FDLR ubu akaba ayikorera yivuye nyuma. Ibi Joséphine akoze si we wa mbere ubigezeho kuko hari abamubanjirije.Muri bo twavuga Madame gen Ngendahimaba Jérôme wari uzwi ku zina rya Akim mu mashyamba.Uwo mugore yacyuye umugabo we ahawe ubutumwa na James Kabarebe amuhemba kumusabira umwanya w’ubudepite.

    Joséphine we ndumva ibyo agezeho bihambaye ku buryo ashobora kuzagororerwa ministeri FPR iramutse ikiri ku butegetsi. Ariko arebye nabi FPR yahirima atarahembwa.
    Tubitege amaso.

    Ruvuzamyambi J Paul.

    Si j’avance, suivez- moi
    Si je recule, tuez- moi
    Si je meurs ,vengez- moi.



    Basomyi kandi bakunzi b’urubuga rwacu, duherukana tuganira k’ukuntu impunzi z’Abanyarwanda muri Repuburika iharanira demokarasi ya Congo zanze kurera amaboko zikaba zihengera igihe cy’agahenge zigahinga zishyizeho umwete, ubundi zigakorera abene gihugu bakabahemba aribyo byiswe “IGIPORO”. ABANZE KURERARA AMABOKO: ABARI N’ABATEGARUGORI B’IMPUNZI Z’ABANYARWANDA MURI RDC. Muri iyo nyandiko hari aho twageze dukomoza ku mpamvu muri ubwo buzima babayemo bahagurukiye no GUSENGA, buri wese mu idini rye.

    Ntabwo rero bahagurukiye cyangwa bashishikariye gusenga kuberako bahahamutse cyangwa bihebye, ahubwo basanze ibintu bibabaho biri mu mugambi muremure w’IMANA nyuma yo gushishoza neza IBITANGAZA bibakorerwa, bakabihuza n’amateka y’igihugu cyacu n’Imana. Amwe muri ayo mateka akomeye cyane kurusha ayandi ni:

    Guturwa lmana kw’igihugu cyacu cyose n’abagituye mu 1946, byakozwe n’umwami MUTARA III RUDAHIGWA.
    Amabonekerwa y’i KIBEHO yabaye kuva mu 1981 kugeza 1989 (Reba inyandiko twabagejejeho twise “SIGAHO RWANDA KWIRUKANA IMANA KANDI WARAYEGURIWE” (usome ibice byombi).
    Imibabaro barimo rero ntabwo ari igihano ahubwo ni ingabire bahawe Kugirango bitagatifuze kandi bafashe YEZU gukiza isi. Ikinyoma gikomeye kiri mumateka yavuba y’igihugu cyacu, ntabwo gishobora gupfa gusenywa n’amagambo (Politiki) n’ubutabera bw’iyi isi. lmana yasanze aringombwa ko habaho  bamwe mu banyarwanda babaho mu mibabaro mugihe runaka, bahongerera  ibyaha byabo n’ibya bagenzi babo kugirango ibakirize igihugu. Ibi ntabwo ari amagambo cg inkuru ndigupfa kwandika ahubwo ni ukuri kujyana n’ibimenyetso biguhamya. Hari icyo lmana ishaka ku Rwanda nk’igihugu cyabaye umwihariko wacyo.

    Muzi neza cyangwa mumaze iminsi mubikurikirana ko ubu bimaze kuba akamenyero ko imbere mu guhugu cyacu, hategurwa amasengesho yo gusengera igihugu, ndetse akitabirwa n’abayobozi bakuru b’igihugu barimo na prezida wa Repebulika. Baragowe rero niba abategura iki gikorwa n’abacyitabira bagikerensa, bibwirako gusenga ari ibintu bisanzwe, ko ari ibintu  bimenyerewe, maze bagakomeza  kubibangikanya n’iby’INGESOMBI, KURENGANYA ABABANTU, KUMENA AMARASO,  GUTEKINIKA , UBUJURA n’ ibindi…

    Bararye bari menge kuko nk’uko nabivuze haruguru Imana igiye kurimburana n’imizi IKINYOMA cyimakajwe mu mateka y’igihugu cyabaye umwihariko wayo.

    Abakibabarizwa nabo; ni ukuvuga INZIRAKARENGANE ZIRI MU GIHUGU NO HANZE YACYO bakaze umurego mugushinyiriza, bigana YEZU mu nzira ajya i KARUVARIYO babonereho kumusaba inema yo kutinubira ibyago bemere guheka umusaraba yabageneye bamubere ibikoresho bizima ku rugamba aho UKURI guhanganye n’IKINYOMA. UKURI kugomba gutsinda, kandi uko byagenda kose ibitambo nk’ibyo ntibishobora kubura.

    Abanyarwanda banze kwiyunga no kubwizanya ukuri ku mateka yabo, none dore Imana iraje ngo igaragaze uko kuri. Nimubona Imanutse mu mirabyo n’inkuba zihinda, Abanyarwanda twese ntihazagire uwihinda ngo arashaka aho ahungira. Tuzagume hamwe kuko nitwe tuzaba tuyihamagaye kubera kwinangira kwacu. Mumenyeko twe nta MUSA dufite tuzabwira ngo nyabuna genda abe ari wowe ujya kuvugana nayo. Mwibuke abayisiraheri ubwo batotezaga MUSA ngo barambiwe guhora aza kubabwira ibyo yavuganye n’Imana ngo barashaka nabo kwivuganira nayo. Nako numvise hambere aha umunyarwanda yihandagaza aravuga ngo kuki Iyo Mana ibantumaho atari njye itaza kubinyibwirira kandi nanjye ndi uwayo yarampaye  no kuyobora abantu bayo. Yari akwiye kunyurwa n’ingabire yahawe (Nayo nayikoresha neza ni amahirwe ye) akareka n’abandi bagakoresha izo bahawe hanyuma bakuzuzanya bakubaka igihugu uko Imana ibishaka.

    None se ko wumva ashaka kwikusanyirizaho ingabire zose, ko ntigeze numva hari umupadiri yaba yarabwiye nibura ngo amuhe akanya nawe ahindure umugati na divayi, umubiri n’amaraso bya Nyagasani YEZU cg ngo habe hari undi mukozi w’Imana yabwiye ati uyu munsi ninjye uri buyobore amasengesho! Gusa ndagirango mbabwire ko irijambo ngo:

    “ICYAGO NTAWE UZAKIBUZA KUZA ARIKO ARAGOWE UZAKIZANA”, ari ijambo rikwiye kuzirikanwa naburi Munyarwanda wese ariko by’umwihariko uwahawe kuyobora abandi mu rwego rwaba urwo hejuru cyangwa urwo hasi.

    Akarengane rero gakorerwa Impunzi ziri mu mashyamba ya Repubulika iharanira Demokarasi ya CONGO karenze imivugirwe. Iyo urebye uko batereranwe imyaka n’imyaka, ukareba ukuntu bahizwe bukware ngo bicwe, ukareba ukuntu bamwe mu  benegihugu babifashijwemo n’INKORAMARASO zatumye bahunga zikanabasenyeraho amakambi, imyaka ikaba ishize ari makumyabiri n’ itatu (23) babaho muri ubwo buzima kandi bakarenga bakabaho, usanga ubwabyo ari IGITANGAZA gikomeye cyatuma ufite ingabire y’ ubuhanga n’ubushishozi abona vuba cyane ko hari ubundi bubasha bwitwara nk’UMURINZI w’izo NZIRAKARENGANE mu gihe cy’amakuba yakagombye gutwara ubuzima bwazo.

    Tekereza ko nyuma yo kwigamba kw’abashaka kuzimarira ku icumu ko  nta mpunzi zikiri muri RDC  iki gihugu cyaje gukora ibarura maze gitangaza ko impunzi gicumbikiye z’abanyarwanda zigera ku bihumbi birenga 250. Uyu mubare umaze gutangazwa amahanga yose yakutse umutima atangazwa n’imibare ingana gutyo batigeze batabara kandi abenshi ari abagore n’abana. Nuko HCR itegura byanyirarureshwa ngo kongera kubarura neza mu buryo buhanitse (Recensement biométrique). Uko byagenze ibara umupfu. Umbwire nawe ukuntu igikorwa cy’ibarura ry’impunzi wagitangiza maze kigahurirana n’ibitero by’ingabo za Leta ya CONGO zifatanije n’iz’UMURYANGO W’ABIBUMBYE (MONUSCO) ngo bariho barabarura igihe nta mutekano mukarere zirimo. Bitandukanye cyane n’uko CONGO ubwayo yari yararikoze mu ituze kandi muri raporo zabo nta hantu bigeze bavugako impunzi zabangamiye icyo gikorwa.

    Biriya bitero rero kubera ko impunzi zazinze uturago zikabihunga, bo nicyo bifuzaga kugirango babyandike muri za raporo zabo ko ngo impunzi zanze kubarurwa. Ahaaaa nzaba mbarirwa! IBINYOMA nk’ibi rero nibyo IMANA Rurema idashobora kwihanganira kandi niza kugaragaza ukuri hari abazabigendamo babure isi babure n’ijuru. Aha ndavuga abo bose barenganya izi mpunzi bitwaje ibikomerezwa n’ibihangange bitegeka iyi isi. Iyi myaka yose zimaze amahanga adashaka kuzitaho nk’izindi mpunzi zose ahubwo arebera ubugome zigirirwa ariko zikarenga zikabaho, wowe uzihigira hasi kubura hejuru nawe uzigambanira niba ntacyo byabigishije ngo musubize agatima impembero, murabage mwifashe kuko uwaziremye azikomeyeho. Nimwiha gukomeza guhangana nawe mube mutegura niyo misaya yanyu kuko Marayika w’ Imana namanukira kuyikoramo ntimuziseganye muzagume hamwe mwumve. Ndakeka muzi neza uko byagendekeye HERODE wo muri BIBIRIYA. Reka mbibutse ko abaje kumuhamba babuze icyo bahamba kuko yari yahindutse inyo gusa.

     Bavandimwe mukomeza kubabarira muri ayo mashyamba mukomeze umutsi uwabaremye abitayeho mumukomereho dore nguyu araje kubatabara.


    UWASIZE  Marie  Jeanne




    Nyuma y’aho Ijisho rya Rubanda ribatangarije inkuru y’amana y’ikipe y’abagizi ba nabi boherejwe na FPR mu Finland no mu bihugu byegeranye, inkuru mushobora kongera gusoma kuri iyi link (, Ijisho rya Rubanda ryakomeje gukurikirana aba bagizi ba nabi ba FPR.

    Nkuko twabatangarije ko hari amanama akomeje kuba yiga ubugizi bwa nabi bwakorerwa impunzi z’abanyarwanda zibarizwa muri Finland no mu bihugu bituranye na Finland rero twaje kumenya ko inama iherutse kuba ikaba yarabereye murugo rwa Pasteur Jeroma Nyandwi, kandi ikaba yarabaye ku itariki ya 4 Werurwe 2017 (March 4th, 2017) nkuko mubibona kuri icyo kirango cyabo kiri hejuru.

    Muri iyi nama higiwemo ibyo gukora liste y’abahutu bashizwe mucyiswe abanzi b’igihugu. Muri iyi nama kandi harimo itsinda ry’abarozi bitwaje uburozi bwise utuzi twa Dan Munyuza, ubwo burozi bukaba ari bimwe mu ntwaro z’abo bagizi ba nabi.

    Ijisho rya Rubanda rirasba impunzi z’abanyarwanda aho ziri hose ku isi by’umwihariko iziri muri Finland kuba maso kugira ngo aba bagizi ba nabi batazica mu rihumye maza bakazimarira ku icumu.

    Agapfa kaburiwe ni impongo kandi n’abafaransa baravuga ngo mieux vaut prévenir que guérir aribyo mu cyongereza bivuga ko “prevention is better than cure” . Gutahura no gushyira kukarubanda aba bagizi ba nabi ni zimwe mu tsinzi z’urugamba. Umunyarwanda wese aho ava akagera asabwe gukanura akaba ijisho rya mugenzi we kugirango izi nyangabirama zimenyekane hakiri kari zitaradutwara inshuti n’abavandimwe.

    Murabe maso rero mwirinde uwabaca murihunmye. Zimwe mu ntwaro za kirimbuzi intore zitinya ni ukuri. Muzihate ukuri kuko zirebana  ay’ingwe nako kuko zitunzwe n’ikinyoma.

    Ukuri kuzatsinda kandi Umucunguzi ni Rubanda

    Ijisho rya Rubanda

    Kamali Straton




    Minisiteri y’Uburezi yahagaritse by’agateganyo Kaminuza zigenga eshatu nyuma y’uko zigaragayemo ibibazo bikomeye byari bibangamiye ireme ry’uburezi ryagombye kuba ritangirwa muri izo Kaminuza.

    Dr. Innocent S. Mugisha, Umuyobozi Mukuru w’Inama Nkuru y’Uburezi yatangarije Umuryango ko Kaminuza zahagaritswe by’agateganyo ari Nile Source Polytechniques of Applied Arts iri I Huye, Sinhgad Technical Education Society iri mu Gatenga ndetse na Rusizi International University iri mu mujyi wa Kamembe mu Karere ka Rusizi.

    Dr. Mugisha akaba atangaza ko zose ibibazo zihuriyeho bijyanye n’igabanuka ry’imbaraga zatangiranye aho ubu nta barimu ndetse n’abakozi babishoboye bari bahari bo gutanga ubumenyi , n’abahari ugasanga nta bikoresho bakwifashisha mu kwigisha bihari.

    Yagize ati:” zose zihuriye ku kibazo cy’uko imbaraga zazo zatangiranye zibona ibyangombwa zagabanutse, nta barimu zifite n’izibafite ugasanga nta bikoresho bihagije byo kubafasha kwigisha”.

    Gusa, Dr. Mugisha avuga ko uku guhagarikwa by’agateganyo kumara amezi atandatu ariko Kaminuza yabasha gukemura ibibazo byayo mbere yayo mezi yahita ikomorerwa.

    Yagize ati:” zahagaritswe by’agateganyo, ariko no muri uku kwezi iyakuzuza ibisabwa yafungura.”

    Ku kibazo cy’abanyeshuli barimo biga muri izi Kaminuza ndetse bashobora kuba baranamaze kwishyura, Dr. Mugisha avuga ko ari byiza ko nabo bategereza gato Kaminuza bigamo zikabanza zikuzuza ibisabwa.

    Ikizakurikira mu gihe hari izizananirwa kuzuza ibyo zasabwe igihe zahawe cy’amezi atandatu kikarenga ntikiramenyekana ariko mu biteganywa ni uko hashobora kuzabamo no kuzifunga burundu.

    Ikibazo kiganje muri za Kaminuza zigenga ahanini ni imiyoborere mibi no kuryana kw’abazishinze biganisha ku mikoro agenda akendera ibi bikiyongeraho gusahura na duke ziba zinjije.








    Inka n’ikimenyetso cy’ubukire, uyitunze aba aruta abandi, imuha ububasha bwo gusuzugura kwishongora no guhaka abatayitunze, umuntu utagira Inka yitwa umworo bivuze umutindi nyakujya. Iyi myumvire ikaba by’umwihariko yisangijwe n’abanyarwanda bo mu bwoko bw’abatutsi, tutaretse n’abahatswe cyane ibwami, kuko ingororano yabo yabaga Inka, bityo bagaheraho bafata umuco wo kurutisha Inka ibindi bintu byose bibaho.

    Mu myumvire y’uhakwa, iyo yagabirwaga Inka yumvaga ko ateye intambwe ndende ijya kwegera sebuja w’umututsi, bamwe akaba ari naho baheraga  bagasaba kwitutsura, nyirukugabirwa yumvaga ko aribwo akiba umuntu, ko kubera itungo ry’Inka, ubwo agize agaciro n’igitinyiro mu ikoraniro ry’aboro, bikamuha icyicaro mu borozi.

    Mu bwoko bw’Abamasayi baje bakomoka muri SUDANI no MURI ETHIOPIE mbere yo gutura muri Kenya, Tanzanie.., aba nabo bakaba bari mu gice cyabitwa Abanilotiki, ari naho habarirwa ubwoko bw’abatutsi buboneka mu Rwanda no mu karere k’ibiyaga bigari. Abamasayi INKA bayita ENKAI, kuri bo Enkai bayitiriye Imana kuko ninako bita Imana koko. Uko abatutsi bo mu Rwanda baha agaciro Inka ninako Abamasayi bakayiha, ndetse aha nanakongeraho ubwoko bwa DINKA bubarizwa muri SUDANI, n’Abanyankole bo mu gihugu cya Uganda, Abanyambo muri TANZANIE ho Ikaragwe, aba bose akaba ari Abanilotiki. Nakwibutsa ko aha i Karagwe mubwami bwahoze ari ubw’Abacwezi ariho hakomotse umwami Ruganzu Ndoli.

    Inka kandi nkuko bivugwa cyane iz’inyambo, zagejejwe mu Rwanda n’abatutsi bivugwa ko baje bakurikiye inzuri aho isoko ya Nil inyura, bagera muri Ankole, bambuka bagana i Rwanda, binjirira mu mubali ahitwa ubu m’Umutara, bakirwa na Kabeja bakomeza batura kuri Muhazi muri Gasabo. Ikibyemeza nuko rya zina ry’Inka ryagarutse, abamasayi bita ENKAI, abanyankole bakayita INTE, Abanyambo bakayita Inka, abanyarwanda bo m’umutara bakayita Inka cg INTE nkuko abanyankole bayita. Uko bigaragara, ubu bwoko bwose bw’abanilotiki bufata Inka nk’itungo ridasanzwe, kuburyo usanga basa n’abarisenga.

    By’umwihariko aho abatutsi binjiriye mu Rwanda, bakica abami bose b’abahutu aribo bitwaga Abahinza, maze bagashinga ubwami bw’abatutsi bushingiye ku ngoma ya Rwogera na Kalinga yaciye ibintu,Inka n’abakobwa b’abatutsikazi byabaye ibikoresho byibanze byo kunyaga abahutu ubuyobozi kugera igihe abatutsi bahinduye abahutu abacakara n’abaja.

    Abatutsi bamaze kumaraho abahutu b’abami no kubanyaga uduhugu bayoboraga, abatutsi b’abanyiginya n’abega bagiye inama y’ukuntu baziharira ubutegetsi, nuko bumvikana ko Abanyiginya bazajya betegeka, mbese bavamo Abami, maze abega bakababyarira abagore aribo ba nyina b’abami bazwi nk’Abagabekazi, maze Inka ikaba igikoresho cyo kwigarurira abahutu n’abatutsi b’inshakarafu, mbese banzwe m’umuryango wa Gitutsi.

    Nibutse ko umututsi w’umutindi ntagaciro yarafite kuva na kera, kuko benewabo bamufataga nk’umuhutu cg umutwa ndakeka ko nubu ariko bimeze ku ngoma ya Kagame Paul, uretse ko ubu hageretseho no kubavanga n’ababakire batavugarumwe n’ingoma maze bakicwa urwagashinyaguro bahimbiwe ibyaha.


    Ingoma yari igikangisho gikanga rubanda, abahutu bose bishwe b’abahinza, abahutu n’abatutsi bigomekaga cg se banzwe n’umwami ubugabo bwabo,amabya,byambikwaga Kalinga, bityo bikaba ikitegererezo ko ntawe ugomba kuvuguruza cg kwigomeka k’umwami. Bityo umwami akitwa Nyagasani, agasengwa agasingizwa nkuko biri ubu kuri Kagame Paul.

    INGOMA kandi byavugwaga ko yanywaga amaraso, mbese yagombaga guhora ihehereye yavomerewe amaraso ya rubanda, kabone nubwo habaga ntawagomye, hagombaga kuboneka ibitambo by’ingoma igihe cyose. Birumvikana ko kubaho muri ubu buryo, ntawe bitatera ubwoba, ntawabaga yizeye kwirirwa cg kuramuka, kuko ntawabaga azi uwo ingoma iri buhitane, buri wese mu bahutu no mu batutsi baciwe, yahoraga yiteguye kuba igitambo nkuko n’ubu bimeze ku ngoma ya Kagame Paul.

    Amaraso y’abanyarwanda ameneka buri munsi, ahubwo twibaza icyo ibyo bitambo biturwa, n’ingoma bibobeza, dore ko kwica byagizwe umwuga mu Rwanda naho amaraso yo akaba atemba ubudahagarara kuva ingoma ya Kagame yashinga imizi I Rwanda

    Dore uko abatutsi bigambaga mu Gisigo uko, bo n’ingoma yabo bakandamije bakanica rubanda.

    {Irabehetse ingoma yacu

    Ihora yambaye abahinza

    Abanyiginya bayibyarira imfizi

    Abega bakayibyarira insumba}


    Twabonye amoko yose ahuriye kumuryango w’Abanilotiki, dufashe Abamasayi, bo bemeza mu bitekerezo n’amakabyankuru menshi ko Enkai ubundi yari umuntu wabayeho atuye kw’Isi,akaba yari umutunzi w’Inka nyinshi cyane, ngo aho ijuru n’Isi bitandukaniye,Enkai yagiye mu ijuru maze akoresheje umugozi muremure uboshye yoherereza abamasayi Inka nyinshi kw’Isi, ubundi bwoko  bwabahigi n’abahinzi  ngo kuko bwo nta Inka bwohererejwe,ngo bugira ishyari maze butema wa mugozi Enkai[umuntu aha ubonwa nk’imana] yoherezagaho Inka maze ngo haba icyuho hagati y’Isi n’ijuru.

    Kuva ubwo Abamasayi bavuga ko Inka-ENKAI ifitanye isano rya hafi n’Imana ko kandi Inka zose  ari izabo. Ibi bihura cyane nuko Abatutsi nabo bumva Inka zose ari izabo ko ari nabo bazi ibijyanye nazo, ko kubera ibyo nta muntu ugomba kuyitunga atayorojwe n’umututsi ku kiguzi cy’ubucakara cyangwa uburetwa.

    Abamasayi n’abandi batutsi  bumva ko Imana bita ENKAI aribo yahisemo maze ibagenera iryo tungo muri ino Si nzima yose. Bavuga ko Imana mururimi rw’IKIKUYU bita NGAI, yaremye ibice bitatu by’abantu birabura bigomba gukwira Isi aribyo: DORROBO n’Abatwa, aba ngo imana yabahaye Ubuki[bw’inzuki n’ubuhura bwo mu migina] ndetse no guhiga inyamanswa z’ishyamba, abandi ngo ni ABAKIKUYU,bagereranwa n’abahutu, ngo Imana[ENKAI] yabaraze imbuto n’ingemwe, ngo ibaha kuba abahinzi, noneho abandi baba ABAMASAYI, Imana yahaye INKA zose zo kw’ISI.

    Muri makeya iby’iki gitekerezo n’imyemerere y’Abamasayi,usanga ihura nuburyo tuzi bwimitekerereze ya Gitutsi hano iwacu I Rwanda, kuko nabo bavuga ko bavuye mu ijuru, kandi ko Inka ari izabo gusa bakaba bagomba kuzoroza uwo bashaka bakazinyaga uwo bashaka.


    Ku ngoma za cyami, rubanda yagizwe abagaragu, birumvikana abahinza bamaze kwicwa,abami n’abacurabwenge b’ibwami bakurikijeheho gushyiraho ingamba zo kuyobora igihugu ntawe ubatera intugunda, abajyanama b’ibwami basanze kugirango ibi bigerweho ko hagomba ibintu bine:

    ITERABWOBA RIKABIJE: duhereye kuri Kalinga yambitswe ubugabo bwabahinza, nabandi bahutu bose basabwaga kwicwa kugirango inkota Ruhuga n’ingoma binywe amaraso, iterabwoba ryubwoko bwose rishoboka ntaryasigaye inyuma, nko k’umwamikazi Kanjogera,ubwo yashingaga inkota mu bana bibibondo b’abahutu ngo akumva anezerewe gusa ngo kuko ari abahutu akaba aricyo bazira, uwo muco wavugagwa kubwa Kanjogera n’abandi bategetse ku ngoma ya Cyami ndabizi ko nanubu ubwo bugome bugikorwa aho abantu mu Rwanda rwa Kagame bazira gusa ko ari abahutu, ndetse umuhutu umwe ukoze cg uhimbiwe ibyaha bikaba byahanirwa umuryango wose n’abazawukomokaho bose.
    Ubu bugome bwakorwaga ku manywa y’ihangu, n’ubu iyicarubozo no kwicwa Kagame yatanze uruhushya rwo kubikora nanone kumanywa yihangu, kugirango abantu bahahamuke maze ntihazagire utinyuka kunyeganyeza ubutegetsi  bw’ingoma ye.Kubera ubu bwoba, rubanda yakandamijwe imyaka irenga 400 yose, kugeza igihe bamwe muri bo bari bamaze kujijuka barwanye inkundura maze bigobotora ingoma mpotozi.Nyuma yagahenge gatoya ubu rubanda yarongeye isubira kukayo.

    GUTINDAHAZA RUBANDA: Ku bwa cyami, Inka, abagore, abana,abagabo, ibintu byose byari iby’abami.Umwami yakurongoreraga umugore ukishima ukaba wamuha ibyo utunze byose nubwo byabaga ari ibye, ariko cyaraziraga kikaziririzwa ko umwami yanakeka ko wamurakariye kuko yaguhemukiye. Kugirango wigure waramubwiraga uti Karame Nyagasani uti ndetse nejo uzagaruke, mubyo utunze, yabifatiraga igihe ashakiye, kandi nabwo ukamugaragariza ibyishimo.Kubwa Kagame nabwo ndemeza ko ariko bimeze,abayobozi barongora uko bashatse abagore babandi, banyirabo ntihabe hagira uvuga, gusa akarusho noneho nuko nuwa Kagame nawe bamurongora barangiza bagahunga, bishoboke ko no mu muco wa kera kubwa cyami, abamikazi babarongoraga rwihishwa ntibimenyekane byanamenyekana bikagirwa ibanga rikomeye rizwi n’Abiru b’ingoma.
    IKINYOMA N’IBIKANGISHO BYA HATO NA HATO:Imyaka amagana n’amagana abatutsi bategetse rubanda babikeshaga ikinyoma cyuko umwami avukana imbuto,kandi ko ubwoko bw’abatutsi busumba ayandi ko kandi bwaremewe gutegeka kuva bukimanuka mw’Ijuru.
    Abatutsi bakigera mu Rwanda bahinduye amateka maze biyitirira urwanda, ndetse banemeza ko aribo ba ruhanze kandi baraje basanga Kabeja mu Rwanda akaba ariwe ubakira, ibi ntaho bitandukanye cyane no kuba amateka yubu y’urwanda Kagame ayahera mu 1994, akavuga ko mbere yaho u Rwanda rutabagaho, ntanaho bitaniye kandi n’ikinyoma ubutegetsi bwakwije Isi yose ko abahutu bishe miliyoni y’abatutsi, kandi bizwi ko 1994 iyo miliyoni itari yagashyitse ku batutsi kuko abanyarwanda ibarura ryari ryarerekanye ko bari  miliyoni hafi umunani, abatutsi ari 14 ku jana. Iki kinyoma nicyo cyabaye igishoro kugirango Kagame n’abiru b’ingoma ye barire ku nzirakarengane zazize  amahano yagwiririye u Rwanda  kubera ibitero n’ubugome bw’inkotanyi za Kagame Paul na Yoweri Museveni.

    Iki kinyoma k’ibihe byose kirangwa mu ngoma za gitutsi, abahutu n,abatutsi baciriritse bakimize bunguri bakumva ko aribyo, ntibamenye ko kuguma kwizirika kuri iki kinyoma ari ugukomeza kwihambira kubucakara n’uburetwa bibakandamije.

    GUHEZA RUBANDA MU BUJIJI: Ubujiji n’intwaro ikomeye cyane, yubutegetsi bwabahotozi, ituma rubanda itigobotora vuba ingoma iyikandamiza. Kera ku ngoma ya cyami, abahutu nabatwa batsindagiwe kuguma mu bujiji, akarusho k’umutwa we tasaga naho yahariwe umurimo wo kwica no kuroha abo umwami ategetse ko bamburwa ubuzima.Aho abazungu bazaniye amashuri, ishuri ryambere rya Astrida ariryo groupe scolaire de butare, ryajyagamo abana batoranijwe na Musinga, abahutu barihezwamo burundu, ntanuwahasunutsa utuzuru, ubwo abahutu bayobotse kwiga Gatigisumu na Alifu kwa padiri, abashoboye kugera aha nibo babashije gukomeza bajya muri Seminali ntoya,icyo gihe yafatwaga nka mbuze uko ngira, kuko abatutsi bashyirwaga muri Groupe kugirango bazavemo baba abategetsi nkuko ubu murwanda bimeze, abana batoranijwe na Kagame bajya za Burayi na USA, UK, nahandi ngo bazagaruke betegeka Abahutu.Nibutse ko ubwo Groupe officiel yashingwaga mu 1932, umuhutu wa mbere wayinjiyemo hari mu 1955,
    Kuko abatutsi bose icyo gihe batari bafite umuco wo kwiga, abahutu bagowe, bo babonye abazungu baje i Rwanda, barabegera biga iyobokamana, mugihe abatutsi bo bari bagikomeye ku mana zabo za gakondo n’imigenzo ijyanye nazo, abahutu bo babonye ko izo mana ntacyo zizabamarira kuko bari barazizaniwe n’abatutsi babategeka kuzisenga birahama, niko kwiyegereza abazungu kugirango bajye banabavungurira kutwo bashigaje.

    Bakoreye abazungu ari nako biga imigenzereze yabo, yaba kuvuga ndetse n’igisirimu, nibwo gahoro gahoro bagiye basobanurira abazungu uby’umubabaro wabo ukomoka k’ubucakara n’uburetwa. Gahoro gahoro, binaturutse kubwo kwigomeka k’Umwami Musinga ku myigishirize y’iyobokamana, abazungu baje kunga ubumwe n’abahutu bayobotse Imana no kuyisenga, nibwo na bamwe bize SEMINALI barimo barangiza banavuga urufaransa rwiza, kuburyo byaje gutungura abatutsi ubwo babonaga, b’abahutu aribo basigaye basobanurira abazungu baza irwanda ndetse bakanaganira ntakibazo mu gifransa n’abigishaga iyobokamana. Aba nibo bwa mbere biswe [les nobles de l’ecole] kubera uko bisobanuraga imbere y’abanyamahanga bavuga igifransa.

    Abatutsi baciriritse batashoboraga kumenywa n’umwami cg badateganirijwe kuyobora igihugu, babibonye batyo  nabo abenshi bahisemo kwegera abigisha iyobokamana. Iki cyateye umujinya ingoma ya cyami n’abayobozi bayo, ariho bagiye banacira imigani y’imigenurano ngo [umuhutu utagira Imana agira amaboko ye] kuko bakoreye abazungu bakamenya ubwenge abatutsi batakekaga, kuko ubuzima bwabo bwari bwaragenewe guhera mu bujiji.

    Abahutu ntabwo bajijutse bose ari nacyo cyagumye kugora abo ba seminalistes guhindura ibintu no kubohora ubwoko bwabo ngo buve mu bucakara, kuko ya Inka cg ENKAI cg INTE, byagumye kuba inzitizi mu bwonko bw’abahutu bakomezaga gushyigikira ingoma buhumyi kubera ibinyoma byari byarabakwijwemo ngo umwami avuyeho inka ntizakongera gukamwa, ukagirango hari izo bari bafite, ngo abagore baba ingumba, nibindi nkuko n’ubu abahutu bakiboshywe no kuvga ngo abatutsi cg Kagame adategetse ngo urwanda rwakena, ukagirango ubu rurakize, ngo hatera inzara, ukagirango nzaramba n’umwijuto, ngo urwanda nta nshuti rwazongera kugira, ukagirango ubu rurazifite uretse abajura barwiba,ngo hakongera hakaba Genocide, ukagirango ubundi yigeze ihagarara.Ibyo binyoma nibyo no kuva kera byahejeje rubanda mu buretwa no mu bucakara. Uwagabiwe inka yumvaga ko yakize byarangiye, akumva ko guhakwa aribyo azaraga abana no kugeza kubuvivure.

    Ubu Girinka nayo muhora mwumva uko yirwa isingizwa, ikavamo ko uyitunze nubwo ararana nayo ku gitanda ngo batayimwiba, yumva ngo aricyo ashimira Kagame wayimugabiye, noneho basigaye banaha abahutu ibibwana by’ingurube kuko babona aribyo bibakwiriye kubw’agasuzuguro ababibaha  basuzugura abahutu.

    Abo baseminalistes bamaze gushinga MSM [MOUVENT SOCIAL MUHUTU] abahutu benshi bahiye ubwoba bibaza ko nibava mu buretwa n’ubucakara batazabaho, bamwe ahubwo barwana inkundura nkuko n’ubu bimeze iyo uvuze FDLR Abahutu bahakwa bagurukira mu birere bajya guhakirizwa bavuga amagambo yo kuyisebya ngo bakunde baronke, abandi bagakora ibikorwa biyihungabanya kugirango bayikereze mu rugaba rwo kubohora rubanda, hakabaho nabandi barushaho gusinziriza rubanda ngo itava mu itiro ngo isezerere ingoma y’umwami Kagame n’abanyagikari be.

    Nyamara ikibatera ubwoba kikanabutera ingoma ya Kagame, nuko abantu bose bashyizehamwe, uko baba bangana koze, bafite intego imwe, n’uburyo bw’icengezamatwara[ibinyamakuru na Radio]abo bantu baba bashobora gufata ijambo rikumvikana, nanone kandi gufata ijambo  ni ugufata ubutegetsi, kuko iyo uvuze neza ugakoresha umunwa wawe byanarimba ugashyiraho nuwimbunda, urumvwa ugahabwa icyo ushaka wifuza.


    Nubwo habaye ahabagabo kugirango imbirimbanyi za rubanda zirubohore ingoma ya cyami, muri ibi bihe turimo n’ibyabibanjirije,ntabwo ibyo impirimbanyi zaharaniye byacunzwe neza na rubanda, kuburyo twasubiye mu ngoma ya cyami iyobowe na Paul Kagame. Inka n’ingoma byabaye ipfundo ry’ingoyi yaziritswe abahutu imyaka amagana, nubu nibyo byashyizwe imbere na Leta ya Kagame kugirango rubanda igume ipfukamire inaririmbire umwishi.

    Ibi kugirango bishinge imizi, ucitse kw’icumu ryo gusenga Inka n’uwayimugabiye, yerekwa umukobwa mwiza umwisegura maze nawe ubwo akaba abonye umugabane we, wo pfundo ryo kuramya uwamumuhaye igihe aba akangutse avuye kw’ibere ry’inkumi yamwiseguye.

    Udashoboye kurongora nawe, noneho bamutwikiriza ikinyoma bakajya bacunga ko azakivumbura, babona agiye kurabukwa bakamugaburira Ruhuga I Kami aho akubitirwa intorezo. Ibihe turimo bisa neza cyane nibyo twavuyemo, birasaba izindi nkorokoro za FDLR kugirango nabandi bacunguzi bahuje umugambi n’intego, bongere bakure rubanda kuwakajwiga.


    Uretse kubaza amenyo yinkoko ureba umunwa, FDLR niyo ihangayikisha cyane ubutegetsi bwa FPR, nkuko MSM ariyo yahindutse MDR parmehutu nayo yari ihangayikishije cyane ubwami n’ingoma Kalinga. Si kubwo gukina igikomye cyose FPR igishinja FDLR, ahubwo ni uko iyibuza gusinzira, iyo hagize icyitso kinjiye muri uwo muryango ntabwo bitinda kugaragara kuko urukumbi mu masaka iyo ushunguye rujya kuruhande ubundi wahuha rukabisa amasaka, FDLR rero iri maso kandi ihora igosora, ikikuramo imamfu,uretse kuyikerereza naho kuyisenya ntibishoboka.

    Mu gihe rero ahandi tubona ari vuruguvurugu, kandi ukaba unasanga bakora nkabatagirira impuhwe rubanda, mbona abo mu rugaga, bo bamenyereye izo nshingano zo kurengera uburenganzira bw’ikiremwamuntu ndetse no kurengera ubuzima bwa rubanda ntanigihembo ruyitegerejeho ari k’ubwurukundo nubwitange ngo rubanda igire amahoro.

    Abacunguzi na rubanda nibashinga imizi  irwanda, NDAVUGA BAFASHE UBUTEGETSI KUKO URWANDA RWO BARURIMO  amahoro azaba arutashye burundu, kuko bo badakoreshwa n’inzangano, ibinyoma,ubugome n’ibiburanga kandi bakiringira Imana yo mana y’ukuri.

    Nsengiyumva De Gaulle



    Nibyo hari amayeri menshi rupiyefu ikoresha muguhaka abantu bayiruta inshuro zirenze 15. Usesenguye neza usanga aya mayeri agera ku musaruro igihe rupiyefu yibanda mu gukoresha abanyendanini babarizwa mubo icakaje cg ishaka gucakaza. Ese Rupiyefu ibona abanyendanini gute? Rupiyefu itera yifashishije abantu batumvikanaga n’ubutegetsi bwariho. Aba ni Col kanyarengwe, Pasteur Bizimungu, Seth Sendashonga, Gen Emmanuel Habyarimana, Gen Rusatira, Dr Anastase Gasana, Maj Cyiza n’abandi. Aba bagabo ntihagire uvugako bari bakennye.

    Aba bari bafite imibereho myiza uretse yenda Col Kanyarengwe na Seth Sendashonga babaga hanze y’igihugu. Aba bari hanze bari bazi neza INYENZI inkotanyi gusa kubera irari ry’imyanya n’ibintu byahaza inda zabo bageze mu Rwanda biyibagije ububi bw’INYENZI-Inkotanyi. Abari mu Rwanda bahataniraga kurya byinshi no kugira ibyubahiro mu myanya babeshywaga na Rupiyefu. Aba nabo bari bazi INYENZI-Inkotanyi ibyo zishobora kuzana mu gihugu babirengaho bakurikirana amahirwe make y’uko zabaha imyanya bifuzaga igihe bagambaniye abo bari kumwe mu gihugu. Twumvikane hano si demukarasi bari inyuma. Oya ni indonke bari bakurikiye.

    Kuki aba bagambaniye rubanda bari bazi ibintu bibi bishobora kuba ariko bakabyirengagiza? Ahantu ubugambanyi bwabo bwagaragariye ni ukutitandukanya na Rupiyefu igihe yanze gushyira umukono ku masezerano. Hano byagaragaraga ko Rupiyefu itinya amatora yari kuba nyuma y’amezi 18 ya guverinoma y’inzibacyuho.


    Kuki abari mu mashyaka batayagumyemo ahubwo bagahitamo kujya gufatanya n’abazaga barasa? Aha se bo bari bishimiye amatora yaba mu mucyo demukarasi igasakara mu Rwanda? Hano niho bamwe bavugako aba bitiranije perezida Habyarimana n’igihugu. Nyuma nabo baje kubihomberamo. Rupiyefu yakoresheje abanyendanini mu guca intege abari ku rugamba. Ibi byarashobotse kuko aba banyendanini bari bazwi mu gihugu kandi bafite imyanya ikomeye mu mashyaka ndetse no mu gisirikari.


     Rupiyefu yabanje gukenesha abantu. Abize n’abacuruzi itiyumvamo yarabakenesheje. Rupiyefu yakenesheje umuturage imwaka umurima we kandi imwaka n’imisoro myinshi idashobotse. Hano rero Rupiyefu irica igakiza kugirango umuntu abone icyo arya akaramuka. Uku niko ibona abo ishukisha udufaranga bagahiga benewabo. Ntibigutangaze ko bamwe mu bataha babuzwa amahwemo kugeraho bemera udufaranga two kujya guhiga abo basize inyuma mu buhungiro. Ntibigutangaze ko bamwe bava mu Rwanda bakaza hanze baje gushinga amashyaka ya FPR yiyita opposition.

    Aya uzayabwirwa n’ifaranga ryisuka. Uwo uzabaza icyo ahunze muzajya mu mitsi murwane cg agutuke akwandagaze. Kubera gukeneshwa no kutiha, Rupiyefu yazanye urwikekwe kuburyo abantu bahakirizwa ngo baramuke. Usanga umuntu ashobora kuguhimbira ukanicwa, ari ibinyoma abwiye abagukuriye mu butegetsi. Ibi byatumye abenshi bata umuco wo kuba inyangamugayo, aha niho babategeka gukora ibigayitse bakabyemera ku dufaranga babahaye.


    Gukeneshwa cyane nibyo bituma abanyendanini baboneka kandi bagakora ibyo bababwiye badatekereje, bemeye gutekererezwa. Ndabita abanyendanini kuko bamwe aho kwicisha umuntu bashobora guhunga. Ushyize mu gaciro abantu bagumye mu kurwanyana bitewe n’iyi systeme babashyizemo ntibazigera na rimwe bava mu bucakara. Uyu X arakoreshwa akica Y, bwacya bagakoresha Z nawe akica X, gutyo gutyo. Ibi bigaragara cyane mu bari mu butegetsi kuko byo bijya mu binyamakuru. Buriya muri rubanda rwo hasi ni inkuru ndende.


    Hano ho ni ikinamico, bimeze nka za mouvies za Hollywood. Ikintu umuntu atatindaho ni ukwemerako nta kuntu Rupiyefu itakwinjira muri opposition iri hanze ngo ikomeze kuyica intege. Ibi ni inshingano ya Rupiyefu. Hano igomba gushyiramo amafaranga menshi ahagije. Impamvu Rupiyefu ibikora nuko abo hanze aribo byibura bashobora kuvuga cg bagahuriza imbaraga hamwe. Abari imbere uvuze bamurasa ku manywa y’ihangu, aba nta kibazo kinini bateje.

    Iyo bateje umujinya babamanura muri Nyabarongo bagahingukira muri Rweru. Amahanga yo abiziranyeho na Rupiyefu aho kubyamagana batanga imidali y’ishimwe y’ubutegetsi bunogeye abaturage. Ese abakozi ba Rupiyefu mu buhungiro bamenyekana gute? Ibi ntibyoroshye bisaba itohoza ry’imikorere y’aba bantu.

    Aba baba bafite amafaranga ahagije, bajya aho bashaka, bavugira ku maradiyo bashaka ku buryo usanga bigize opposition ku banyamahanga batazi ibintu byo mu Rwanda. Usanga aba bantu baravuye mu Rwanda ariko ntibashake kuvuga ikintu cyatumye bahava. Aba birinda guhura na rubanda giseseka yababaza ibibazo by’ingutu batasubiza.

    Aba bifuza kuvugana na media zitari iz’abanyarwanda igihe badafite izabo zikorana na Rupiyefu. Ikintu kibaranga ni ugusebya ibyo abandi basanze hanze bakora, biyerekana ko aribo bashoboye. Ibintu byabo bihora mu magambo ariko nta bikorwa ubasangana. Bamwe bakunda kwivugira impinduka yo mu mahoro ariko ntibashake kujya mu Rwanda aho abanyarwanda benshi bari. Aba bivugirako ari abere batameze nk’abantu bahigwa na Kigali ifatanije na mpatsibihugu. Aba bose ni inda!

    Aba bakozi ba Rupiyefu ni ukurangaza rubanda ishaka kwibohoza igihe bo bahembwa amadolari. Nta mukene ubabamo, kandi biba bigaragara ko nta bantu babari inyuma. Gusa baravuga cyane ukagirango impinduka yaje nta bikorwa berekana.


    Twese tuzi urugaga ruharanira demukarasi no kubohoza u Rwanda, FDLR. Abacunguzi babereye ibamba Rupiyefu mu gucyura impunzi ku ngufu ziri mumashyamba ya Kongo. Ngirango ubwicanyi bw’impunzi z’abahutu muri 1996-7 bwakozwe na Rupiyefu twese turabuzi. Aba bacikacumu barokotse ubu bwicanyi bahigwa bunyamaswa buri munsi.

    Abacunguzi bihagazeho. Hano Rupiyefu yashatse gukoresha ubundi buryo yinjira mu rugaga ikoresheje abanyendanini. iyi nama ni iya Enough project yashatse gusenya urugaga ikoresheje kuyisesera hakicwa abayobozi.

    Ninde wambwira ihembwa ry’abasirikari $200 buri kwezi amafaranga ava muri Amerika? Bwana Faustin Twagiramungu na Theobald Rwaka babaye iteme rya Enough Project mukujyera mu mbere ya FDLR banyuze kuri Col Wilson Irategeka na Col Hamada. Hano bakoresheje iturufu y’inda. Abagumutsi ba CNRD-Ubwiyunge bagezehe? Uwari wababimburiye mu kugumuka afatanyije na Col Wilson Irategeka amaze gutaha. uyu ni Col Come Semugeshi (yari Gen de brigade muri CNRD).

    Ibi bibaye nyuma y’amezi 8 igihe abagumutsi berekanye ko bashaka kwica no gusimbura. Iyi ni inda yabaye ndende ikaba na nini nyirayo ntabe agitekereza. Nibyo babafatanije n’urugamba rumaze umwanya n’amikoro adahagije ariko gushukwa ukemera kwica abayobozi bawe bakureze ukiri muto, bakagutoza kwirwanaho, ni iyindi ntera y’ubugome.

    Ubu urgamba bariho ni ugusebanya, usanga bamwe bapfupfunura ilisiti ya Rupiyefu ishinja impunzi ibyaha by’ibihimbano maze sikuvugako abacunguzi bishe abatutsi ugasanga amacandwe akoroka. Hano uwiyita Celestin Uwimana kuri social media fcbk nibyo yirirwa avuga. Umuntu yibaza niba bazi uwateje ubwicanyi mu Rwanda, uwishe abatutsi b’abagogwe muri 1993, uwanzeko ubwicanyi buhagarara n’ibindi. Sinzi niba batazi ko abasirkare ba FAR baburanishijwe bamwe bagizwe abere ariko bari bafite ibyaha by’ibihimbano utakwikorera.

    Ubu aba nabo bahindutse abacamanza nka kumwe Faustin Twagiramungu yavugaga ari chef wa CPC avuye Washington. Biragoye kumenya urugamba aba bariho. Iyo witegereje neza ni inda iba ibavugisha, ntabwo ari uguharanira demukarasi n’ubutabera bikenewe n’abanyarwanda.

    Niba ukorana na Rupiyefu mu gushinja abantu ubwicanyi bwatejwe na Rupiyefu waba uyirwanya ute? Mureke inda tuyime amayira, intsinzi ni iyacu.

    Donat Gapyisi