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    Paul Kagame, you can end all this madness by Rwandan children dying in a war you will never win by allowing them their inheritance.
    Rwanda is not your private estate where you hire guards in the name of RDF to prevent other Rwandans from entering.
    No one has ever managed to stop a child going to his/her home.

    Your fellow Banyarwanda hit you in Western Rwanda and you revenge on unarmed Ugandan civilians in Kamwezi.
    It doesn’t make sense, Uganda doesn’t share a border with your country in the West & I can assure you Paul Kagame and all RPF zealots, that Uganda will not engage in that kind of conflict where brother is sent out to kill a fellow brother.
    I wouldn’t even need to tell you this for you know the truth: Those boys whether FLN or RUD or FDLR are not going to be defeated by your military might.
    Has Uganda kept them in that jungle since the 1990s, where Rwanda invaded DRC on three occasions to eliminate those groups?

    Has the assassination of all the leaders over the years deterred them from becoming stronger day by day?

    Did the assassination of Fred Rwigema, Adam Wasswa, Peter Bayingana, Chris Bunyenyezi, Sam Byaruhanga ( I loved this officer), Vadeste Kayitare ( I attended his burial & have no idea whether his remains were moved and buried decently), Afande Micyo, Muvunanyambo, Shaban Rutayisire, Col Ngoga, Col Ndugute, Col Bagire, John Birasa, Col Lizinde, Col Kanyarengwe… I can’t exhaust the list; did their killing ever give you peace in that seat.

    We know, you are the most hunted man in Kigali. You hide omugwa Nyamurima and,only come out to do senseless reshuffles.
    But you will never know where the fetal trap is laid.
    You think it’s Bugesera & you avoid that place like rain, but Bugesera was a figure of speech.
    You need to think at a much higher level and crack the Bugesera code. But you are too far off at a spiritual & intellectual level to reach across where to find the meaning of Bugesera.Paul Kagame

    We know in the evenings your security detail moves around at random until you find an isolated area close off the road and and get some sleep in the car.
    You are only safe outside Rwanda where you spend 90% of your time, mostly in the air.

    Uganda is not the cause of the paranoia you have that is eating at you like a cancer – hell, you have even lost your voice. Listen to your recent interview where you emerged in a funeral attire.
    Tell us who had died if it’s not your own soul?Paul Kagame

    Look at all these very well trained and experienced officers you will not defeat like you did their colleagues in the past.

    1. General James Kabarebe

    2. General Charles Kayonga ( He will be revenging your assassination of Col Patrick Karegeya). Trust me, I don’t know the connection but he determined not to die like his colleague. Your prayer breakfast speech made him decide you were devil incarcerate.

    3. General Muhire
    4. Gen Kaka Kanyemera
    5. General Rutatina – do you think they will wait for you to kill all of them one at a time?

    6. Gen Jack Nziza

    7. General Dan Munyuzantwari. He knows you are using him. He knows how many have died. He has family like you do and he wants to see his children grow up and become mature like yours. All those Generals have families

    8. General Rwigamba who heads prisons. He is as liberal as they come. He hates your police state like one would be like by a dirty latrine


    Paul Kagame has accused opposition figures in the diaspora of fuelling the bad blood between Rwanda and Uganda

    Paul KagamePresident Paul Kagame has accused opposition figures in the diaspora of fuelling the bad blood between Rwanda and Uganda.

    Kagame said Ugandan authorities are told lies about the works of Rwandans living in Uganda, leading to their arrest.

    “We told Ugandans that, we respect your sovereignty… you are arresting Rwandans and the reasons you are giving don’t add up,” said Kagame.

    “From the beginning, from the first group (Lt Rene Rutagungira) they arrested. But we told our brothers and sister there that, we actually know the story of where these arrests originate from. Even the source. It is the same people we have arrested; same organisations that are operating in neighbouring countries and beyond,” he added.

    Rwanda has in recent months killed or arrested leaders of rebel movements including the diaspora-based Rwanda National Congress (RNC).

    Some have been prosecuted in courts of law while the rest remain in custody.

    Kagame said these suspected rebels have since provided evidence to show they were behind the maligning of Rwandans in Uganda.

    This is the second time Kagame is blaming opposition groups for Uganda’s decision to arrest Rwandans.

    Earlier this year, Kagame told the East African that Uganda opted to listen to rumours by Rwandan exiles in South Africa other than what Kigali was saying.

    But government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo dismissed Kagame’s argument, saying Uganda has institutional mechanisms to gather intelligence as opposed to relying on rumours.

    “It’s laughable for anybody to suggest that the government of Uganda does not have institutional mechanism to pick and process information and simply relies on rumours from perhaps Rwandan dissidents in South Africa or elsewhere,” said Opondo.

    “If that was the case, government of Uganda would be at loggerheads with virtually every government around the world because in each of the countries around the world, there are people who bad mouth government of Uganda. The government of Uganda does not listen to dissidents or people who have disagreed with other countries around the world,” he observed.


    Officials in Kigali say Rwanda’s main interest is Rutagungira – a former soldier arrested in 2018 alongside several Ugandan security personnel over the kidnap and forced repatriation of Rwandan refugees.

    At the military court in Kampala, Rutagungira is accused of facilitating the illegal repatriation of Lt Joel Mutabazi, a former officer attached to the Rwanda Presidential Republican Guard.

    Rutagungira is so special to the Rwandan establishment considering that he helped repatriate Mutabazi who was reportedly involved in a plot to assassinate Kagame.

    Upon return to Rwanda, Mutabazi was charged with terrorism, murder, conspiracy to murder, and formation of an armed group, spreading rumors with intention to incite the public against the State, illegal possession of fire arms, forgery and desertion.

    In Court, Mutabazi denied the accusations leveled against him.

    Ugandan authorities have since refused to release Rutagungira, saying they have incriminating evidence against him.

    Nevertheless, Kagame said the opposition groups continue to set up Rwandans in Uganda.

    “They (exiles) started saying you know these Rwandans know we are here (Uganda). Or they have accused you of us operating from here. How did they get information? They must be getting information from Rwanda or by having Rwandans here. Then they are the ones who started showing government institutions – ‘this man must be working for government, is not you friend,’” said Kagame at the press briefing.

    “Some of them here (arrested dissidents) or those released, were arrested (in Uganda) after being approached to be recruited in rebel groups. When they refused, they said, ‘it is because you are working with government, this must be an agent of Rwanda.’”


    Kagame also seemed to suggest that all countries are involved in acts of espionage.

    “The initial story we had been told was that these people are arrested because they are spies. Meaning Rwanda is interested in knowing things in Uganda. Of course the Implication is Uganda is not interested in knowing things in Rwanda. That spying is one way. I have not known history that tells me we have that situation happening one way, if it were to be true,” said Kagame.

    “If you’ve people whom you think are there illegally or have committed crimes, are spying; do you really arrest people, pile them up in their hundreds and fail to put one in court of law and have them charged in courts of law? Just one? The moment you are not able to do that tells another story. This has always been our concern,” he added.

    In a letter to Kagame, Museveni stopped short of accusing Rwanda of espionage.

    “What is wrong is for Rwandan agents to try and operate behind the government of Uganda,” said Museveni.

    Unlike at previous public functions, Kagame this time avoided a confrontational tone.

    He labored to explain Kigali’s thoughts on the Uganda-Rwanda crisis, delving into details of how things went wrong.

    Rwandan officials are expected in Kampala later this month for another round of talks to iron out their bilateral issues with Uganda.




    Amakuru atugezeho aka kanya aturuka mu gihugu cya Uganda aravuga ko uwari Umunyamabanga wa Leta muri Minisiteri y’Ububanyi n’Amahanga ushinzwe akarere, PHILEMON MATEKE amaze kugirwa umuyobozi mukuru w’agatekanyo w’umutwe RUD-URUNANA ugamije guhungabanya umutekano w’u Rwanda ukaba ukorera mu mashyamba ya DR Congo ariko ukaba unakorana byeruye n’inzego zishinzwe umutekano za Uganda.

    Nyuma yaho imitwe igamije guhungabanya u Rwanda ikomeje kubura abayobozi bayo, igikuba cyacitse ku buryo bufatika bityo ngo yari ikeneye andi maraso mashya. Mu mezi make ashize ingabo za FARDC zahitanye umuyobozi wa FDLR Sylvestre Mudacumura hamwe n’abamurinda benshi cyane. Mu mpera z’iki cyumweru twaraye dusoje kandi FARDC special forces zahitanye uwasaga nkaho ari umusimbura wa Mudacumura akaba umugaba mukuru wihariye wa RUD-Urunana, uyu nawo ukaba umutwe w’abicanyi dore ko byavuzwe ko aribo bahitanye abaturage I Musanze mu minsi ishize. Uku gusimburana kw’aba bayobozi bo muri FDLR na RUD-Urunana tutibagiwe n’ibikorwa bya RNC byose igihugu cya Uganda kibifitemo uruhare rutaziguye. Nyuma y’urupfu rwa Gen Musabyimana Juvenal wihimbaga amazina menshi bitewe nuko yaramutse, ubu akaba yiyitaga Michel Africa, igihugu cya Uganda byakibabaje cyane maze gihitamo kumusimbuza Philemon Mateke , Umunyamabanga wa Leta muri Minisiteri y’Ububanyi n’Amahanga ushinzwe akarere unafite inshingano zihariye z’ibikorwa byihariye by’umutwe wose wavuka ugamije gusenya u Rwanda.

    Itangazo ryashyizwe hanze, uyu PHILEMON MATEKE ngo yahawe izi nshingano kuko nubundi yari asanganywe ubucuti bwihariye na Mudamura na Michel Africa, ku buryo ngo ibikoresho byose iyi mitwe ifite byose ariwe ubibafashamo, akanabavuganira muri Goverinoma ya Uganda aho bahabwaga amahugurwa na CMI na UPDF mu nkambi zizwi I Kampala. Mu makuru y’ubutasi yasaganywe Michel Africa nuko yavuganaga kenshi n’uyu musimbura we w’agateganyo PHILEMON MATEKE hamwe nabandi bayobozi ba CMI ndetse n’imishinga migari mibi igihugu cya Uganda gifitiye u Rwanda byose bikaba byafashwe n’ingabo za DR Congo.
    PHILEMON MATEKE uhawe kuyobora RUD-Urunana, ntibiremezwa niba azahita areka inshingano yari afite muri Ministeri y’ububanyi n’amahanga ya Uganda iyobowe na SAM KUTESSA gusa muri rusange ibi birashimangira imikoranire ya Leta Uganda n’imitwe igamije guhungabanya ubusugire bw’u Rwanda. Philemon MATEKE ahawe kuyobora RUD-URUNANA nk’umuyobozi mukuru ariko uruhande rushinzwe ibikorwa bya gisirikare rukaba rukuriwe na EX-FAR Major Faustin NTILIKINA bivugwa ko nawe yaraye yizamuye mu ntera akiha ipeti rya Colonel, agahita nawe azamura abandi barwanyi bagenzi be ariko ku mapeti ari munsi y’irye. Si ubwa mbere igihugu cya Uganda kivuzwe mugukurana n’abadashakira u Rwanda umunezero kuko urwego rukuru rushinzwe iperereza CMI ruyobowe na Brig.Abel KANDIHO utabasha kurutandukanye n’umutwe wa RNC uyobowe na Kayumba Nyamwasa.

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