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    The Burundi Hutu Genocide

    Already well before 1972, other events, such as those of 1965 and 1969 which consisted, once again, to persecute the hutus had already taken place.
    What are the facts? On 15 January 1965, the prime minister burundians of origin hutu, Pierre Ngendandumwe is killed by extremists tutsis first of all because of the post that occupied this first but mostly because he was hutu. The murder that occurred at a time when ngendandumwe was going to visit his wife who had just given birth but he had no time to see her since he was shot down in front of the entrance of the hospital louis rwagasore. A witness later said he saw someone run away shouting: “ndaguhaye jewe umwana w ‘ Abatutsi” (I got you, me, child of the tutsi). It is to clarify that for a long time, the hutu burundian rarely had access to the posts in responsibility, and for that reason it was unthinkable for some tutsi have a prime minister hutu.

    Then, there was a coup during the month of October 1965 by Lieutenant-General Michel Micombero, a member of the uprona party (Union for national progress) to tutsi majority, which by this coup became the first president Of Burundi. It’s at the time of his arrival in power that the real massacres against the hutu begin. Following this coup, members of Parliament, senior officials, gendarmes, soldiers and senators are arrested and killed. Hutu of very influential in burundi society such as Paul Mirerekano, an activist for social justice and democracy, are killed. There will be in 1965 more than 10 000 hutu killed as well as 2000 Hutu refugees.

    On 15 March 1972 a plot hutu is denounced. This plot, would be, according to some sources to execute any person who would participate at a party officers organized in bujumbura. As soon as that day, some hutu are monitored very closely.

    The Former King, ntawe v, hit by the coup instigated by Michel Micombero in 1965 is reduced to bujumbura while he was hitherto refugee in Uganda. He is accused of wanting to topple the republic and restore the monarchy. Then, the president at the time, micombero has his government certainly by fear that there are “Traitors” around him.

    On 26 April 1972, an assembly of the uprona party imposes to all those who have not yet joined the jrrr (revolutionary youth rwagasore) to do so immediately. It is requested to president micombero to establish a law which establishes the supremacy of the uprona party.

    On 27 April 1972, weapons are distributed to intellectuals tutsis and all influencers in the mass. However, fortunately or unfortunately, weapons are distributed, by mistake, a few hutu.

    On 29 April 1972, the distribution of weapons ends at bururi (province consisting mainly of the tutsi population). Subsequently, the king ntare v will be executed in the night of 29 April 1972 by men of which we still don’t know the identity.

    On 1 May 1972, the radio of bujumbura declares on the antennas that fighting are ongoing in the south of burundi; fighting including the actors would be the mulelistes, originating in Zaire, assisted by the monarchists burundian and rwandan . Any gathering of more than three persons is prohibited.

    On 2 May 1972, the radio announces that we must denounce all troublemakers. The revolt of course is attributed to the hutu and the purpose is to mobilize the hutus against the tutsis, but also for that Tanzania, the oau (organization of African unity, functional from 1963 to 2002) as well as the community International React in order to help the tutsi in their plan.

    What was the purpose of this genocide?

    The goal was really to eliminate the population hutu, in part at least. There was a clear determination of absolutely eliminate all intellectual hutu located in burundi at that time, in order to prevent them from mount socially. Nevertheless this genocide had also intended to eradicate the head of state so that the country is immersed in the confusion and anger. It should be pointed out that in the end, it’s not the head of state at the time Michel Micombero who was killed but the ex-head of state ntare v born Charles Ndizeye (SON OF KING MWAMBUTSA IV).

    Methods Used to kill

    During the first three days and according to the regions, the people were shot because he had to move fast in order to exterminate all senior officials hutu. Then, some of them were killed with Bamboo, as well as machetes and clubs; others were buried alive, the bayonet was used to kill some students; others were stifled in cinemas over-manned, torn or impaled (that is, To say into the anuses a stake through the body).

    The lists

    As in most of the genocide, the lists are drawn up in advance so that we know what are the people that we desperately need you to eliminate. The lists of officials, business leaders, officials, owners of accounts in the savings or the post office, employees, workers, servants and influencers in the population hutu had been established for a long time. Women were disembowelled for that children never see the day. As for the little bit of hutu who were in the army, their fate was known in advance. In Schools, these are the students tutsis who denounced and set lists of their colleagues. As for the peasants, they knew each other between them and knew who was what ethnicity. Their elimination was so easy.

    So since the 1st of may 1972 and this for more than two months, trucks loaded with corpses and prisoners concealed under the tarps walked in the streets of bujumbura. There is no doubt that these trucks were heading to the mass graves where the bulldozers, covered them from the earth. Balance Sheet? More than 300 000 dead.

    The attitude of the population

    The Tutsi population had nothing to fear to the extent that it was not covered by this genocide. Furthermore some tutsi do not hesitated to denounce or make a list of hutu that needed to be torn down.

    For the people hutu people it was save him-who-can. Some hutus were forced to denounce others because they were forced to do so. Others were driven to execute their brothers or their children. Those who could have fled in other countries.

    As for the clergy, he was not gentle with the population hutu. Some men of the church have not hesitated to support this genocide, such as the bishop of bujumbura, Michel Ntuyahaga, or even the Archbishop of Burundi, André Manirakiza.

    The attitude of the international community

    The outside world has learned of the existence of this genocide after his course and that because all the tracks had been painstakingly erased. There was no trace of a body or blood. That being said, the outside world was horrified by learning by after what had happened. The Belgian Prime Minister, Gaston Eyskens, the time will the events that happened in burundi of genocide. As for the United Nations, she’ll talk about… tragedy.



    N’umubabaro kubarundi kuko bubuze umugabo w’ijunja n’ijambo umugabo y’akoze ibikorinka mumakungu n’omugihugu c’iwe c’uburundi .

    Antime agiye tukimukeneye umutimbo rurangiranwa.

    Tubibutse ko antine amagara y’iwe y ari y’ifashe n’abi aho y’ararwariye mubitaro biri aha mugisagara ca Bujumbura kuri hôpital roi khaled mukamenge .

    Tubabajwe n’urupfu gwiwe y’andikiwe kuja kw’ivuriza mugihugu c’ubuhindi ariko suko vyagenze bivanye no kubura uburyo aca avurizwa aha muburundi .

    Antime apfiriye ukuboko kwabagabo afise imyaka 91 (91 ans).

    Uburundi bwabuze inararibonye mu karanga k-ingoma mu Burundi.

    Umutama akaba n-umuvuzi w-ingoma Antime Baranshakaje yaraye yitavye Imana mw-ijoro ry-uyu w- Imana mu bitaro vyitiriwe umwami Kaled mu Kamenge.

    Antime Baranshakaje yaramenyekanishije Uburundi mu makungu abicishije mu karanga k-ingoma.

    Antime Baranshakaje,umunya Gishora mu ntara ya Gitega,yari amaze amezi arenga ane agwarijwe mu bitaro,abanganga bakaba bari bamwandikiye ko ajanwa mu bindi bihugu kuvuzwa.

    Murumva n’ibintu bibabaje.

    Imana imwakire mubwami bwayo .

    R.I.P antime ugiye uburundi bukigukeneye




    The purchase of mobile phones must be done in the shops or in houses well known who issue invoices, to avoid buy stolen phones”, said on Thursday at the abp, Mr. Emmanuel Misago, in charge of the communication and information to the agency of regulation and control of telecommunications (Arct). He did know that in order to fight against the theft of mobile phones, the arct made a meeting with the operators of mobile telephony and the police to agree on the system to fight against the theft and protect consumers and That the system and the process of finding of mobile phones stolen and to stop the thieves.
    Mr. Misago has also indicated that the arct took the decision to align all the numbers already stolen phones on the web site of the arct (www arct.com. Bi), in the menu consumers and information. He said again that the one who stole a phone can directly contact the police, in order to have a requisition to expert to deliver to the arct for a under cover. By then, the victim of theft can occur in the operator of his mobile phone for the rest of the investigations. This system is also used for other crimes like the killings and the theft of other goods.
    Has the question of the fears that are circulating on social networks, according to which the ministry in charge of the interior started to listen to the phone conversations, Mr. Misago Belieth and claims that this would be to cut off the internet, which is not an option in burundi. He also added that regulate the social networks to curb the mess in the communication would be a new platform which is not yet functional, if necessity there will be, the population will be informed.



    Amatora y'indongozi za CNDD-FDD cellule Western Cape muri Cape Town, South Africa

    Amatora y’indongozi za CNDD-FDD cellule Western Cape muri Cape Town, South Africa. Congratulations kuri team yatowe.



    Hari Ibanga Rikomeye Bamujeri Batazi, Umugambwe CNDD-FDD Washize Imbere Imana Muvyo Ukora Vyose Nico Gituma Imana Ibana Nuwo Mugambwe Ikawutsindanishiriza, Ntamujeri Ishobora Kwihanga Umugambwe Ukunda Imana Iyo Mujeri Ngo Igire Amahoro. Ukunesha Abansi Kwa CNDD-FDD Kuva Ku Mana.



    Intwari Zo Mu Ntara Za Bubanza, Kayanza, Muyinga, Kirundo, Makamba, Ngozi, Cibitoke Murikanure Umwansi Arikwafuruguta Ngo Yinjire Mug’ Igihugu Akinjira Nikwakundi Kwo Mu Cibitoke Mumyaka Ya 2014 na 2015. Hari Ubuheze Aho Hakurya I Kongo Vyananiyeko Bwinjira Mu Cibitoke. Mucunge Neza Uruja Nuruza Kumabarabara No Kumipaka.




    A. Gitega
    1. Mgr Gihimbare Gabriel
    2. Abbé Emile Ndigiriye
    3. Abbé Karenzo Théophile
    4. Abbé Barampama André
    5. Abbé Samandari Thomas
    6. Abbé Ngeza Gabriel

    B. Ngozi
    1. Abbé Ndarukerege Gervais
    2. Abbé Girukwigomba Sébastien
    3. Abbé Kayehe Pascal
    4. Abbé Simbandumwe Marcel
    5. Abbé Nsaguye Jerome

    C. Bujumbura
    1. Abbé Muteragiranwa F.xavier
    2. Abbé Gahungu Marc
    3. Abbé Hakizimana Astère
    4. Abbé Nzeyimana Donatien
    5. Abbé Nikoyagize Joseph
    6. Abbé Bivanda Melchior

    D. Muyinga
    1. Abbé Gakwavu Martin
    2. Abbé Ntirampeba Paul
    3. Abbé Ruhaya Protais
    4. Abbé Kayoya Michel

    Etc, etc



    Umu Patriote Numuntu Y’ Itangira Igihugu, Akarwanya Uwowese Ashaka Kuvyonga Igihugu. Mukwitangira Igihugu Ntanyungu Ziwe Ashira Imbere Kandi Igihugu Kibuze Aba Patriotes Umwansi Yoca Yigira Ivyashaka. Aba Patriotes Mwese Aho Muri Mucunge Uruja Nuza Kuko Hariko Hakorwa Utunama Twabamujeri Bashaka Kuvyonga Igihugu.



    Hon. Godeliève Nininahazwe, one of Cndd-Fdd Abagumyabanga powerful figures

    Truly powerful people are not concerned about their power, but about being in a position of being able to empower others. Truly, generous people are often successful in their life. Not just at work or in the community, but in their personal lives as well.
    🔷Generous People are More Relaxed
    🔷Generous People are willing to Work Hard
    🔷Generous People are Kind People
    🔷Generous People are Free People
    🔷Generous People are Confident People
    🔷Generous people are faithful and loyal
    🔷Generous people are free to do what they wish, and have what they want because their happiness and success is not dependent on what they keep, but more on what they give away to others: Moral and physical support, knowledge and opportunities .



    Nancy Ninette Mutoni

    This is a ‘Brilliant Young Mind’, Gifted. Nancy Ninette Mutoni!

    I make this call to all women: Stand up, say no to politicization of Human Rights by the UNHumanRights HC Zeid Ra’ad Hussein!



    Ngo yitwa patiri Heremenegilidi(Hermès), arangurira ubutumwa ku kirimba ca Bikira Mariya ku musozi mweranda wa Gikungu(Mont Sion Gikungu), Bujumbura Mairie.

    Abakirisu bagiye mû misa ku wa gatanu mweranda baraye batakaje ukwemera.
    Ngo patiri Hermès yaragirije abatwara uburundi KO ari abicanyi, KO ataho bataniye n’abasogose Yezu, abasabira amahano ku Mana ngo bazopfe nabi.

    Kandi hemwe ngo papa wiwe yoba yapfuye mû gwimo rwateguwe na Micombero muri 1972, gwahoneje abahutu bincabwenge(harimwo aba patiri,abafurera,ababikira,abadandaza,abasoda,abanyeshure bakuru,…).
    Mbega hoho yoba yibuka iryo Simoni Ntamwana(Musenyeri mukuru wa Gitega) yavuze muri 2015 muri Paruwasi Murayi i Gitega? #Sindumuja. Mbega yemwe uwo nawe yoba yababatirije izina rishasha irihe? Abicanyi.

    Nibuka KO muri Theologia banyigishije amajambo yitwa EX OPERE OPERATO na EX OPERE OPERANTIS. kandi KO umusaserdoti ari inzira(Canal) inema n’ikigongwe vy’Imana bicamwo mû gushikira abana b’Imana. Nibaza nti mbega uwo mukundwa wa Rugira, Patiri Hermes ubwo yarashishoje aribaza ingaruka (moral) (social)(psychologique) (philosophique) ry’ijambo yashikirije aho buri mukristu aba yitavye uwa gatanu mweranda aba yaje kugira anywane na Rugira vyose???
    Aho gufasha abo bene Mana yabatay mûri dilemme, ababuza kwitegurira neza kwakira Pasika.
    Ndasavye abihebeye Imana mwese, mwirinde Kuba bâ Kivuye Edmond,(Kuri TV ITANGURIRO RY’IHEREZO(dont imodoka zurushengero rwiwe zafashwe zikoreye Ama pneu yo guturirira mw’ibarabara ngo biyamiriza mandat y’a #PapaBurundi.

    Ewe mwenewacu Patiri Hermès, uribuka KO unywa akayi, ukarya midi, ukarya soir,ukanywa akavinyu, ukambara neza, ukagura ibitoro, …mû mperezwa z’abo bakristu waraye wagirije KO ari abicanyi. Mbere tubivuge tubisubire waraye ubaciriye urubanza KO bakwiye gupfa.

    Mbega woba yasubiriye Imana? Mbega mw’iseminari muvyo wize mû gusigura Ijambo ry’Imana woba warizemwo KO ton homélie(Homelitique) est “rendre le jugement? Accuser et accuser? Ou acculer les chrétiens à abandonner le mal pour ne faire que du bien certainement, et tu sais que quand l’être humain se sent trahi et agressé dans son for intérieur, que devient-il(Souviens-toi de la Philosophie des Athées : Stoïcisme, athéisme,…)

    Mon frère, A. Hermes, #MontSionGikungu, convertis-toi et crois à l’Évangile.

    Banza wihane imbere yo gutunga agatoki abandi. Mainant, rien n’est caché. On connaît tout.
    Hahahahaha, nos followers muradutunga ,nta kundi, ni kubera twumva yabujije amahoro abakunda uburundi basengeye kuri mont Sion vendredi saint bidoga ari benshi ngo yarabatirimukije.



    Burundian Traditional Drummer Antime

    Below, Cndd-Fdd General Secretary and his spouse Honoring the late famous Burundian Traditional Drummer Antime – The time before the burial-Rest In Peace Antime.




    Agafaranga karafasha, ariko burya Umugenzi mwiza ni urya aguha «Impanuro nziza, ivyiyumviro vyiza»-Ndabashimiye cane!



    Korera Igihugu, Itangire Igihugu Higa Mujeri Ahiri Hose Mpaka Uyituze. Ndipfuza Kubona Abana Bavuka Ubu Gusanga Igihugu Caratunganijwe Neza Na S E Pierre Nkurunziza Mukurwiza Amashure, Amavuriro, Kuvuza Abana Kubuntu Nabagore, Kwigisha Abana Kubuntu, Kwubaka Ingomero Zumuyagankuba Nokwubaka Amabarabara. S E Pierre Nkurunziza Guma Kwi Vola Abenegihugu Isinzi Turi Inyuma Yawe. Aho Wadukuye Turahazi Sinzi Nka Docteur Minani, Domitien, Sylvestre, Jéremie, Leonidace, Onésime, Pie Ntavyohanyuma, Gervais Rufyikiri Batibuka Ayo Twabonye Aho Hambere. Hangama Kungoma Nyakubahwa.



    The dermatologist seyed naser emadi, professor at the medical university of Tehran in #Iran, who just spent two weeks at the teaching hospital of king khaleid kamenge (Chuk) in the process of healing for free Diseases of the skin, has promised to open a specific clinical centre for diseases of the skin in bujumbura. He said on Wednesday, 19 April 2017, during an interview that he has granted to the abp.
    According to dr naser, during the period from 5 to 18 April 2017 he has just skip to chuk, on a total of 800 patients who had registered, around 350 patients were consulted and Treaties and the majority is healed despite a few complicated cases which require continued treatment. This treatment will be followed by two doctors burundians trained working at the chuk.
    Dr. Naser promised that in case of need, he will always be ready to come. Among the 350 patients treated, compared to the age, the majority were children, while the largest number was made up by women if one refers to the criterion kind. This is explained by the unhealthy environment that children and women attend often while in men, these infections often come from port of socks of poor quality and / or not treated, and the touch of their skins with some harmful products factories , explained m. Naser.
    As to the causes of these diseases, Mr. Naser the classifies in two broad categories: there are diseases of the skin due to infection Viral Sero-and those due to the various contamination by the landscape.
    According to the same doctor, saw the number of patients who were able to come get help in these two weeks, the burundian population needs a close follow-up in terms of treatment of diseases of the skin, where its prospects for creating a clinical centre Who will be supplied from Iran to treat diseases of the skin.
    This centre will focus on three activities namely the training of doctors and practitioners, research, as well as the treatment by equipment specific to this area, has concluded mr. Naser.

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