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    Ishyaka PDP-Imanzi na Bwana Deogratias Mushayidi uriyoboye ntaho bahuriye na guverinoma ikorera mu buhungiro yashyizweho na Padiri Thomas Nahimana.

    Bamaze kubona guverinoma ikorera mu buhungiro yatangajwe na Padiri Nahimana Thomas, umuyobozi w’ishyaka Ishema ry’u Rwanda kuri uyu wa mbere tariki ya 20 gashyantare 2016, Ishyaka PDP-Imanzi n’umuyobozi waryo, Bwana Deogratias Mushayidi, baramenyesha abarwanashyaka baryo, Abanyarwanda bose n’inshuti z’u Rwanda, ko ntaho bahuriye n’iyi guverinoma.

    Ishyaka PDP-Imanzi riributsa ko inyungu za politiki za Perezida waryo ufunzwe, Bwana Deogratias Mushayidi, nta wundi uzihagarariye uretse ishyaka yashinze ari ryo PDP-Imanzi. Kubera iyo mpamvu bikaba bisobanutse ko nta muntu cyangwa ishyirahamwe bashobora gukoresha izina rya Bwana Deogratias Mushayidi ku nyungu za politiki batabyumvikanyeho.

    Kuba Bwana Deogratias Mushayidi ari imfungwa ya politiki iharanira inyungu z’Abanyarwanda bose ntibiha uwo ari we wese uburenganzira bwo kumwitirira politiki atarimo. Turamenyesha rero Abanyarwanda bose n’inshuti z’u Rwanda ko Bwana Mushayidi Déogratias atari Minisitiri w’ubutabera muri iriya guverinoma ya Bwana Nahimana Thomas ikorera mu buhungiro kandi ko n’Ishyaka PDP-Imanzi ayoboye ritigeze ryitabira ibiganiro byo kuyishyiraho.

    Bwana Deogratias Mushayidi n’ishyaka PDP-Imanzi abereye umuyobozi, biyemeje gukorera politiki mu Rwanda kuva muri 2013 ; kubashyira muri guverinoma ikorera mu buhungiro, ni ukubavutsa uburenganzira bwabo.

    Harakabaho ukuri , ubufatanye na demokarasi

    Bikorewe i Kigali ku wa 20 Gashyantare 2017,
    KAYUMBA Jean Marie Vianney
    Visi Perezida n’Umuvugizi w’ishyaka PDP-IMANZI

    TEL: 0783366214/0736623022
    E-mail :



    We, 30 Rwandans, comprising the representatives of opposition political parties striving for Democracy in Rwanda, members of civil society and individual activists, gathered in an extraordinary retreat on 17-19 February 2017, are concerned with the advent of a democratic rule and people-friendly governance in Rwanda,

    I. Having observed that the Government of Rwanda led by General Paul Kagamé: 

    Has closed political space to guarantee the monopoly of power to the sole political party RPF-Inkotanyi and its chairman Paul Kagame who has been in office for nearly 23 years;
    Has taken the shameful decision, in violation of the Constitution and other laws of today’s Rwanda, to deny Rwandan citizens that composed the team of Father Thomas Nahimana the leader of ISHEMA Party and candidate in presidential elections scheduled to take place in August 2017; it has been clear that on November 23, 2016, the Government of Rwanda issued an order pressuring airline companies not to allow Father Thomas Nahimana and his team boarding any flight to Kigali and that, as a consequence, they have been disembarked from Kigali-bound flights, respectively, on November 23, 2016, in Nairobi (Kenya) and on January 23, 2017, in Brussels (Belgium) ;
    Rigged the presidential elections of 2003 and 2010 in order to hand Paul Kagame the victory while, in reality, knowingly that he lost elections;
    Has, through a maliciously maneuvered referendum, overseen the constitutional reform of December 2015 regarding article 101 of the 2003 Constitution, that clearly stipulated that “no head of state should be allowed to serve for more than two presidential terms of 7 years each”, with the sole purpose of clearing a way for Paul Kagame to hold on power until death;
    Arrests, kills (André RWISEREKA) or exiles the leaders of opposition political parties, journalists, members of civil society thriving for respect of human rights;
    Has detained and sentenced to life imprisonment Mr. Déogratias MUSHAYIDI for the only “crime” of campaigning for positive change in the governance of his country;
    Has arbitrary detained and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment Mrs. Victoire INGABIRE UMUHOZA who returned to Rwanda in 2010 for having shown the intention of registering her political party and the interest in contributing to the betterment of the governance of her country;
    Has arbitrary detained Mr. Théoneste NIYITEGEKA, kept Mr. Bernard NTAGANDA in custody for four years and has imprisoned many others for the single reason that they wanted to get involved in the political life of their country;
    Has prevented the judiciary from operating independently, transforming the courts of law into tools to imprison a huge number of Rwandans, including those being detained without any due legal procedure, those whose with files made of fabricated lies, and inmates who are still held in prison far beyond the term of their sentences;
    Uses security forces in shameful actions of torturing, beating, killing or detaining innocent citizens in underground chambers and other unknown places, therefore, inaccessible to the families of the victims;
    Has several times conducted military attacks against unarmed Rwandan refugees, with the intent to exterminate a great number of Rwandan citizens in the Congolese forests;
    Maintains its plans to follow the Rwandan refugees and asylum-seekers in their host countries, to destabilize them, sabotaging their security and killing some of them in tragic circumstances (Colonel Patrick KAREGEYA);
    Has dispatched soldiers in every corner of the country to cause fear and anxiety among citizens, through its sustained acts of state-sponsored terrorism;
    Promotes policies aimed at deliberately impoverishing the people and subjecting them to food insecurity, through demolishing their houses, seizure and confiscation of their land, destroying their crops and ordering them to grow a single crop which does not reflect on their specific needs and interests, and coercively grouping them into cooperatives that do not address their concerns but aim to exploit them;
    Has played a big role in provoking the hunger nationally known as « Nzaramba », and, unfortunately, instead of devising policies that would alleviate the suffering of the families whose members are dying because of lack of food, has sought to keep it out of the radars and camera of international community and gloating over citizens’ hardship by claiming that it has brought about development as never seen before;
    Has promoted discrimination in the handling employment and education scholarship applications; segregation in the caring for orphans and widows as well as in the delivery of the routine social and administrative services to the people;
    Has monopolized all profitable entrepreneurship, beating and shooting in broad daylight at lower-class citizens, who it refers to as ABAZUNGUZAYI (street vendors) trying to sell portable articles with the aim of earning daily bread for their families;
    Misappropriates public assets, and wastes the country’s finances by allowing the President of the Republic embezzling states funds to acquire privately-owned jets, and renting these jets and his other property holdings to the Government of Rwanda at exorbitant costs, for his personal and clique’s own interests;
    Provokes wars, conflicts and insecurity in neighboring countries, especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi, which is against short, mid and long-term interests of Rwanda, now labeled as a country led by warmongers that stand as a real threat to peace and security in the Africa’s Great Lakes Region; the citizens of Rwanda are already suffering from the consequences of these diplomatic flaws and deficiencies;
    Has committed other several crimes not listed here;


    This Government of Paul Kagame has lost all legitimacy and legality in the eyes of the Rwandan citizens because it does not serve their interests and, on contrary, stands as a serious threat to their security and welfare in numerous ways;
    The people of Rwanda need a way of overcoming fear, organizing a civil resistance, and demonstrate that their rights are different from the enslavement in which they are forced by this dictatorial Government of Paul Kagame;
    The international community and nations friends of Rwanda wish to distance themselves from this Government of violence-promoting leaders that arrogantly violates the Constitution and other laws of Rwanda, tortures, kills citizens it has the duty to protect, and disregards international treaties and agreements to which it is signatory;
    From this February 20, 2017, we too consider the Government of Paul Kagame as a Government that is illegitimate and undesirable by the people.


    We hereby announce to Rwandan citizens, neighbors of Rwanda and the international community the following:

    We declare a « Government of Rwanda operating in exile »
    We declare a National Council of Seniors
    We declare a National Youth Council

    To stand ready to replace the illegitimate Government led by Paul Kagame.
    To advocate for and rescue Rwandan refugees and asylum seekers wherever they are.
    To advocate and sound alarm on behalf of the Rwandans who live inside the country under the oppression of the Government of Paul Kagame’s clique.
    To do everything possible to compel the Government of Kagame’s clique to halt all violent actions against the citizens and to remove all barriers that prevent Rwandan refugees from returning freely and peacefully.
    To request all countries partners of Rwanda to put pressure on Dictator Paul Kagame whose last presidential term according to the 2003 Constitution, comes to an end, so that he leaves the presidential race and allow other Rwandans who are ready and equipped to unite citizens and build a development model shared by all.
    In case Dictator Paul Kagame will have chosen to be stubborn and continue to treat citizens with violence and terror:

    Call for sanctions by the international community against his illegitimate Government
    Encourage the people to organize, rise and put an end to the rule of Paul Kagame and his RPF clique through a non-violent Revolution.
    V.The National Council of Seniors

    Its doors are open to all Rwandan citizens aged over 35 willingly committed to the cause.
    Has the mission to collect the contributions, ideas and constructive advices that can help the Government of the People operating in exile to lead Rwanda and Rwandans into the kind of governance they envision. It is an institutional framework within which the senior citizens of Rwanda may work together contribute to the governance of their country.
    VI.The National Youth Council 

    Its doors are open to all men and women under age 35 that have interest in playing a role in the positive changes they wish for their country, Rwanda.
    It is an institutional framework within which the youth of Rwanda consolidate their strength into a force that allow them contribute, as a group and to more meaningful degree, to the governance of their country in the years to come.

    1.President of the Republic: Rev Father Thomas NAHIMANA

    2.Prime Minister:  Mr. Abdallah AKISHURI

    3.Deputy Prime Minister: Mrs. Nadine Claire KASINGE

    4.Minister of Culture, Family, and Women’s Welfare: Mrs. Victoire INGABIRE UMUHOZA represented by Mrs. Nadine Claire KASINGE

    5.Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mrs. Immaculée KANSIIME UWIZEYE

    6.Minister of Justice: Mr. Déogratias MUSHAYIDI represented by Mr. Vénant NKURUNZIZA.

    7.Minister of Information:  Mr. Chaste GAHUNDE

    8.Minister of Interior and Local Development: Mr. Daniel NDUWIMANA

    9.Minister of Finance and Commerce: Mrs. Marine UWIMANA

    10.Minister of Education: Mrs. Chantal MUKAMANA MUTEGA

    11.Minister in Charge of Refugee Protection and Suppression of the Causes of Asylum: Mrs. Virginie NAKURE

    12.Minister of Infrastructure and Housing:  Rev. Father Gaspard NTAKIRUTIMANA

    13.Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Land:  Mr. Jean Léonard SEBURANGA

    14.Minister of Health and Social Welfare: Mrs. Spéciose MUJAWAYEZU

    VIII. It has been formed the following commissions:

     1.Commission of Foreign Affairs

    2.Commission of Economy

    3.Commission of Information

    4.Commission of Security

    IX. The appointed Government Spokespersons are the following:

    Mr. Chaste GAHUNDE
    Mrs. Immaculée KANSIIME UWIZEYE
    Mrs. Marine UWIMANA.
    X. It has been appointed six councilors (6)

    XI. The Government of Rwanda in exile will create other organs and appoint other authorities if need be.


    XII. In the interest of all, and in order to bring about the positive changes that the people so badly need, we urge the undesirable Government led by Paul Kagame:

         1. To urgently accept to hold talks with the Government of Rwanda in exile 

    To open up both national borders and political space not later than March 23, 2017, to allow all Rwandans who wish to return do so peacefully, release all political prisoners, remove barriers so that the political parties committed to getting involved in the August 2017 elections be able to register.
    In case no action is taken until March 23, 2017:

    To postpone the presidential elections that were to be held in August 2017 and reschedule them for August 2019 and move the parliamentarian vote to November 2019. 
    To form a transitional government that will comprise the representatives of all political parties, with a 24-month mandate to prepare and oversee the presidential and parliamentarian elections to ensure they are free, fair and transparent. 
    We recall that, save for the rumors that are being spread by the under informed, articles 101 and 172 of the Rwanda’s Constitution as reformed in December 2015 do not allow the incumbent president Paul Kagame to run for a third term.
    Done in Paris on February 20, 2017

    Chaste GAHUNDE

    Minister of Information

    Spokesperson of the Government of Rwanda in Exile


    Tél : +33643601311 / +33652110445


    ITANGAZO N°004/PS.IMB/NB/2017


    Rishingiye ku itangazo ryashyizwe ahagaragara n’Umuvugizi wa Guverinoma yiswe “Guverinoma y’abaturage ikorera mu buhungiro”;

    Rimaze kubona ku buryo butunguranye ko iyo Guverinoma igaragaramo abarwanashyaka b’Ishyaka PS Imberakuri; Mme Chantal Mukarurema na Mme Immaculée UWIZEYE;

    Rigarutse kandi ku migenzo myiza igomba kuranga abanyapolitiki;

    Ishyaka PS Imberakuri riramenyesha, abarwanashyaka baryo n’Imprimbanyi za Demokarasi ibikurikira:

    -Ingingo ya mbere:Ishyaka PS Imberakuri rirasanga ishyirwaho rya Guverinoma yiswe “Guverinoma y’Abaturage ikorera mu buhungiro ari igikorwa gifite icyo kivuze muri politiki y’u Rwanda

    -Ingingo ya 2:Ishyaka PS Imberakuri rishyikiye abanyapolitiki bose bafata iya mbere mu gukemura ibibazo bya politiki byugarije u Rwanda igihe cyose bidahungabanya ubumwe,ubusugire ,ubufatanye ndetse n’umutekano by’amashyaka atavugarumwe na Leta ya Kigali.

    -Ingingo ya 3:Ishyaka PS Imberakuri nk’Ishyaka rikorera mu Rwanda kandi ryemewe n’amategeko y’u Rwanda ritewe impungenge n’ishyirwa muri iyo Guverinoma ritagishijwe inama abarwanashyaka baryo ;Mme Chantal MUKARUREMA na Mme Immaculee UWIZEYE KANSIME

    Ingingo ya 4:Ishyaka PS Imberakuri rirasanga kuba bariya barwanashya barinjiye muri iriya Guvernoma badafite itiki y’Ishyaka PS Imberakuri binyuranyije n’imigenzo myiza iranga abanyapolitiki keretse niba babibona ukundi.

    Twifurije Guverinoma yiswe “Guverinoma y’Abaturage ikorera mu buhungiro”amahirwe masa!!!

    Bikorewe I Kigali,kuwa 20 Gashyantare 2017

    Me NTAGANDA Bernard

    Prezida Fondateri w’Ishyaka PS Imberakuri (Sé)


    Padiri Nahimana agikomanga ku rugi agira ngo yinjire muri politiki nahise mubonamo amarere mashya atandukanye cyane n’uburyo abanyapolitiki bacu basanzwe bakoramo.

    Mu ikubitiro yadusobanuriye icyo agamije ati umugambi wanjye ni ugukuraho ubutegetsi buriho mu Rwanda kandi mu maguru mashya yungamo ari icyo nkeneye ni ibikoresho ahasigaye agahu kakabona umunyutsi. Bamwe muri twe babyise gukangata ariko washishoza ugasanga Padiri Nahimana avuga akomeje. Icyo atandukaniheho n’abandi cyane cyane abanyeporitiki bo mu buhungiro yemwe n’abayikorera mu Rwanda ni uko atanga umwitangirizwa, agatanga amatariki umugambi yihaye azawusohoreza. Muribuka ko agitangira yaduhaye itariki azagira mu Rwanda gukorera yo politiki ; iyo tariki yarayubahirije nubwo harenzeho amezi make. Ba ntamunoza bahita bamujomba ibikwasi ngo harenze ho amezi makeya bakiyibagiza ko atanga ayo matariki byari ugucishiriza ku buryo ayo mezi makeya arengaho ari ibisanzwe mu iteganyamigambi.

    Magingo aya amatariki yatanze yarayubahirije ku buryo abazi gushishoza babona ko n’andi yose azatanga azayubahiriza ku buryo twakizera rwose ko tutazahora ku kizere kiraza amasinde, ko nibura umwitangirizwa yatanze igihe nikigera ibintu ntibigende nkuko yabiteganije atazatinya kuvuga ko ikivi yatangiye agihagarikiye aho bityo hagati abandi bazaba bashoboye kwigaragaza bagakomerezaho. Icyo rero twamwifuriza ni ukuzuza umugambi yiyemeje kandi twese twabyungukiramo nta shiti. Nkubu yaduhaye itariki ya 23/03/2017 murumva ko ari itariki ya hafi. Iyo tariki nigera azadutangariza aho agejeje na guverinoma ye kandi atubwire n’ikigiye gukurikira kandi nabyo abigenere igihe yumwa bizamutwara bityo abe aduhaye indi tariki bityo bityo.

    Umenya rero iyo mikorere tutari tuyimenyereye ; abanyeporitiki bacu cyane cyane abo muri iki gihe batugezaho imigambi yabo ariko ntibakunze kudushingira imbago z’igihe bazayisohoreza. Ndumva byaba byiza nabo bateye ikirenge mu cya padiri Nahimana bakajya babigenza gutyo byatuma tubizera kurushaho kandi nabo babona bahuye n’inzitinzi bakivana mu kibuga bakareka sakindi ikabyara ikindi.

    Hari rero n’abandi kandi niko bigenda mu buzima biyemeje kujomba ibikwasi padiri Nahimana. Buri gihe baba barekereje bashakisha agakosa yakora cyangwa ikindi kintu icyo ari cyo cyose cyabaha icyanzu cyo kumunenga.

    Muri abo hari abanyamashyaka –abantu ku giti cyabo- bamubonamo uwo bahanganye ugamije kubatwara abayoboke no kubatanga umushi aho bamubonyemo umusangirangendo, hababamo abanyamakuru bamunenga igicebe cye kugira ngo bagaragaze ko nabo ari abanyamakuru b’umwuga bakiyibagiza bo barushaho kwiyambika ubusa.

    Hari n’abandi batamwibonamo. Abo ni bamwe bakibona mu ndorerwamo y’uturere n’amoko bameze nk’abacyibereye muri 1994. Abo bose biyibagiza ko ururimi rw’ikinyarwanda rukungahaye cyane ku buryo ushaka kugaragaza igitekerezo cyane umuntu yavumbuye umugambi ufite wo gusenya cyangwa gusebanya. Uzi ko bamwe batagitinya guhumira rimwe na Nduhungirehe na Chantal Karara bamagana padiri Ndahimana. Ngaho namwe nimubwire koko iyo mitekerereze.

    Ikindi nanone kerekana ko padiri Nahimana azi gushishoza ni kuriya gushyira muri leta ziriya mfungwa za politiki Mushayidi na Ingabire victoire abadakurikira babyise ikosa ndetse benamashyaka bamwe bihutira kumwamaganira kure ; biyibagiza ko Ingabire na Mushayidi batakiri umutungo w’amashyaka bakomotsemo. Magingo ayo bantu babiri bageze ku yindi ntera ubuhangange bwabo bwarenze amashyaka ubu ni intwari z’abanyarwanda bose. Padiri afite uburenganzira bwo kubashyira muri leta kuko ni wo muganda we wo kwerekana ko abahaye umudende w’imihigo kandi igihe nikigera bazabimushimira ntabwo bazamwamagana.

    Munyemererere dutegereze. Ese kuki ibinyamakuru byo mu Rwanda bitigeze bigira icyo bivuga kuri iriya leta muzi ko na rushyashya yaryumyeho. Barabona ko amazi arari ya yandi ko uriya mupadiri agenda ababyinisha muzuznga bagahitamo kuba baretse gusubiza bakabanza bakareba aho ibintu bigana ari nako banatekereza. Naho ba mutima muke wo mu rutiba bo bakihutira kwamagana n’ibintu batumwa ari na ko bavuga amagambo aterekeranye. Ibyo babyita guhubuka.

    Abakurambere baciye umugani ngo « imfizi iritereka », padiri Nahimana aziye igihe kuko iyo urebye ku isi yose ahantu ibinti birimo birahinduko kuko igihe kigeze muri buri gihugu havumbuka umuntu akazana imikorere mishya ku buryo ibintu byose ahita abihindura nta komyi. Iyo bibaye mahire asanga umuhanda waraharuwe maze agatambuka yemwe ari nako mu rugendo bamusanganira ari benshi ku buryo agera iyo ajya umugambi yamaze kuwusohoza. Nicyo icyo nifuriza padiri Nahimana.

    Murakarama !

    Charles Hirwa


    Madamu Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza aritegura kujya guhangana na Leta y’Urwanda mu Rukiko rw’Afurika


    Ishyaka FDU-Inkingi ryakoze uko rishoboye kugirango ryirinde impaka z’urudaca kubyerekeranye no kumenya niba Prezida waryo Madame Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza yarishimiye ishyirwaho rya leta yo buhungiro  no kuba yarabonyemo umwanya. Nta masezerano yo gufatanya cyanga gukorana Ishyaka FDU-Inkingi lifitanye n’Ishyaka Ishema.

    Ishyaka ryifuje kubamenesha ibikulikira: Madamu Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza aritegura kujya guhangana na Leta y’Urwanda mu Rukiko rw’Afurika rufite icyicaro Arusha; Urwo rubanza ruzatangira mu byumweru bitageze kuli bitatu. Muli iki gihe Madamu Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza n’Ishyaka rye, bunganiwe na ba avocats, bashishikajwe no gutegura urubanza ni ngombwa ko abantu bashyira ubwenge ku gihe.

    Twese tuzi ko iriya Leta yashyizweho n’Ishyaka Ishema, twabishaka tutabishaka itemewe n’mategeko yo mu Rwanda. Abatayemera bali hanze birabareba aliko k’umuntu uli mu Rwanda agomba kuyakurikiza. Ubu twandika, ibinyamateka byo mu Rwanda byatangiye gushyushya abantu imitwe. ikinyamateka cyitwa Rwanda paparazi cyatangiye kwandika ko gushyraho iliya guverinoma binyuranye n’ingingo 97, 98, 99, 100, 105, 115, 116 n’117 z’itegeko nshinga . Byaba byo, bitaba byo ni urundi rubanza tudashaka kujyamo ubu.
    Ikinyamateka cyo muli Zanzibar Tanzania cyanditse mu giswahili mu byo cyavuze kikavuga ko leta Padiri Nahimana « ilimo abantu bafungiwe ibyaha birimo guhakana ko habaye genocide muli 94 (wafungwa wanaotumukia vifungo vya jela nchini Rwanda kwa makosa kama vile kukanusha kuwa mauwaji ya kimbari hayakufanyika nchini Rwanda mwaka 1994). Ibi nabyo ni ibibeshyo, ariko akarenze umunwa karushya ihamagara.
    Kubera izi mpamvu ntabwo byumvikana ko umuntu ufungiwe akamama, azira gutoterezwa ibitekerezo bye n’imigabo n’imigambi y’ishyaka rye, yatekereza ko yakwishimira kujya mu cyaba cyitwa “gouverinema” yashinzwe n’Ishyaka Ishema n’Abataripfana baryo.

    Ikindi, ntibyumvikana ukuntu umuntu yatekereza gushyira umuntu muli iyi guverinoma y’Ishyaka rye , yise ko ikorera hanze, atabajije nyirubwite, ishyaka rye, ba avoka bamwunganira cyangwa yewe n’umuryango, ngo barebere hamwe ingaruka z’icyo gikorwa ku rubanza cyangwa ku muryango we.  Kandi n’iyo bitaba ari n’izo mpungenge, muli demokarasi ibyemezo bifatwa nyuma yo kubaza nyirubwite kugirango yemere inshingano umuhaye. Padiri Tomasi yiyemerera ko atabikoze. Birakomeye lero kumva ko, umuntu nka Padiri Tomasi Nahimana ufite ubumenyi tuzi, atabona ibi ibibazo. Yemeye kandi ko yibeshye nk’uko umuntu wese yibeshya akabisabira imbabazi. Biragoye kwumva ko waba wifuza gutegeka igihugu no kuyobora abanyarwanda ukagira iyi myitwalire.

    Nk’uko buri wese abizi, Ishyaka ryacu riri mu Rwanda, ni ho rikorera n’ubwo rifite abayoboke kw’isi yose. Politiki na programme byayo ni byo byafungishije Prezidante wacu n’abandi bayobozi. Intambara turayirwanira mu Rwanda ni nako bizakomereza;  ni ho ikibuga kiri. Ntabwo FDU-Inkingi ifite umugambi wo kuva mu kiguga ngo igaruye Ishyaka hanze cyanga se ngo irajya muri gouvernema yaba itekereza ko yategekera igihugu hanze.

    Nibyo koko Victoire ni umulideri wo mu rwego rw’igihugu bizwi no mu nzego mpuzamahanga. (figure nationale et internationale). Turibuka ko Inteko ishinga amategeko y’Uburayi iherutse gufata icyemezo mu kwezi kwa cumi k’umwaka ushize  cyerekeranye n’urubanza rwe. Uretse abatazi gusoma amateka y’isi, akazi yakoze, akora n’ubu kugirango agaragaze kandi ashyire ku karubanda amafuti y’ubutegetsi bw’Urwanda, afashijwe n’Ishyka rye, karagaragara. Umwanya we azawuhabwa n’ishyaka rye, n’abaturage. Iyo ashaka imyanya aba yarayibonye atali muli prison. Ntabwo azanyura mu cyanzu.

    Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza ni Prezida w’ishyaka FDU-Inkingi rikorera muri Demokarasi. Rifite amategeko agenga imikorere yaryo, asobanura ukuntu ibyemezo bitatwa. Ingingo ya 46 y’Amategeko ngengamikolere y’Ishyaka isobanura ko  « ibyemezo bivuye mu nama bihagarika ibitekerezo cyangwa ibyifuzo by’umuntu ku giti cye. Ni ukuvuga ko ibyo byemezo byubahwa kandi bigakurikizwa na bose hatitawe ku cyo uyu n’uyu abitekerezaho ».

    Nta kuntu lero Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza yakwishimira kujya muli giverinoma ishyaka rye ryafashe icyemezo, azi kandi yemera, cyo kutajya muli iyo giverinoma y’Ishyaka Ishema. Kubica ku ruhande, ni ukutamenya bihagije Ishyaka FDU-Inkingi cyanga bikaba ari agasuzuguro ko kutagendera ku ndangamuco n’indangamyifatire yagombye kugaragaza buri muntu ushaka gukora politiki , gutegeka igihugu no kuyobora abanyarwanda.

    Kutemera ubutumwa bw’ishyaka cyangwa ubutumwa ahaye Visi Prezida we wa mbere , ni bya bindi byamenyerewe, twebwe twarenze, byo gushyira abantu hejuru y’inzego , ishyaka likaba akalima k’umuntu ( institutions fortes et des hommes forts). Ishyaka FDU-Inkingi ntabwo ryemera iyo mikorere.

    Buli shyaka rya oppozisiyo likorera mu gihugu ryose ubundi riba ryitegura gufata ubutegetsi. Mu bihugu byinshi babyita guverinoma itegereje (Shadow Cabinet) ariko ayo mashyaka aba akorera mu gihugu. Amazina uha ikipi yawe ntabwo ali cyo ngombwa, icya ngombwa ni ibyo ukora. Abumva ko guhindura amazina bibafasha ni icyemezo cyabo twagerageje kubaha, kugeza igihe bashatse kudutokoza. Tuzi neza rwose ko ntawe bifasha muli twe guhangana. Ishaka Ishema nirireke gushaka gutesha isura nziza Prezidante zacu.

    FDU-Inkingi kugeza ubu ntikorana n’Ishyaka Ishema. Umuyobozi mukuru wa FDU-Inkingi Madamu Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, ntaho ahuriye na “guverinema” yashyizweho n’Ishyaka Ishema.

    Bikorewe i London  tariki ya 23 GASHYANTARE 2017

    Bahunga Justin

    Komiseri Ushinzwe ububanyi n’amahanga akaba n’Umuvugizi wa FDU-Inkingi



    turusheho kumenya Abdallah Akishuli

    Nshuti bavandimwe mukunda gukurikirana amakuru mugezwaho n’Ijisho rya Rubanda, turagirango tubamenyeshe ko twongeye gusimbukira Mayotte kugira ngo turusheho kumenya Abdallah Akishuli uwariwe kuko ntabwo ari buri wese uba premier ministre.

    Ubusanzwe Mayotte irimo ibice bibiri, Petite Terre na Grande terre, impunzi z’abanyarwanda hafi ya zose zabaga Grande terre ariho Akishuli Abdallah yabaga akaba yarahageze mumyaka 2007-2008 kandi akaba yarahageze avuye i Kigali aho yakoraga umwuga w’ubu Taximan.

    Akigera Mayotte yasanze uwayoboraga impunzi zaho Viateur Nsengiyumva agiye kugenda ngo aze Metropole, ubwo Abdallah Akishuli yari ahamaze icyumweru, akaba yarahasanze izindi nkotanyi z’amarere zari zaraje kumutegurira inzira.

    Ubwo barikora nibwo bagiye kureba Viateur ari nka batanu bamusaba ko Akishuli ariwe wamusimbura, ubwo afata umwanya gutyo ariko mu by’ukuri ntamuntu wari ubazi neza  rwose.

    Akishuli akimara kuba president w’impunzi yahise yerekana ko ari inyenzi inkotanyi ajya mu bureau by’umuzungu wayoboraga association yitaga ku mpunzi witwa Veronique wakoreraga Cavanie amubwira ko amafranga yose Leta ya France imuha mu kwita ku mpunzi ariwe bagomba kuyaha akayajera (gérer) anahita yandikira ubuyobozi ko Veronique atageza ku mpunzi imfashanyo baba batanze .

    Veronique yahise afunga bureau avuga ko atagishoboye gukorana na Akishuli, nibwo impunzi zahise siterana zimukuraho igitaraganya nawe atangira kuzimenasa (menacer) icyo gihe hagiyeho uwitwa Augustin noneho akorana neza na association yafashaga impunzi.

    Nyuma y’ibi Akishuli ntiyashizwe, yahise  yerekana ko afite kaminuza mu bugome akirirwa azenguruka Mayotte yose acunga impunzi nshyashya ije noneho akayibwira ko ariwe ukora amadosiye yo kwaka ubuhungiro, gutyo abamunyuzeho bose yabakoreye amadosiye mabi kuburyo na n’ubu baheze Mayotte.

    Si ibyo gusa, Akishuli Abdallah yagendaga abaza umwirondoro wa buri muntu, aho bakomoka n’ akazi bakoraga yarangiza akabyohereza i Kigali nabo bagashaka information zibura cyangwa bakareba niba ibyo yohereje aribyo nyuma abantu bagakorerwa mandat Interpol. Ng’uko uko captaine Simbikangwa na Bourgmestre Ngenzi wa Kabarondo bakorewe ama dossiers.

    Uretse n’ibyo uyu mugabo Akishuli Abdallah yigiriye kuri radio yivugira amazina y’impunzi z’abanyarwanda yashinjaga genocide abandi abasohora mubinyamakuru. Abanyarwanda baje kumuhagurukira nawe ahinduka igicibwa muri societé kuburyo wamubonaga yarihebye kubera ubugizi bwa nabi.

    Byamuviriyemo kumara imyaka itanu nta byangombwa aza kubibona abiheshejwe n’abana be niko guhita ahunga Mayotte aza avuga ngo inyenzi zari zimwishe kandi abeshya.

    Ubugome bwa Akishuli Abdallah bwasobanuwe n’umugabo ntashatse kuvuga izina wabaye ku Murindi akaba yarabaye no mugace ka Biryogo aho Akishuli yishe abantu batagira ingano.

    Kubari batazi rero Akishuli Abdallah rero ni uwo wihisha mu bantu akabakorera amabi agategekesha igitugu ariko byose birangira bimugarutse. Ndahamya ko n’aba bose yashyize muri gouvernement ntibamuyobewe ahubwo ni uko bafite umugambi mubi ku banyarwanda ariko bizarangira bose bibagarutse.

    Mu rurimi rw’igifaransa baravuga ngo “mieux vaut prévenir que guérir” ubwo abatumva igifaransa navuga ko mucyongereza ari “prevention is better than cure” naho mu kinyarwanda bagaca umugani ngo inyamaswa idakenga yishwe n’abatutizi. Ni byiza rero ko uwaba yiruka inyuma ya guverinoma ya Thomas na Akishuli atazi imikino barimo ko yafata akanya agatekereza neza kugirango ejo atazavuga ngo ntabwo yabimenye. Mbwirabumva ni umwana w’umunyarwanda.

    Ijisho rya Rubanda





    Urugaga ruharanira demokarasi no kubohoza u Rwanda (FDLR) rurabeshyuza ibinyoma byambaye ubusa bikubiye mu itangazo No 01/CNRD/PP/Fev 17 rya CNRD-UBWIYUNGE ryo kuwa 09/2/2017.

    Nk’uko bimaze kugaragarira buri wese, Bwana Ndagijimana Laurent wiyita Lumbago cyangwa Irategeka Wilson na CNRD-UBWIYUNGE ye, yafashe ingamba fatiro (stratégie) yo kugendera ku kinyoma ngo ayobye abanyarwanda bahagurukiye kurwanya ubutegetsi bw’agatsiko ka Paul Kagame. Ni muri urwo rwego ubu CNRD isumbirijwe cyane ku rugamba yahisemo gukwirakwiza inyandiko nyinshi zibasiye urugaga FDLR harimo ririya tangazo tuvuze haraguru hagamijwe kuyangisha rubanda; dore ko anariyo mpamvu nyamukuru yatumye CNRD ishingwa biturutse kuri FPR yaguze abayikuriye.

    1.CNRD irihandagaza ikabeshya ngo FDLR kuva tariki ya 4/2/2017 irimo kugaba ibitero ku mpunzi z’abanyarwanda!!! FDLR ntishobora guhohotera impunzi yarinze imyaka isaga 20 na n’ubu ikaba izirinze.FDLR yashinzwe ngo irengere impunzi kandi ngo izazitahukane zemye mu rwazibyaye.Iyo gahunda ni ntakuka. CNRD ifite isoni zo kuvuga ko imerewe nabi cyane ku rugamba yashoje mu bene gihugu none irashaka kubigereka kuri FDLR.

    2.Ibyo CNRD ivuga ko FDLR ikorana na M23 ntawabitindaho kuko no ku ruhinja rwavutse uyu munsi icyo kinyoma nticyafata.Kubeshya ngo FDLR ikorana na M23 ni nko kuvuga ngo injangwe yabaye inshuti y’imbeba cyangwa ngo agaca kakundanye n’inkoko!

    3.CNRD ubu yikomye cyane col Kasongo wari inshuti magara ya Lumbago, shefu wayo, kandi wayifashije bikomeye mu kuvuka kwayo. Intandaro yo kumwibasira ni uko basanze amaze kubona ibimenyetso bihagije byerekana ko Lumbago-CNRD akoreshwa 100% na FPR INKOTANYI akanababazwa cyane n’amarorerwa akabije CNRD iri gukorera abaturage b’abagature,ibasahura imyaka yabo mu ngo no mu mirima ariko cyane cyane amatungo yabo.Hakiyongeraho amahoro(taxes) akabije n’inkoni bakubitwa iyo badashoboye kubona amafaranga babaciye.

    Ni yo mpamvu col Kasongo na bagenzi be bahagurukiye kurwanya CNRD no kuyirukana mu turere twabo kugira ngo abaturage babeho mu mahoro nk’uko byahoze abashinze CNRD batarigumura kuri FDLR.

    Bigaragara ko CNRD ishaka guteranya impunzi n’abenegihugu bazakiye zirokotse ubwicanyi bwa Raïa Mutomboki.

    Col Jean Marie uharabikwa ko yishe impunzi ahubwo ari mu bazirengeye kuva 1996 Kugera ubu. CNRD iramuhora gusa ko ari kuyirwanya hamwe na bagenzi be.

    4.Hariya hose havugwa mu tangazo rya CNRD ni aho ingabo za yo zimaze kwirukanwa n’abo benegihugu. Abantu ivuga bishwe n’abagore bafashwe ku ngufu ni ikinyoma giteye isoni. Biratangaje ukuntu CNRD imenya ko muri Rutchuru hafashwe abagore bangana kuriya b’abenegihugu ntihagire ishyirahamwe rirengera uburenganzira bwa kiremwamuntu na rimwe ry’abakongomani ribimenya ngo ribyamagane. CNRD iricara igahimba yarangiza igatangaza. Ngiyo intebe y’ikinyoma Lumbago- CNRD yicayeho.

    5.Ku byerekeye imishyikirano CNRD isaba,FDLR yiteguye kwakirana ubwuzu abarwanyi bose bashutswe na Lumbago-CNRD barafata icyemezo cya kigabo cyo kugaruka mu rugaga.

    6.FDLR irasaba abarwanyi n’abaturage bafashwe bugwate na CNRD kuboneraho kwitandukanya na yo ubu yabuze epfo na ruguru.

    7.FDLR irasaba CNRD kureka amabi iri gukorera abenegihugu bakiye impunzi idakururira izo mpunzi amakuba itashobora guhagarika dore ko udashinga atabyina.

    8.FDLR irasaba abanyarwanda bose baba hanze y’u Rwanda cyane cyane abibumbiye mu mashyaka arwanya ubutegetsi bwa Kagame kwirinda ibinyoma bya Lumbago-CNRD wabuze izo yabandwa.


    Bikorewe i Masisi, tariki ya 13/2/2017
    La Forge Fils Bazeye

    Umuvugizi wa FDLR


    Ukurikije uburyo iyi leta ya Nahimana yashyizweho, nyirayo yifashisha kugaba ibitero mu mashyaka y’abandi, ingaruka zatangiye kugaragara zirerekana ko iyi leta ishobora gusiga hari ibyo yangije mu mikorere ya opposition, niba padri adakosoye amafuti yakoze.

    Nkaba nibaza niba guteza akaduruvayo muli iyo opposition aribyo bizatanga ibisubizo ku bibazo iyo leta ishaka gukemura mu Rwanda:

    1. Mme Victoire Ingabire Umuhoze yatangajwe no gushyirwa muri guverinoma atabizi

    2. Boniface Twagirimana Vice presient wa FDU-Inkingi aramagana uburiganya bwa padiri Thomas Nahimana

    3. JMV Minani: Nahimana Thomasi nawe aratekinika nka FPR

    4. Ibibazo by’insobe twabajije Padiri Nahimana na guverinoma ayoboye

    5. Ishyaka PS Imberakuri rirasanga kuba Mme Chantal Mukarurema na Immaculee Uwizeye Kansiime bo muri PS imberakuri bari guverinoma ya Thomas badafite ticket y’ishyaka PS imberakuri binyuranije n’imigenzo myiza iranga abanyapolitiki

    1.Amashyaka atari make yateye akamo ko uriya mupadiri akwiye kureka kuyadurumbanya afata abantu bayo akabagira abaminisitiri atigeze abaza ayo mashyaka cyangwa abo bantu bo mu mashyaka (FDU na PDP Imanzi).

    Andi nayo aramagana kuba padiri yagiye gusenya ayo mashyaka kuko abayoboke bamwe bataye amashyaka bakoragamo bakagenda kwa padri batabwiye n’amashyaka yabo (mbese arashimuta abarwanashyaka b’andi mashyaka), urugero ni nka PS Imbarakuli iyobowe na Ntaganda B. na Isangano riyobowe na Minani JMV

    2.Ukurikiye ibisubizo padri yahaye J Claude ku bibazo by’insobe yamubazaga, urasanga padri afite igitugu kirenze icya Kagame Paulo. Aravuga ko ntawamubuza kwifatira amazina y’abantu nka Ingabire na Mushayidi akabandika muri listi ya leta ye . Ngo ntabwo abo banyapolitiki bafunzwe ari propriete prive y’amashyaka baturukamo.


    Arakomeza akavuga ko izo mfungwa zikwiye kwitabwaho na Leta ye…Mbese wagira ngo imfungwa nka Victoire na Mushayidi babuze ubitaho, akaba ari Leta ye igiye kubafasha.

    Aka ni agasuzuguro gakabije ku barwanashyaka ba FDU na PDP Imanzi, kuko ndahamya ko aba barwanashyaka ntacyo basiga inyuma mu kubungabunga ubuzima bwa bariya balideri b’amashyaka yabo..

    Padri se yaba yararushije iki aba bantu mu gufasha ziriya nfungwa??? None ngo kubafasha ni ukubashyira muri leta ye nta wabimwemereye???

    Aka ni agasuzuguro kageretseho ubushinyaguzi..Ese kuki yahisemo Mushayidi na Voctoire gusa nibo yabonye yafasha bonyine (niba gufasha ari ukwandikwa kuri lisiti ya leta ye??) None ba Ntaganda ba Niyitegeka, n’abandi ntibaharanira UKULI no kwishyira ukizana????? Mubyibazeho……Victoire na Mushayidi umenya hari uwabamutumye!!!!


    Abantu batarebye neza iyi leta ishobora guhungabanya (kurushaho) ubuzima bwa bariya banyapolitiki bafunze.

    Abantu barafunzwe, bazira kamama, imanza zabo u Rwanda rutobatoba ngo barababuranisha mu bugome bukabije, zerekana ko u Rwanda ruba rushakashaka ikintu cyose bakwitwaza ngo babahuhure.

    None Leta y’icyaduka ibakoreye undi musaraba ngo bari muri guvernema yo kubohora u Rwanda batagishijwe inama ntacyo babiziho, batazi iyo Nahimana akura izo plans ze..mbese urebye ntawamenya n’ikihishe inyuma yiri tekinika.

    None padri bamubaza impanvu yabikoze akishaririza ngo we afite droit ku buzima bwa Mushayidi na Victoire.

    Iki gitugu nakibonanye Rukokoma ( wasenye MDR akaba arimo no gusenya FDLR nubwo yigira nyoni nyinshi). Iki gitugu tukibonana Kagame n’abicanyi be bashaka ku ngufu gushyira abantu bose mu kigare cye FPR bakoresheje itekinika ry’amoko mesnhi. Ariko umenya abo bombi padiri agiye kubarusha ..

    Babandi rero bavuga ngo padiri nibamureke yigeragereze, nibasigeho. Padiri akwiye gusabwa ubudahagarara ko igitugu cye yakivana ku mashyaka y’abandi kugeza babigezeho.

    Ikigaragara nuko no mu ishyaka rye agomba kuba akoresha iterabwoba ntihagire uhingutsa igitekerezo gitandukanye n’icye….

    Nibaza niba aramutse abaye peresida w’u Rwanda hari icyo yarusha abanyagitugu baruyobora ubungubu.

    Tubitege amaso


    Umunyarwanda yagize ati iyihuse yabyaye ibihumye, bishatse kuvuga ko iyo imbwa ibwegetse,ukubwegeka kwayo ntigutinda ihita ibwagura, uko kudatinda ibibwana bisohoka bihumye, mu gihe gutwita kw’abantu kumara amezi 9 babyara impinja zikavuka zisa neza kandi ubona zidahmye nubwo ziba zibona ibikezikezi, ziba yitandukanye n’imbwa ibwagura yihuse. Uyu mugani nanone nawucira Padiri Thomas Nahimana, wirukanse cyane ashaka ubutegetsi, bikaba birangiye abuze epfo na ruguru, none akaba ahisemo gushinga icyo we nabo bafatanije bise Leta yo mu buhungiro, iyi leta nkaba nayigereranya na bya bibwana bivuka mu gihe kihuse cyane, kuko uko nyibona mbona nta mirebere yayo , ndetse nkaba nanahamya rwose ko nayo ubwayo itabona neza impamvu igiyeho, nimpamvu yitwa ityo kuko itujuje ibigenderwaho  hashingwa Leta nyayo aribyo.

    1.Igihugu abagize iyo Leta bagomba gukoreramo kandi bisanzuye banafite abaturage bahagije babashyigikiye.

    2.Umutungo wo gukoresha muri iyo Leta.

    3.Inzego zose zigiye ubutegetsi, arizo Nshingategeko , Nyubahirizategeko, n’Ubucamanza.

    4.Abagize iyi Leta abenshi muribo ntibashinga nabo ubwabo, ntaho abenshi bigeze bayobora ngo babe bafite ubumenyi bujyanye n’ibihe bikomeye abanyarwanda bagezemo,kuko aho bigeze ubu urwanda rufite ibibazom bisaba abahanga mu bumenyi no mu migirire biri ku rwego rwo guhangana n’ibibazo byo FPR Inkotanyi zashoyemo u Rwanda n’abanyarwanda. Ibihe bikomeye biba bisaba abisubizo bikomeye, n’abantu bakomeye, aba rero bagize iyi Leta baranogekaye cyane kuburyo ntacyo batugezaho twe abaturage twibabariye.

    Ingero natanga zigaragaza ko iyi Leta ntaho yerekeza abanyarwanda, itanakwiye kwitwa Leta ziri muri izi ngingo zikurikira.

    Padiri GASPARD  Ntakirutimana, wagizwe Ministre wo gutuza abantu n’ibikorwa remezo, kandi ibizwi ubu, nuko abarizwa mu nkambi y’abantu basaba ubuhungiro aho acumbikiwe mu burayi, none se ni gute umuntu nawe yaba akishakisha ngo abone aho acumbikirwa , akaba ashinzwe gutuza abantu batuye mu Rwanda kandi nawe ari iyo gihera?
    Gufata Abdallah Akishuri, ukamugira Ministre w’intebe, ubwo koko uba udatesheje agaciro iyo Leta niyo waba wayishyizeho koko ugamije ibyiza, nibura Thomas ntanareba ko Akishuli Abdallah nubwo adashoboye k’ubumenyi no kuyobora abantu b’amoko atandukanye atabishobora ugendeye kubitutsi yirirwa atuka abahutu kuri fecebook no munyandiko ze akwirakwiza ku mbuga zitandukanye no mu binyamakuru byandikirwa kuri za murandasi, none nibarize Thomas, nk’umuturage w’umuhutu, Abdallah ko yigeze kwandika ko Abahutu ntabwenge tugira, ubu kokoThomas yashingiye kuki kugirango amwite Ministre w’intebe kandi azi ko no mu Bufransa bumucumbikiye, iki ari icyaha gituma umutegetsi uwo ariwe wese yegura cg akeguzwa ku mirimo ye iyo bigaragaye ko yakoze iki cyaha, tuvuge se ko ari ubwenge twari dusanzwe tuzi kuri Padiri Nahimana Thomas burimo bugenda buvangirwa bigeze aha, byo kwitiranya umunyabyaha n’umuyobozi nyakuri? Uvanguramoko nigute yarengera uburenganzira bwa muntu,?Ni gute yatuma ubutegetsi cg ubutabera bukora bwisanzuye mu kurengera inyungu n’uburenganzira bwa buriwese?
    Gufata abantu bafunzwe, utanavuganye n’amashyaka bakomokamo, maze ukihandagaza ngo ubashyize muri iyo Leta y’amafuti, ubwo koko uba uhamije?Njye mbona aha harimo n’ubugome bukabije bwo gushaka gutesha agaciro abakishakisha ngo barebe uko bakemura ikibazo cy’abanyarwanda bageramiwe n’ingoyi y’ubutegetsi bubi bwa FPR inkotanyi.
    Muri makeya rero ntarambiranye , nkuko nabivuze mu nyandiko yanjye y’ubushize, abafana ba politiki ya Higamambereke, Mbarushigabo na Ninjyekamara bakansamira hejuru ngo nibeshye Nahimana Thomas ntarimo kuva nabi muri politiki, ndagirango nongere mbasubiriremo ko Thomas arimo ashyiraho akadomo ku rugendo rwe amazemo iminsi rwa politiki y’ikinyoma, uburiganya, no gushinyagura tutaretse n’ubugome ndengakamere bwamuranze muri urwo rugendo rwe, aho yacuzaga abantu utwabo ababeshya ko agiye kubacyura, none akaba abakinze mu maso baringa yise Leta, akabasiga ari abakene baramuhaye utwo bari barizigamiye.


    Narangiza mbwira abanyarwanda ngo ntibarangazwe n’ikinamico rya Nahimana Thomas, twakomeje kubibabwira bamwe barabyumva abandi barinangira ngo Thomas afite akajwi n’akarimi keza, bakiyibagiza ko na Shitani witwaga icyo gihe LUSUFERO, yashoboraga kuririmbira icyarimwe amajwi 7 kandi neza. Ijwi ryiza rero ntabwo ariryo rizakiza Rubanda, ahubwo rimwe rivuga Isi igatigita abantu bakihisha munsi  yibitanda, rimwe rivuga Kagame akumva akava munzu akajya mu mwobo, iryo niryo rizabohora rubanda. Muve kuri Thomas mugane rubanda rw’umucunguzi. Nubwo rutinda rwisuganya ariko igihe kizagera kandi umunsi uzaba umwe, maze uwahekwaga yigenze.

    Iyihuse yabyaye ibihumye.

    Nsengiyumva De Gaulle


    Mbese nkubu izi ntwali zacu nimfungwa za politic Thomas Nahimana yashyize mu nyandiko ze ngo ni Govenem ye ikorera mubuhungiro baramutse hari icyo babaye nkubu uyu mugabo yajya hehe? Ko ariwe waba abicishije? Uyu mugabo yahubutse mubu Padri aje kwicisha intwali Victoire Ingabire na Deo Mushaidi? Yariye amafranga yimpunzi meshi cyane atabarika abeshya impunzi ko ari ku bakorera politic yo kubacyura iwabo mu rwanda mumahoro none ararangiye ageretseho no kwicisha infungwa zacu? Yewe numva ngo abahutu bazi kubabarira da! Nakomeze azumirwa. Ntacyo mvuze.


    Iyi guverinoma ya Akishuli Abdallah na Thomas Nahimana yashinganwe ikinyoma n’ubucabiranya bukomeye nk’ubu bwo kwigabiza amazina y’intwali zacu nka Victoire Ingabire na Deo Mushayidi bakayanduza bayashyira mu byondo ndabona nta mahirwe izagira. Ntabwo wakubakira mu itekinika n’ubucabiranya ngo uzagire aho ugera. Njye mbona Thomas afite akabazo gakomeye ko kutumva inama z’abandi. Twaramubwiye rwose ngo yihangane areke guhubuka abanze avugane n’andi mashyaka kandi imishyikirano n;abandi niyemeze ko guverinoma atari ngombwa bashoboraga no gukora Coalition cga commission bagakorera hamwe singombwa guverinoma dore ko guverinoma itagira igihugu cga agace k’igihugu ntacyo iba ivuze. Uyu padiri njye mbona yifitiye ibye bibazo kabisa kuko simpamya ko no mu Ishema abasha kumva inama z’abandi. Aha natanga urugero rwa Docteur Bahunga wabonye ibya padiri atabishobora agakuramo ake Karenge, hari na MUkamurenzi Jeanne n’ubwo bitavugwa neza ariko kuba nta mwanya yafashe muri Guverinoma hari icyo bivuga.
    Thomas rero yaraguhubukiye atangira gushaka gushimuta bamwe mu bayoboke b’andi mashyaka aho kuvuga n’ayo mashyaka, abonye bimunaniye uretse abagore nka ba 3 yabashije gushimuta gusa, yahisemo noneho gushimuta amzina y’imfungwa za politique z’andi mashyaka. Ese padiri yabonaga yafata Mme Ingabire akamushgyira muri guverinoma batavuganye cga ngo avugane n’ishyaka ayoboye ariyo FDU- Inking akabona byamuhira? Ese yaboonaga yafata izina rya Deo Mushayidi batavuganye cga ngo avugane na PDP Imanzi akuva bishoboka?
    Umva hari aho nagiye mfa kumva padiri Thomas Nahima, ariko aha ho rwose naramugaye cyane kandi mbona uwamushutse yaramuhemukiye cyane kuko iki kintu atagiye kukarubanda ngo agisobanure kandi anavane ariya mazina muri guverinoma ye bizakomeza gufatwa nk’ubugambanyi. Mbona ashobora kuba yarakoreshejwe na FPR kugirango ibone uko ikanira urubakwiye Ingabire na Mushayidi.
    Ese Thomas kuko nta wundi muntu wo mu Rwanda yashyize muri guverinoma nta muyoboke n’umwe agirayo? Kuki none yahisemo gutanga abayobozi b;’andi mashyaka ngo aribo bakanirwa urubakwiye? Ibi bitiswe ubugome byakwitwa iki kindi?
    Inshuti cga abakunda padiri Thomas Nahimana na bagenzi be bakwiriya kubagira inama yo kwitandukanya n’uyu mugambi mubishya wo gushaka kwicisha izi ntwali zacu.


    Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP ryamagana imyitwarire idahwitse ya Nahimana Tomasi w’Ishema Party

    Nahimana Tomasi nawe aratekinika nka FPR ya Kagame:

    Itangazo no 001/OP.F/02/17 ry’ Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP ryamagana imyitwarire idahwitse ya Nahimana Tomasi w’Ishema Party yo guca inyuma ISANGANO-FPP ashyira Madame Spéciose Mujawayezu muri Leta ye. Turatanga kandi igitekerezo cy’uburyo andi mashyaka yaha ikizere gishya abanyarwanda mu bufatanye.

    Banyarwanda, ncuti z’u Rwanda,

    Nyuma yo kubona urutonde rw’abagize ikitwa Guverinoma y’u Rwanda ikorera mu buhungiro iyobowe na Nahimana na Akishuli. Kuri urwo rutonde hakaba hariho na Madame Spéciose Mujawayezu wari, guhera tariki ya 10 Gashyantare 2014 Umunyamabanga Mukuru w’ishyaka ISANGANO-ARRDC ryaje guhinduka Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP nyuma y’ukwibumbira hamwe n’umutwe w’ingabo Force pour la Protection du Peuple (FPP).

    1) Dukurikije ko Madame Spéciose Mujawayezu ari umwe muri batanu bari bagize Présidium ni ukuvuga urwego rukuru rw’umuryango ISANGANO-FPP akaba yari afite ishingano zitoroshye umuryango wamushinze harimo nko kubika amabanga y’umuryango, inyandiko z’imbere mu muryango, inyandiko-mvugo z’inama za Bureau Central by’umuryango, amabaruwa y’ibanga, amatangazo rusange n’ibindi bifitiye umuryango akamaro (Ref: 009/ISAN-BC 02/14),

    2) Dukurikije ko ikifuzo cya Nahimana n’ishyaka rye Ishema cyo gushyiraho Leta twacyumvise mu bitangazamakuru nk’abandi bose umuryango ISANGANO-FPP ukaba nta butumire, nta mikoranire ya hafi cyangwa ubundi bufatanye runaka hagati y’ISHEMA n’umuryango wacu,

    3) Dushingiye ko ku munsi wejobundi hashize tariki 19/02/2017 aribwo Madame Spéciose Mujawayezu yandikiye Umuyobozi Mukuru w’ISANGANO-FPP ubutumwa bugufi kuri Watsapp amumenyesha icyemezo cye cyo gusezera ku Bunyamabanga Bukuru bw’ISANGANO,

    4) Dushingiye kandi ko inama y’i Paris ya Nahimana yatangiye tariki 17/02/2017 biragaragaza ko Madame Spéciose Mujawayezu yayitabiriye akiri mu buyobozi mw’ISANGANO-FPP, akajya muri iyo nama rwihishwa abyumvikanyeho na Nahimana,

    5) Dushingiye ku mpamvu yuko abandi mu bagize Présidium y’umuryango ISANGANO-FPP bari batarabasha kubona umwanya wo kuganira no kwemeza burundu ugusezera kwa Madame Spéciose Mujawayezu ku mwanya w’ubuyobozi mw’ISANGANO-FPP, Mujawayezu we huti huti akamera nka wa wundi wabonye isha itamba,

    Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP uratangariza abanyarwanda n’incuti z’u Rwanda ibi bikurikira:

    -Turagaya bikomeye imikorere, ikinyoma n’itekinika, guhuzagurika no guca inyuma andi mashyaka bya Nahimana Tomasi bigamije kurangaza no gushaka gutesha agaciro abayobora amashyaka batumva ibintu kimwe na Nahimana,

    Iyi ngeso ya Nahimana yo guca inyuma amashyaka yizeza bamwe mu bayoboke bayo ubuhendabana si iya none kuko hari n’ubundi Nahimana yigeze kugerageza imikino nk’iyi biramupfubana.

    – Turagaya kandi igitekerezo cya Leta itazanarenga umutaru kandi tugasaba ko yamaganirwa kure n’abanyarwanda benshi kuko iyi mikorere nk’iyi ya Nahimana ntaho itandukaniye n’imikorere y’ikinyoma n’itekinika biranga ingoma ya FPR-Inkotanyi,

    -Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP uramenyesha abanyarwanda ko Madame Spéciose Mujawayezu adahagarariye na gato inyungu z’Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP, we yagiye muri Leta ya Nahimana ku nyungu ze bwite nta nshigano namba yahawe n’ Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP,

    Kujya mu rindi shyaka ni uburenganzira bwa Madame Spéciose Mujawayezu ariko icyo Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP ugayaho Madame Spéciose Mujawayezu ni uburyo n’igihe abikozemo.

    -Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP urongera kwibutsa abanyarwanda ko aho duhagaze ku bijyanye n’ingirwamatora itegurwa na Leta ya FPR muri uyu mwaka wa 2017 bitahindutse nkuko twabitangaje mu itangazo no 005/OP. F/05/15 ryo kuwa 5/05/2015.

    -Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP uributsa kandi Nahimana Tomasi ko mbere yo gukatisha amatike y’indege no kujya mu matora na Kagame yabanza agasubiza amaso inyuma akibuka ibyo FPR-Inkotanyi yakoreye inzirakarengane z’abasenyeri n’abapadiri baboneye izuba padiri Tomasi,

    -Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP ukamusaba ko yarekeraho gukina amakinamico yose arimo gukinira ku banyarwanda, ndetse byaba byiza Nahimana akemera gusaba imbabazi ku makosa yose n’ibihimbano byose ari gukora muri politiki,

    -Ikindi kintu gikomeye dusaba abari mu mashyaka n’imiryango ikora politiki muri opposition ni ukudaha agaciro no kutarangazwa niyi mikino yose ya Nahimana bayitaho igihe cyabo. Twe mu ISANGANO-FPP dunafite ibimenyetso ku magambo Nahimana we yivugiye ubwe abwira umwe mu nkoramutima ze mu ntangiriro za Mata 2014 ko we (Nahimana) mu by’ukuri atazajya mu Rwanda kwiyamamaza,

    Banyarwanda ncuti, mumenye ko biriya byose Nahimana arimo akora byo gukatisha amatike y’indege, kugarukira za Nayirobi na Bruxelles byose ni amacenga ya Nahimana,

    – Ku banyarwanda basanzwe batari muri politiki mumenye neza ko niba umuntu nka Nahimana akomeje gukina iyi mikino ngo yo kujya mu matora ubwo nyine we yemera ko nayo matora abaho!? Biteye kwibaza byinshi ku muntu nkawe wiyitirira kuba muri opposition,

    -Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP usanga ntacyo bimaze guhagararana na Kagame mu matora y’igitugu we ubwe azi neza ikizayavamo mu gihe Abenegihugu baboshywe nta bwinyagamburiro n’uruvugiro bafite ariko umupadiri witwa Nahimana we yumva ko azabakuriraho Kagame akoresheje gusoma misa no kujya kuryama mu bibuga by’indege. Ibi byitwa ubutesi buvanze n’icyo abanyarwanda bita ubupfayongo. Nta muntu n’umwe ushyira mu kuri wese wakwiyumvisha ko gukuraho Kagame ari ukujya gutera imbabazi mu bibuga by’indege Nayirobi cyangwa Brusseli: Rwanda wagushije ishyano!

    -Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP urongera kwibutsa abanyarwanda ko igishishikaje abayobozi b’ISANGANO-FPP atari imyanya ya politiki ko ahubwo icyo dushyize imbere ya byose ari ukubanza kubohora u Rwanda n’abanyarwanda ku butegetsi bubi bwa FPR-Inkotanyi hakaboneka uruvugiro,

    -Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP nta na rimwe wigeze wanga gufatanya n’andi mashyaka mu gihe byakorwa mu bwubahane nta gushaka kwishyira hejuru nka Nahimana Tomasi,

    -Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP urasaba andi mashyaka ya opposition kwamaganira kure iriya ngirwa Leta ya Nahimana kuko nta kindi igamije uretse kurangaza no kwerekana ko ntacyo andi mashyaka amaze cyangwa ashoboye.

    – Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP usanga umushinga wo kubohora u Rwanda n’abanyarwanda nta shyaka na rimwe cyangwa agatsiko k’abantu bake bashobora uwo mushinga bonyine hatabayeho ubufatanye n’ubwuzuzanye mu bikorwa bw’abantu b’ingeri zitandukanye,

    – Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP urasanga byihutirwa guhura kw’andi mashyaka hagashakwa ubwumvikane mu gushyiraho Inama y’igihugu y’abaharanira impinduka mu 2017 na nyuma yaho (National Assemby on what to be done in 2017 and beyond). Iyi nama y’igihugu yatumirwamo abakuru b’amashyaka ya politiki yifuza kugira icyo akora gifatika mu 2017, imiryango idaharanira inyungu za politiki, abapolitiki batari mu mashyaka, abihayimana n’abayobora amadini, abashakashatsi, abanyeshuri mu mashuri makuru atandukanye, abasirikari, abakozi bakora mu bigo bitandukanye, urubyiruko, abanyamahanga bifuza gufasha abanyarwanda kwibohora, n’abandi bifuza impinduka mu 2017 na nyuma yaho,

    -Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP usanga guhuriza hamwe aba bantu b’ingeri zitandukanye muri iyo nama yaguye ariyo nzira yatuma ijwi rya politiki na diplomasi rya oppositiom byumvikana neza mu mahanga.

    -Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP urangije wizeza abanyarwanda ko uri gukora ibishoboka byose kandi ko nta kabuza muri uyu mwaka 2017 uzabagaragariza igikorwa gikomeye mu guhangana niriya Leta ya FPR.

    -Umuryango ISANGANO-FPP ukaba urangije unasaba abari mu gisirikare cy’u Rwanda bifuza guhagarara ku ruhande rwo kurengera abanyarwanda kubigaragaza inzira zikigendwa.

    Bikozwe tariki ya 21/02/2017

    Jean Marie Vianney Minani,

    Umuyobozi Mukuru w’ISANGANO-FPP



    Hari invugo imaze kurambirana yabantu bamwe ivuga ngo NTACYO MWE MUKORA NONE MUREKE NAHIMANA YIGERAGEREZE
    Abavuga batya ni ba bandi bicara bagategereza ko hagira ugira ibyo yivurugutamo bagira Imana yagabana nka bariya ba Rucagu na ba Evode wenda akajya abamanyuriraho.
    Ntacyo bimaze kwirukanka ukora politiki igaragaramo amafuti nkaya akabwana ngo ngaha urerekana ko urushije abandi ibikorwa
    Niba isi yaraduhagurukiye ikaba ishaka gusa ko dukorera Mpatsibihugu nabaja bayo nka Kagame nabicanyi be umuti si uguhurura muli iyo ntumbero ngo nibwo butwari…
    Aho gukora nkibi Nahimana akora birutwa no gukomeza tugahanyanyaza dukoresha intwaro z UKULI nubwo abaduhonyora batazikozwa.Ariko amaherezo zizavamo intwaro bazunva. Ibyo bigomba PERSEVERANCE PATIENCE and COURAGE. Abatemera ko izi vertus ari ngombwa nibatomere inyuma ya Nahimana bazamugwe inyuma ntanicyo bagezeho usibye kudukereza mu rugamba kuko nibyo Mpatsibihugu yabatumye. Ariko abaza tena (tenir) mu Ukuli kwabo bakarwana batinubira igihe nibikomere LEUR VICTOIRE EST CERTAINE



    Nyamara uyu Padri Nahimana iyo aza kwikomereza akanyamakuru ke Umuhanuzi nkuko yagatangije agakomeza no gusomera misa abakristu, ubu aba ari umuntu wubashwe cyane.
    None iliya Leta ye yo mu kirere ihinduye ibintu isupu pee! Dore amashyaka yashimutiye abayoboke ariho aramuvumira ku gahera. Mu Rwanda naho biravugwa ko ngo abari bamutegereje batangiye kurebwa nabi, bituma bamwe barimo Saidati n’abandi baratangiye kumwihakana. Ubu se abaye uwande?