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    • The Activists from Burundi continue to demand for a better Country without the manipulation of foreign agent such as Paul Kagame of Rwanda that has continued to fuel ethnic and political strife. The Burundi people are very mature to solve their problems peacefully and amicably.
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    • This world is filled with ludicrous people and things doing bizarre things, that are either foolish, crazy, comical, funny,fantastic, grotesque, incongruous and laughable.
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    • The Eastern province of Rwanda has a good and dark history that is never told. Its the eastern province that plays a crucial role when it comes to the goods entering and leaving the country.
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    • In the world of sleazy powerful people, in the interest of the public, its the duty of the media to make sure that such people are exposed. Expose is a investigative journalism and journalists should never be blamed for doing their work.
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    • In our world there very man fabulous things that are almost impossible to believe. The unusual incredible,exceptionally good or unusual; superb. Some of the fabulous stories are known through fables or myths; purely imaginary.
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    • We all need  food for thought as a form for mental stimulus to help us think more-intellectual nourishment.
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    • Kigali (capital)Kigali (Kinyarwanda: [ciɡɑlí]), with a population of more than 1 million (2012), is the capital and largest city of Rwanda. It is situated near the geographic centre of the nation. The city has been the economic, cultural, and transport hub of Rwanda since it became capital at independence in 1962. 
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    • real life - the practical world as opposed to the academic world; a good leader must have a lot of experience in the real world. All of your experiences that determine how things appear to you; "Rwanda has endemic murders"; "we live in different worlds"; Its very true Dictator Paul Kagame is  part of the endemic murders that has destroyed our communities, because  he does not serve Rwandans but himself.
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      What is happening with the Rwandan Community
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    • In today's living, one has to to make a living depending on their financial status. However, life is never a straight path -as nature dictates how life will be and what fortunes are in store for you. Its how one decides to see life,the people they associate themselves with, where one goes-out, or places they go that will reflect them in the end.
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