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    Assassination of gapyisi Emmanuel by the rpf

    18/5/1993 ” this is the date that the president of the commission Politics of and chairman of the forum ” peace and democracy “, Emmanuel Gapyisi, was murdered by the commandos Of the Apr directed by the p / Jo2 Charles Ngomanziza under the orders of so karenzi karake. The cause of his assassination was d ‘ denouncing openly The project of the rpf to grab all the power. Of Emissaries were sent him to get his silence, But without success. Paul Kagame ordered his murder.
    The death of gapyisi has created a great confusion in The population. Most people believed that he had
    Been murdered by the presidential clan. Very few men, Claimed policies, without being able to provide proof, That was the RPF.


    Weapons caches by the rpf despite being integrated in the national army

    June-July-August 1993 ” the rpf ushered in Rwanda, from Uganda, quantity of weapons, ammunition and bombs Intended to create disorder (by acts of sabotage) In the country in case the merger of the two armies would be Decided. These weapons were hidden in kinyabishenge in Municipality of butaro (Ruhengeri), bungwe in common Of Cyumba (Byumba), kaniga and cyondo in Municipality of kiyombe (Byumba) and karama in common Of Muvumba (Byumba).


    Paul Kagame, Bosco Kazura. Patric Nyamvumba will have to answer all these crimes (crimes of genocide)

    Paul Kagame, Bosco Kazura. Patric Nyamvumba will have to answer all these crimes (crimes of genocide) on civilian populations of hutus no armies, in the communes rutare and giti tire: April-July 1994

    Rwanda: Prefecture of byumba The rpf has committed massacres systematic (crimes of genocide) on civilian populations of hutus no armies, In the municipalities rutare and giti tire: April-July 1994.


    Decision to slaughter all the hutu of byumba and kibungo

    14/3/1994: At mulindi, seat of the rpf, General-Major Kagame has LED a meeting bringing together the members of the high command (MHC), the commanders of the units Mobile, their deputies, the commanders of the specialized units, Brief almost all senior officers. The Meeting was intended to show everyone where he Should position his soldiers. Cards had been drawn And distributed during the meeting. It has been decided Clean of any element hutu the regions of byumba, Kibungo and umutara. To avoid the mess and lack Of professionalism in this operation, the work has Been entrusted to Colonel Kayumba Nyamwasa, Colonel Frank Mugambage, members of the personal guard Paul Kagame and maintainers of karama Training Wing (Boot Camp).




    Tugusaba guhindura amateka yacu nubuzima bwacu aho dutandukanya nubuntu, ubwiza, ubutungane.
    Tuyobore mu nzira yo kwanga ubugome bwose, ikinyoma, UMWIRYANE, kwikunda nubusambo.
    Tuyobore tube bashya kandi imbaraga zawe zidushoboze kubona ubwigenge nubutwari bituvana mu bucakara bwo gutegekwa nabaduhekuye, bose.
    Mana duhe indoro yo kunezerwa nkabawe, kandi twigarurire, abacu bose BAPFUYE baruhukire mu mahoro, abakomeretse abarwayi ubakize, amahoro asesuye aduture, twongere tube abawe muri byose, utwishimire, abana bakure neza, abasaza basaze neza, ibikwerere nabasore bakwizihize, twese tube UMURYANGO wawe, muri KRISTU YEZU utwumve, amina


    Assassination of the director of the factory in tea cyohoha rukeri 15/3/1994

    The director of the factory in tea of cyohoha rukeri was Murdered as well as three other persons who were with Him. This attack was executed by the soldiers of the APR Directed by the sub-Lieutenant John Karangwa. The attack Has been prepared by captain rugumya gacinya, agent Intelligence of bravo mobile.


    about the genocide of the hutus

    If i am referring to the notion of genocide that I’ve given Earlier, I’ll use this same term to designate
    What the tutsis and hutus have suffered. From what I explained in part on the planning of the massacre
    Systematic Hutus, either its preparation, the development In place of the structures of supervision of its execution As well as  erasing traces, I cannot deny that it was not a genocide.
    Why this situation remains  unknown? It should be A full investigation, and independent, without pressure from Government on citizens; these investigators And the answers collected from survivors of the massacres May, better than me, provide explanations On this silence. But with the current regime, a RPF Such investigation is impossible.

    The rpf is not the Savior of the tutsis

     I am convinced that we (the military of l ‘ Apr) Had the ability and the will to save a lot more Tutsis that we don’t l ‘ have done, but the clique placed at the Head of the rwandan patriotic army and at the head of the rpf Did everything not to allow us to help them. The Tutsis lived mainly in the following regions.

    There was not impossible to rescue members Their tutsi ethnic group but all their efforts have
    Been focused solely on the capture of kigali. It’s not Not by incompetence that Paul Kagame has not planned The Defence of tutsis in the same time as the successful Of the war. If he hadn’t been preoccupied only By the conquest fast and at all costs of power, It would have saved a lot of tutsis while keeping his ability To win the war. Instead of last three months, the Campaign might have taken six or seven months, but Without sacrificing so many people.


    Rwanda Patriotic Army has committed genocide against the hutu

    Rwanda Patriotic Army has committed genocide against the hutus…the massacres perpetrated by Rwanda Patriotic Army were always Planned. They were not of acts of vengeance nor Accidental simple facts as some claim.

    The mistake of globalisation ethnic

    Today, too often, a hutu is likened to a murderer While a tutsi is likened to an innocent man. There
    Even among the tutsis, who are considered Survivors of genocide so that at the time of the genocide they
    Were abroad. As regards the hutus, some Don’t know the difference between a genocidal and a hutu
    Who was on a mission, at work or to study abroad At the time of the genocide.


    Incitement of young tutsi in the war

    For the young people, including myself part of it, this moment was long overdue, because all the
    World was convinced that the only and best solution Was the use of weapons. The newspapers published by The Tutsi Diaspora, such impuruza (the convener), Huguka (be careful! ), Thealliancer (the unifying force) And later inkotanyi (the fighter), the patriot, Muhabura (the lighthouse), etc., were only increasing
    The fire in us. There was no way to resist.


    I can’t ignore another fact that has Characterized the war of the rpa. Paul Kagame came Congratulate His troops gathered at gikoba, sector shonga Commune in muvumba. It was reported that the populations We looted civilian and even had a set of Dogs for us track down during the night. He replied He didn’t want to ever hear such things, that The Solution for these populations recalcitrant hutu Was to slaughter them for forcing the survivors to flee, And that this solution had even been accepted by their Ethnic Congeners, members of l ‘ Apr. This episode Took place only a few days after the assassination of Captain Muvunanyambo (who had joined the wild after The taking of the prison of ruhengeri where he was incarcerated) By the escort of Kagame, because he was always firmly Opposed to the idea of killing civilian populations.


    Massacres organised by Paul kagame and his personal guard

    In several other places, massacres were organized and executed by general Paul Kagame and his
    Personal Guard. Here are some specific examples. Towards the beginning of may, the fighting are displaced in the Region of musha in bicumbi commune. The hunt Populations Humes has continued. The men of Paul kagame Roamed conquered regions in search d ‘ places Where the people who were fleeing from the fighting s ‘ were piled up, In order to slaughter them. Officially, it was Search Interahamwe, but in the language of Paul Kagame and his men, interahamwe meant everything Hutu.

    Thus, in the commune bicumbi, ..  everyone must perish, those who were hidden Had to be found and massacred. The cleaning operation in the municipality of bicumbi havestede more or less
    3 000 deaths.

    The massacres were executed by the elites from the high command unit, the personal bodyguard of Paul
    Kagame, LED by Lieutenant Charles Matungo and Lieutenant Johnson Mugisha aka pépé kale.


    1/4/1994 all units have changed of radio frequency HF and VHF. New codes have been distributed, the
    Signals of appeal (call signs) have also been changed; Battery Chargers have been distributed. This operation, That lasted three days, was supervised by the Majors Bushanda and kamiri karege. Specialists
    Have even been sent to kigali to change the frequencies X-Rays of the 3th Battalion.


    On the basis of these testimonies, and From What I saw, me, personally, J ‘ claims that there Had a tutsi genocide as well as a genocide of the hutus, And that neither the one nor the other was a pure accident. Everything has been Planned, orchestrated by the organs of state dominated by The Mrnd and its henchmen on one side, and by the rpf and its Army of the other. In addition, fort of these different information, I have the conviction that if the mrnd and Rpf had tried, these genocides would not have occurred.


    Lieutenant Colonel Ibingira felt pleasure to see people die

    Lieutenant Colonel Ibingira ordered that people install 60-mm mortars every 100 m, Medium-sized weapons And Light in each section. This is tantamount to saying that he There was an interval d ‘ roughly 50 m between a gun And another. In addition, he ordered that every platoon If team in grenade launchers (anti tank weapons) and What RPG. His plan of bombing of camps was The same as he used to bomb the city Of gitarama whose taken had been very hard.
    It was on Saturday 22 April to 13 hours. All Displaced s ‘ were folded down towards the inside of the camps of Side of the ancient sites of distribution of food. They had Had to leave their shelters in sheeting. At this hour here, he is Dropped a very heavy rain and the internally displaced persons have ran in
    Mass towards their tents in sheeting for s ‘ house. It is While the rpa military have believed to an attack and Fired on the crowd. From 13 p.m. to 14 p.m. 30, Apr had Already made use of all weapons: more than 100 bombs 60 mm mortars, thousands of bullets from machine guns And RPG had fallen dru in the crowd of internally displaced persons.
    Around 17 30, a swarm of people attempted to cross The barriers to get out, but without success, because the lieutenant Colonel Fred Ibingira no longer wanted that someone Could escape. On the contrary, he wanted people to Continue to pounce on the military, who slaughtered So mercilessly. He was like a fan who attended In a game; he felt pleasure to see people die En Masse and encouraged his military by these words:
    Kill these fools d ‘ Interahamwe. ” when, as I just say, around 17 30, a crowd of people tried to Cross the barricades in order to escape, it is then that the Real fire at the heavy weapon took place. The Soldiers have continued towards the inside of the camps and Stabbed those who had not yet made the soul,
    Without any distinction.


    Assassination of president habyarimana 4/4/1994 state of alert

    That day, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Kayonga who Had forbidden to civilians l ‘ entry to the cnd knew very well That the plane was going to be shot. The State of high alert (standby kiss one to all units) has been declared in all Units. Person could no longer receive permission Or exit permit.

    The rpf had missiles and has trained snipers

    Rpa had in his possession a second type of Missile, the sa-16 that we appellions sam16 or igla.
    This type of missiles, like the sa-7, originated from the Stocks of l ‘ Ugandan Army (National Resistance Army – NRA) today called updf, Uganda people’s Defence Forces.
    These missiles have never been used within the Apr. There was only one specialist in the field, named
    Frank nziza. He had learned to wield the missiles igla in The NRA at the headquarters of the army to bombo. In April 1994, Apr possessed only four missiles of this Type. Before the planning of the attack against president Habyarimana, these missiles were kept in the Stock of rpa to mbarara in Uganda. There was a To Mulindi, the headquarters of l ‘ Apr for safety Air.
    Subsequently, three bodyguards of major Paul Kagame were selected and sent in training Uganda to be able to use these sa-16 missile (Igla). These are the sergeants nyamvumba Andrew, twagira Steven
    And of Corporal Hakizimana Eric. The missiles that were At Mbarara were transported in Rwanda on 6 January 1994, the 3th Battalion was arrived at the cnd since very Little bit of time.